If a year was tucked inside of a clock then fall would be the golden hour! Seize your golden hour this senior year, congrats Jordyn!

Crossroads in life are a bit like rivers! Don’t like the path your on, just carve out a new one. Congrats mason on your upcoming graduation!

Team sports are cranking up. Hillsboro High Water Polo. #teamsportsphotographer #teamsports #teamsportsphotography #hillhi #hillsborohighschool #waterpolo

Enjoying their uncles first football game 🧡 love my babies, swipe to see my handsome boy SMILE 😱😭 #mybabies #thegrowuptoofast #hillhi #footballseason

I’ll be a vendor at Hillsboro High School’s Fall Bazaar next month (9/15/18). Stop by and say hello. Maybe get some early Christmas shopping done or just buy yourself some jewelry as a reward for surviving the summer with the kids out of school!
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Spring is here and so is another round of high school seniors. I’m looking forward to another year of meeting amazing clients and inspiring students.

You don’t define your world in Black and White. Because there is so much hiding amongst the grays. #blackandwhiteisworththefight

Crisp cool fall mornings, soft light and movie marquees make for amazing shots. @kira.stan

Working on these amazing shots for @kira.stan WOW 😮 I can’t wait to get them to you. 🐵

Many people love summer, for me the fall is my favorite. The sun ☀️ is low in the sky the air is crisp and cool 😎 and the photos seem to have that special ambiance. #centuryhighschool

Such a great idea by this seniors Mom to include the progression of his #tennisrackets into the shoot. #thenandnow Way to go @mathewweiler may your senior year rock and may your future be bright.

Loving the diversity, sports and hobbies of our seniors this year. They have equally as big dreams and aspirations for their life after high school.

Love ❤️ our clients this year! They have all been outstanding and really have so much going for them. This is a bit of a different artistic edit from my Norms. What do you all think? #classof2018

Here is to opening new doors 🚪 and starring a new adventure in life. #classof2018

Out of the fire 🔥 rises smoke and from the ashes beauty is born. The fires in our beautiful state 🌲 of Oregon are sad and unfortunate. But the smoke has created a beautiful backdrop and some amazing filter light and deep red and orange tones during sunset. It was nice getting to shot for you yesterday @kaitlynwolfe and getting to see your family again.

Had such a great time photographing a longtime friends daughter tonight @kaitlynwolfe . The sky was amazing from all the smoke in the area. Which made for some amazing colors in the water. Congratulations Kaityln on making it to your senior year #classof2018 may you go far!!

Come see me at the Fall Bazaar!
#fallbazaar #hillhi #lipsenseoregon

Click the link in the ad or in our page bio for your FREE TIPS for your senior photo shoot, even if you don't book us it's super helpful. Our seniors rock!!! 👨‍🎓 #classof2018 👩‍🎓 Book now 📘 before the rain ☔️ hits and it's too late...................⏰

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