What do you mean get off the couch ?? Hahahahaha we are finally renovating our house and Buddy is “helping“ . It’s super exciting because we are using lots of timber and stuff we’ve gathered from our family farms and are lucky enough to have craftsman builders living on our own road completely happy to work with all our stuff and ideas! People often ask me how I came up with our design style for the farmshop.. it’s easy! Just gather things you like or things that have a special meaning for you and presto! One of my many wonderful past lives was as a Property Writer for News in Brisbane in the 80’s and 90’s . For 10 years I went through thousands of houses in Brissy reviewing them! I loved that job and can still remember odd details as I drive past houses there now .. like kitchen laminate colours! When I started I was in total awe of grandeur but the more houses I went into the more I loved small things and individual detail. I still way prefer a shack to a mansion... lucky for Pete ! And if any locals need builders Browns Road has the goods! 😍 👷‍♂️👩‍🌾👨‍🍳😍#hinterlandfeijoas #craftsmanship #community #spoodle #renorumble #smallhousestyle

Did someone say PORK and FEIJOA SAUSAGE ROLL??? 🤣🤣 We don’t care we love them 🤣🤣 Last weekend we had an epic fail and sold out of these beauties but I’ve been baking baking baking so don’t stress ! This weekend we are all good to roll 😅 . @rhodavalepork , @caremepastry and our feijoas = a match made in heaven . This baby even made it to @urbanlistsc top sausage rolls list!! See you soon and don’t worry .. the @ottolenghi Almond Coconut and Blueberry Cake is back too! Open today 9-3 , Sal and Pete 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾☕️🍰🌭🍲🥗#hinterlandfeijoas #farmshop #foodvan #sausagerolls #ottelenghi #wholefoods #retrostyle #visitnoosa #visitsunshinecoast

Introducing two new members of the tribe .. Kylie and Danni 👭 Fitting in perfectly and eating like the locomotion 😋 Welcome lambie sisters. We are at 6 sheep and two goats in the orchard now and they are doing a pretty good mowing job but I think we need about 4 more sheep and 2 more mini goats to keep the grass and weeds at bay. I love spending my days with these ladies but will have to stop baaing in public 🤣👩‍🌾😬🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐐🐐🌲🌲🌲🌲 #hinterlandfeijoas #organicfarming #sheep🐑 #feijoas #pruningtime #farmshop #foodvan

Drip feed me...

Good morning looks like this at Hinterland Feijoas🙏. Great news this week for feijoa lovers with winter back and some good frosts .. phew! Also amazing days of crisp winter sunshine to work outside pruning ☀️. This little orb is so cute! 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾❄️☀️💚#hinterlandfeijoas #feijoa #organicfarming #wintersunrise #frostymorning #happydaysfarm #stillpruning

Thanks for another cracking weekend everyone! We have added the lovely Sarah to the team but still need another Barista! It’s a regular every Saturday gig for a few hours over lunchtime in a lovely location with us! This would really suit someone retired from the industry and missing the buzz , or an ex-Barista mum who wants a bit of extra money 💰. Message me your details . If you are a mum this photo was taken by the very lovely lady who invented @the.mumsie - overalls that double as baby carriers !! I’m getting one for my grand baby soon to be here.. it will be the grand-mumsie 👵🏻👶🏻👩‍🌾☕️. Come join the team! #hinterlandfeijoas #farmshop #foodvan #organicfarming

"The organization must be transparent in its management and commercial relations.
The organisation finds appropriate, participatory ways to involve employees, members and producers in its decision-making processes."
Fair Trade Association

Isn’t this great to be creating history! Slowly more and more businesses are competing to be the BEST FOR THE WORLD! 🎉🎉🎉

This @ottolenghi cake came into my feed this week and I couldn’t stop dreaming about it! So I’m with you Yotam, what football?? I’m also betting this amazing Almond Coconut Blueberry Cake is being baked all around the world this week 🍰🤟 Today it’s at Myrtle on our farm.. so see you soon! Open today 9-3 and our sunny winter weather has turned it on today! Sal and Pete xx👩‍🌾👨‍🌾☕️🍰🥙 #hinterlandfeijoas #farmshop #foodvan #organiccafe #organicfarming #visitsunshinecoast #visitnoosa #countrystylelove #ottelenghi

In LOVE with this gorgeous take on our @wescarr_ Wine Cheese and Tunes last Saturday afternoon! Next one is booked for Saturday September 22 so don’t miss out - it’s a small event with an awesome vibe set on our farm overlooking the Mapleton Ranges. Wes plays his heart out, 🎸🎤🎹 ( sometimes with friends), we cook 👩‍🍳👩‍🌾👨‍🌾, ( sometimes with friends) and you bring your own drinks 🍻🍷( sometimes with friends) . Then we all relax and enjoy the gift of joy that happens when great music, food, wine and friends get together. What more could you ask for I ask?? They are pinch me happy moments and are we happy we met this guy and his beautiful family ? Pinch me Yes! Ticket link is on our Bio ☝️🤟☝️. See you there!
Sal and Pete.

