Black & white portraits?! Nothing better then that 🖤

Sometimes you just have to tell people to think of the funniest times you’ve had with your friends and it makes them laugh 🤣 ⠀⠀ The most natural laughs & good old giggles come when you least expect it and that’s the best thing during any shoot ❣️

Isn’t it the best thing ever when your vision comes to life that you’ve had in mind for months?! ✨
Lindsay brought out everything I’ve had in mind for this session and I can’t wait to show more because she rocked it as usual 😍

Oh candid similes, you are so beautiful 😍 ⠀⠀
This stunning women and I had the more amazing time the other day wandering downtown Winnipeg. Non stop laughs, telling stories about each other, what’s seriously not to love?! ☺️

Hayden is simply a stunner 😍 ⠀⠀
I’ve never had so much fun in the snow not to mention it wasn’t freezing cold. Between her beautiful outfit choices & the scenery of this location, it was perfection ✨

It was freezing, but we made it worth it 💙❄️

Just a gorgeous normal girl, in a stunning red dress 💃🏻 ⠀⠀
Just a little friendly reminder, I’m still doing my winter promotion until December 11th! I have a couple spots left in December and in January! $90 for a 1 hour session! Contact me today ❤️ marissanaylorphotography@gmail.com ☺️

Oh how I miss the fall season 🍂 ⠀⠀ The season of not only beautiful colours, but wearing layers on top of layers in order to stay cozy warm, the gorgeous scarfs that go every outfit you can imagine, and of course the beautiful sunsets that happen early in the evening while going for a walk ✨

Time for a Friday Introduction! To all the new followers who don’t know & for those of you who do, I am Marissa the photographer behind Marissa Naylor Photography ☺️ ⠀⠀
When I’m not photographing and creating memories with my gorgeous clients, or editing away on my computer, you can find me traveling on a plane to various places, or in a library studying as I am also a student athlete at the University of Manitoba 💛🖤
Now I want to know about you guys! How did you get started into what you are in today? ✨

Be who you are, and the rest will follow after that ✨ Cheyenne is a complete bomb shell 😍

Hearing snow is coming later this week really makes me want to go back to the summer time with this girl 😍✨

As the weather gets cooler, I’m slowly starting to miss the hot sunny weather ☀️

Cuddle yourself in a sweater & leggings 😍 it’s the best feeling ❤️

Who doesn’t feel like this every Sunday?! 💕✨

Starbucks & fall walks, I’m always down for those! 😍

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone 🍂 I’m truly thankful to be able to capture memories as a job of mine, and have the support I have from each and everyone of you ❤️

Who knows what adventures you'll face ☺️ ⠀

I try to make people laugh sometimes, and when I do it turns out in adorable cute photos like this 😍✨ ⠀

Who doesn't love some black & white goodness on a Saturday?! 😍🖤 ⠀

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