Amazing weekend camping in an apple orchard at @seecanyonfruitranch near #avilabeach
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Editorial articles, unlike journalism for newspapers or online outlets, are usually planned months in advance. Which means for an adventure and travel writer, like me, I’m always pitching ideas to editors for 6 to 12 months in the future. So while I’m still melting in the heat of August, my brain is in February. But if February looks like a rickety porch swing with my love in the tiny Arizona town of Camp Verde, I really don’t mind too much.
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Oregon you stole a piece of my heart. Until next time ✌🏼

Every time we see horses anywhere my eldest daughter asks if we can pull over so she can get a closer look. Even when there’s a few donkeys mixed in, she still could stare for hours 🐴

Ain’t no river wide enough. 📷 @ricwilkinson

Ye ever find yourself on a Churro sheep ranch somewhere just east of the Colorado, and on that ranch you feast upon coal roasted mutton, a bounty of native breads and fruits and wild teas and when finished dining you follow the milky star ridden sky to the dancing fire- engulfed by the enchantment of ancient storytelling- and finally, when you’re good and ready- retiring your mind and resting your head in a hand built hogan or reclaimed conestoga? -
Na us neither- that’s why we’ve teamed up with @shashdineecoretreat to create this incredibly special, culturally engaging and wildly intimate: HOZHO NAASHADO’ - NAVAJO EXPERIENCE
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In case you haven’t heard, my awesome sister’s latest book is out! Check it out: “The Other Side Of Lost”, by @jessikirby. Promise you’ll love it! (Sorry I had to miss your recent book signings sis! 😫) Also, a shoutout to this awesome Glamping location, @twisselmanranch- check them out too! 🎉 #theothersideoflost #twisselmanranch #glamping #jessikirby #hipcampfieldscout

It was almost midnight and the sun was still sitting right in front of me, right in the center of the sea. Perfectly balanced. Slowly orbiting behind the mountains, to slowly shine ahead of me, again. I watched the entire cycle beautifully unfold and I couldn't get enough of this strange, unique, natural phenomenon.
The Midnight Sun.
Camping at: Bunes Beach, Lofoten Islands 🌄📷

A few weeks ago (ok 24 days to be exact) I may or may not have turned 40. All I asked for was a little getaway just the five of us: Will, Fran and I and both teenagers (that was the hard part). We ended up one short cuz Isaac was working I think his very first weekend shift at Trader Joe’s, but everyone else came together and we had the quickest, funkiest little staycation at a #Hipcamp spot just up the road. Where you cook and sleep in your own private greenhouse and spend your days on an empty beach. There were barnyard animals, more veggies than we could have ever picked, a wood-burning pizza oven and a battery-powered kids’ John Deere tractor Francesca rode all over the place. There was a private concert in another greenhouse down the way that night that gave us free music, and the sky was perfectly dark for a walk around 11 p.m. to watch the stars. There’s more in my Stories, including the name of this sweet spot for everyone who’s asked. SB locals and visitors to CA, you’ve gotta check this place out ✔️

Did you know Quail Country was "hip"?! Well, more like #hipcamp! Hipcamp is like Airbnb but better because the lodging is all about nature! Find yourself lost in the pines at the Quail Country Cabin at https://www.hipcamp.com/discover/georgia/quail-country! #hipcamp #quailcountrycabin #cabininthewoods #cabininsouthgeorgia #thisisquailcountry 📸 credit: Campers at the QC Cabin, Miranda & Josh, photos on Hipcamp.com.

Our new buds 🐄🐄🐄

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