Second stop last night Appaloosa grill. A place that serves chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and green chili and a peanut butter beer to drink. It was bomb!

Freestyle in da whip! 🚘

G-Funk Classics Vol 1 & 2 is 20 years old today 👌🏻

Hasta que se nos hizo tomarnos una fotito juntas, que honor tener la oportunidad de conocerte y compartir @afromega 💜
#RapMeza #DiVerso 2018

Intothestreet Family,

First pic When we alll are In One Frame.

#hiphopfamily #beingoriginal #hiphopforever #dancefamily #hiphoplifestyle #hiphopcultute

If you feel this way let's talk! I've been on the edge before it can be a very lonely place. This world is better with you in it!

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