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KB swing! It's not a squat, it's a hip hinge. Set those hips back with just slightly bent knees and shoot them back forward, squeezing the glutes. Keep the chest tall and back flat. And smile at people you know walking by. #kettlebellswings #fitness #hiphinge

Teaching @t_ctmd the hip hinge (maximal hip extension/flexion with minimal knee flexion/extension) which is one of our fundamental movements #bearcats #monsterfactory #hiphinge

This is a great exercise to feel all the muscles that should be activated during a single leg deadlift. Use a weighted bar or pc pipe and place on one side of foot and hold in one hand.
*ground yourself by keeping tension in quads and pull through your core and Glutes. *make sure hip stays closed. (pointing toes towards midline helps) *proud chest and engaging Lats *squeeze those Glutes.

This is great for learning how to hip hinge and work on balance. #singlelegdeadlifts
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[corrective exercise]
In part 3 of our continuing conversation on butt wink, here's an exercise @vitasphysio recommends to reinforce good pelvic movement patterns
Although the butt wink on its own it's not inherently bad, it does depend on the load. It also is a sign that there's a lack of control in the bottom of the squat 🏋🏻 or muscle tension issues. Under no or low load it isn't as much an issue as opposed to under heavier loads
The spine and core work 👷🏼👷🏼together to create rigidity🗼 in the spine and limit or control movement. For experienced lifters a slight buttwink may not be that bad as over the years their spine has built up resiliency to the wink. Along with that goes the point that you don't know how resilient an individual's spine truly is aside from specifically training that
This drill is meant to create a good movement pattern that can apply to the deadlift but more specifically the squat 🏋🏻in this case
The drill in the video 📽helps reinforce a good squat pattern by ingraining a squat pattern that focuses on movement through the hips while keeping to low back and spine in relative neutral ⬅️🔛➡️. This movement through the hips without moving through the low back is often called hip/lumbar disassociation
Try it with a foam roller first, then challenge yourself with a less stable object such as a tennis ball 🎾
Tag a friend who (🍑😉)'s buttwink's and has trouble controlling the bottom of the squat
Try this drill before your next squat session and let me know what you guys think
#Myodetox #squat #deadlift #hiphinge

It was an amazing tutorial with Justin Brink from @premiere_spine_sport !!!! Thanks for taking us back to the basics! #hiphinge

Repost @scottfournierpt

Goblet squat // bracing sequence
Movement is initiated with over extension of low back (stick your butt out cue, no thanks).This anterior tilt of the pelvis eats up hip flexion before we even start the movement, and can lean to the tailbone tucking under in the bottom (buttwink) Something we want to avoid when loaded. Chest up and butt back lead to pinchy hips and a sore low back.

Bracing is initiated by locking ribs and hips together, and diaphragmatic breathing to create pressure. This is very much a hip hinge, with a knee bend to make it a squat. Keep centre of gravity over mid foot throughout movement. Ribs down and hinge mechanics lead to happy hips and jacked glutes.

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🤓Squatting 101📝
In collaboration with @austincurrent_ .
Squatting is one of the best known exercise and can sometimes be difficult to master. There are a few key cues you must follow when squatting! .
📍One is the set up- when setting up the squat bar make sure it's slightly below shoulder level. This allows for a easy lift off and removes any strain if it's too high or too low. .
📍Second key component is the lift off- when lifting the bar from the rack it is crucial to lift with your quads and not with your low back or calfs. This will save your body from unneeded strain. This is where having the right position comes in. .
📍Third is the stance- having a good stance insurance proper weight distribution and allows you to achieve the depth desired and hinge properly at the hip activating the glutes. Hip hinge is included in this tip, make sure you are able to hinge at the hips for proper activation this will relive any additional strain form improper form. .
📍Lastly it's crucial to keep the bar parts straight- the bar will create unbalanced forces on the body if it does not travel straight this will lead to compensation from muscles either in the posterior chain or anterior. The change of center of mass also can affect the load that's placed on the joints which may lead to injury of continued. .
Let us know if you guys like the style of video, we're thinking of doing a series👌

Do you struggle to send your hips back properly on Deadlifts/ KB swings?
This is a great drill for teaching proper 'hip hinge' mechanics!
Attach a band to the rig, step in with both legs and make sure the band is around the hips.
As you step away to create tension the band will pull your hips back!
Give it a try!
#hiphinge #crossfit #deadlift


