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🌺💃🏽🌹 Day 1️⃣6️⃣ modification for #Hipmmersion with @cyogalab ➡️ #Headstand in #HalfLotus or #Sirsasana in #ArdhaPadmasana 🌹💃🏽🌺 There are so many shapes you could take for today's #asana. Here I chose to come into a regular headstand, rather than tripod. It's always important to press off of the forearms to minimize the weight put on your head and neck, think of it more as an extra place to balance. Feel free to just work on getting upside down if you're still new to it, at or away from the wall. If you're ready to move the legs around try out your half lotus. Keep the bent leg's knee pointing up to keep it from pulling you back down.

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