WINE CHEESE & TUNES on a SATURDAY AFTERNOON - 22nd of SEPTEMBER - TIX ON SALE NOW - Link in BiO 🔥🤟❤️🍷🧀🎸🎷 video produced by @janneke.williamson

Beautiful crisp winter days and nights are back! Yahhh! You can stop thinking it’s spring now feijoas please 🌲🌿👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 #hinterlandfeijoas #farmshop #foodvan #farmlife #winterisback #feijoas

We are Hiring! We are looking for a multi-tasking barista and foodie who can help out every Saturday around lunch time for 2-3 hours in our food van located on our farm at Belli Park. This is a regular shift and Saturday only. If you’ve retired from the industry and missing the buzz this might really suit you! Message for details or to send your application in. Thanks, Sally and Peter. 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 #hinterlandfeijoas #farmshop #foodvan #hiringnow

"Poverty reduction through trade must form a key part of the organisation's aims. The organisation or business must assist vulnerable producers to move from income insecurity and poverty to economic self-sufficiency and ownership."
Fair Trade Association

In celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight we will bring you details of all ten of the principles of Fairtrade. We will weave in our own stories of how being part of this global endeavour has shaped our lives through giving us a purpose and connecting our hearts to people and cultures. You can always find out more about our stories on our blog.

Still beaming from another evening listening to this legend for our second Wine Cheese and Tunes on Saturday afternoons! Our farm was a like a mini -Woodford yesterday .. how good was the music and how good was a rainbow over Myrtle !!!! Can’t buy vibes like that! Guitar and vocals were legendary thanks @wescarr_ , plus grooving sax 🎷 @dyontahana , but those moves from back up guitar and vocalist young Willow .. STOLE THE SHOW! 🎸🕺🎸🎤!! Check him out far right of stage! Plus he didn’t let icecream distract him from the gig .. licked only in the breaks. He is the man. Our curry bowls were the food hit of the night, so they might make it into the regular Myrtle menu .. Nom nom😋😋. Huge thank you to my girl Gracie, her partner Dan and Dan’s mum Jackie who became team Myrtle.. don’t reckon we were ever over a minute to service last night! On Point!! I can’t sleep after days like this cause the energy is just so strong that I’m dancing for a long time in my head 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼😎 #hinterlandfeijoas #happydays #houseconcert #wescarr #winecheeseandtunes #farmshop #foodvan #visitnoosa . Next date coming!

Good morning everyone! It's a new day full of new possibilities and it's a new month, which for coffee lovers visiting our Roastery Outlet and espresso bar means you can enjoy ☕️ our Peru single origin.

This balanced coffee with flavours of sweet dates, dark chocolate and plums comes from Café Femenino coffee growing cooperatives, an initiative entirely owned by women who are able to benefit from the sale of their high quality green beans.

Come in and hear more of their story or check it out on our blog. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Head into the @kawanafarmersmarket and @noosafarmersmarket.com.au any weekend this month and your ☕️ is free when you buy beans from the remarkable women of Peru.

The old blackboard came out of retirement for our @wescarr_ Wine Cheese and Tunes menu for tomorrow afternoon. Yum yum 😋. Pete’s Dad made us this when we first opened the farm.. ahh the good old days when there was a lot of mud to walk through to collect your feijoas .. wait a minute .. there’s still a lot of mud!! Can’t wait to see everyone .. don’t forget to bring rugs and chairs .. cause the ground is a little muddy 😉. (The magpie is spreading love hearts not poops btw) 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾🎸🎤🍷🧀 #hinterlandfeijoas #wescarr #winecheeseandtunes #saturdayafternoons #localproduce #homemadewithlove

I’m deep in prep for Saturday’s @wescarr_ event and am pulling out the big guns.. my secret recipe box!! My mum gave me this for my 16th birthday. She decorated it and filled it with lots of my favourite recipes on green index cards. All biscuits and lollies😁. At the time I thought this was a bit of a meh present cause I really wanted a pair of massive platform Roman sandals like my older sister sort of sashayed around in. Now it’s up there as one of my most treasured loves and this weekend you’ll be experiencing my Mum’s curry , made with @cglbeef grass fed brisket and so many secret spices. My parents lived in Fiji before I was born and this curry has it’s roots there. There’s also a vegan curry version on the event menu, plus our famous pulled pork brioche using @rhodavalepork and @tenacresfarm brioche, a @kenilworthdairies cheese platter ,and a kids meal deal! Ohh.. and don’t forget the Wes Afogato for dessert ... @montvillecoffee cold brew, @coyo_is_coconuts nutmeg and vanilla bean icecream topped with a naked chocolate biscuit 😉 Nom Nom. Can’t wait to see everyone this Saturday! (even though we had an epic fail on the weather forecast last week.. sorry!) 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾👩‍🍳🕺🍷🧀🎤🎸#hinterlandfeijoas #wescarr #winecheeseandtunes #houseconcert #foodvan #farmshop #thanksmum

I found this pruning today. This is not good news! Pretty as it is this is a sign of total tree confusion with the seasons changing so dramatically this week from winter to moist warm spring temperatures way too early. Next week we are supposed to go back to winter so fingers crossed I don’t see any more of these beauties for at least 3 months or we may change to a flower business rather than fruit 🤞😬🌲🌺 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 #hinterlandfeijoas #climatechange #warmwinterweather #farmlife #upsanddowns⬆️⬇️ #feijoas

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