Middle aged mother learning how to deadlift💃🏻🙌🏻 ! Young or old👶🏻👵🏻, we humans share the same movement patterns🏃🏻‍♀️. Whether you are performing tasks of daily living such as picking up a basket of laundry👚👖 or even building strength through Romanian deadlifts💪🏻...The hip hinge movement pattern is 🔑for preventing back injuries 🤕. If you are locomotive and HUMAN🌎, this fundamental movement pattern applies to you👇🏻. Follow my page and learn how to preserve the ONE and ONLY body you possess‼️
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The Single-Leg Deadlift - starts with a standing, single leg balance then you begin to bend at the waist keeping your back straight until you feel a stretch on your hamstrings or the implement touches the floor. Keeping your shoulders backend hips level, drive your heel into the floor hinging at the hip returning to the starting position. Improves: Balance, Core Strength, Leg & Grip Strength, and just about everything else from your head to your toe. Few exercises can give you the benefit of the Single-Leg Deadlift - start doing them today. .
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I've been working with a guy in the gym to try and improve his hamstring strength, after an hold hamstring injury, and squat depth! He has a strong core but doesn't use it! We found this in a hip hinge exercise (RDLs) for hamstring strength, where he allowed his spine to flex as he lowered the weight!
The hip hinge itself is demonstrated in the first image! When we bend over, we are aiming to keep our spine neutral - we need to keep that pole touching our head, back and hips! This is the hip hinge!
I prescribed the exercise in the second image (swipe left), which is essentially a horizontal deep squat! However, in this position, it is easier to focus on keeping your spine neutral, training yourself to hip hinge!
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Much improved Kettlebell swing. Still not perfect, and honestly after many many years of doing them myself, I still work on perfecting my technique. Unlike the popluar squat/front raise version you see in most gyms, The KB swing is a hip hinge explosive movement that is great for improving posture and working the underused posterior chain (we sit too much), while burning a ton of calories. If you want a lot of bang for your buck this is it. But, it takes a lot of practice. #hiphinge #kbswing #practicemakesperfect #personaltrainer #glutesonfire #training #fitness

Here Maitri is shown working on her hip hinge. First she performs a set of cable pull-throughs to help groove the pattern before performing a set of more difficult Romanian deadlifts with a kettlebell.
The pull-through helps reinforce the backward weight shift needed during a hip hinge, as the cable assists to pull her back into the movement. She is then able to transfer this concept to the RDL immediately afterward. Great great work by Maitri here - she has been training very hard and improving her technique every day!
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Second full-body session of the week.
Circuit 1: 6 rounds
1️⃣ Deadlifts
2️⃣ OH press
3️⃣ 1-Arm DB row
Circuit 2: 6 rounds
1️⃣ Walking lunge
2️⃣ Landmine press
3️⃣ Bentover row
Digging the full body sessions.
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👇🏼We are now booking our Hip Hinge 101 Workshop (0.7 CEUs via NSCA) for the upcoming fall season. If you're interested in hosting our workshop, reach out and let us know!

_____________________________________________________ ✅Our hands-on, practical Hip Hinge 101 Workshop seamlessly ties in everything you need to know for intelligent deadlift training. Whether you’re a fitness professional looking to better train your athletes for a stronger deadlift or a rehab professional looking to better treat your patients through the utilization of hip hinge-based exercises—the Hip Hinge 101 Workshop is for you.

_____________________________________________________ 📚What You Can Expect to Learn:

We get the following question a lot from people… “What else can I possibly learn about the deadlift, especially over the course of a full day workshop?” _____________________________________________________ 🔍Here’s what makes this workshop unique and worth your time:

1. We’re all about education and turning complex concepts into consolidated, digestible information. Essentially, we’ve created a systematic approach to learning how to deadlift properly and utilize hip hinge exercises for long-term health and resilience.

2. In today’s current fitness and healthcare landscape, there’s an ever-emerging grey area between fitness professionals and rehab professionals. We strongly believe that the best professionals are doing their part in learning more about respected fields to ultimately provide better outcomes for their clients and athletes.

3. The beauty of our Hip Hinge 101 Workshop is that it lends both strength & conditioning professionals and rehab professionals the opportunity to learn basic low back pain principles and how to train around it intelligently through hip hinge exercises and deadlifting.

4. From there, we break down basic concepts and teach attendees our overarching coaching principles through effective communication.

_____________________________________________________ 💪🏼For more information, check out the link in my bio.

Getting ready for a day of kettlebells tomorrow @progressgym
Preparing all of the manuals and resources for an epic day. 10 awesome instructors, a lot of swinging and a ton of outstanding coaching.
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The ability to hinge (i.e., a posterior weight shift through the hips) is our single most-important movement pattern. It helps us squat and deadlift like bosses for maximal size and strength gains, not to mention do those things pain-free.

Yet a basic hip hinge pattern seems to be an elusive quality for many lifters, namely due to quad-dominance, poor hip mobility, and poor core stability.
It's time to get back to the basics and master the hip hinge so that you can chase big squat and deadlift numbers while keeping your back injury-free. Its always mastering the basics first and i think the best way to teach this is by using your own bodyweight, A hinge is about sitting back into the hips with minimal knee bend and snapping forward with a strong glute contraction at the finish. That's it. Thats why i teach all my client first thing we met. Credit to @kikivirgias #hiphinge #masterthebasic #fundamental #fitness #personaltraining #fitmom #ladieswholift #fitspo #instafit #strongcurve #strongissexy #foreverfitid #designyourbody

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