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Got my copy of Knitting From the North in the mail! I've been a fan of @hilarygrantknitwear knits for a looooong time. Excited to knit the Arrow Pom Hat to match my Arrow Cowl!
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...'tis the season {to be distracted} apologies for sharing perhaps too many books lately! i've been trying to control myself but they've been utterly impossible to resist {there's more}. now this one. Knitting from the North by Hilary Grant. dear heavens. This is one for the forever library 🌟
{and many many thanks from 👧🏼 & 🐺! 💞xxx}
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All dressed up in my @hilarygrantknitwear uniform and en route to @campaignforwool's Wool BnB. Can you see the pom pom? CAN YOU SEE THE POM POM? And...if ever there was a time to wear the coral reef cardi outside - it's NOW ☺️#woolweek #woolbnb #campaignforwool #hilarygrantknitwear

A gorgeous shot from @hilarygrantknitwear's stunning book 'Knitting from the North' featuring the ladies chestnut waxed hooded swing coat. #knittingfromthenorth #kerriealdo #hilarygrantknitwear

I'm posting this pic as it's the first time I've worn this scarf in ages. It's by Hilary Grant and is one of the best winter scarves I own. Quality and design👌🏻and it has pom poms 👌🏻👌🏻#hilarygrantknitwear #favourite #winterdressing #ootd

And of course I get to wear my gorgeous @hilarygrantknitwear circle scarf in this chilly weather! #HilaryGrantKnitwear #SannaDesign #MustardAndWhite #PresentToMeFromMe #NewYearGift #ShamelessSelfie

Snug in my beautiful birthday scarf #hilarygrantknitwear #partytimeexcellent #pinkhair #selfie


Just some stuff i will never regret ... and full of love for Hilary Grant's work 💙🌿 #hilarygrantknitwear #hilarygrant

🔻 new headbands 🔸thanks @hilarygrantknitwear we love them ✌🏻#colourpop

We interviewed the amazing @hilarygrantknitwear, she runs her knitwear business from the beautiful Orkney.
She shared her top 3 tips for growing your business if you live in a remote location.
Check it out on our blog 🔝

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Here's @hilarygrantknitwear last post for our Instagram takeover - a tribute to her most valuable suppliers. ⠀

"At this time of year lambing season is in full swing. When I first moved to Orkney I lived on a sheep and cattle farm for a year. ⠀

It was a really valuable experience learning about how a farm is run, and learning how to care for the animals. During lambing season I had 5 caddy lambs to look after. They soon recognised me as their sole provider of food and would chase me to the feeding pen. It was very cute until they become full-sized sheep!⠀

Most of the wool from sheep in Orkney is sent to the British Wool Marketing board where it is used in interior textiles, insulation and industrial textiles. It's a course wool which has evolved to the needs of the sheep to keep them warm and dry, quite an amazing fibre wouldn't you say?"

To thank you for following our little journey this week. If you'd like to see more keep in touch and give us a follow at @hilarygrantknitwear

To mark the end of our IG Takeover we're running a competition to win one of our pom hats (featured on Friday). To be in with a chance of winning, repost your favourite image from the week tagging @hilarygrantknitwear and @campaignforwool, and we'll select a lucky winner at random. ⠀

The winner will be announced on Sunday 21st May at 12pm UK time.⠀

As usual this competition is not endorsed or supported in anyway by @instagram

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Knitting in the last rays of sunlight. Feet up, birds sing and spring is in the air.

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Lucky find at TK Maxx today, Knitting from the North from #hilarygrantknitwear for 3 Euros ❤ had this on my wishlist since its release #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #yarnstagram #yarnaddict #knit #knitting #ravelry #knitbritish #tkmaxx

I finally finished my #AarowPomHat! Is it perfect? No. Does it fit? Nope. (It's too small for an adult because my tension was too tight) Did I learn a lot? Yes! Was it fun? Definitely yes! It's projects like these that don't turn out like I planned that I value the most because I learn so much in the process.

Well, hello - or sort of. Camera shy, while trying to show my finished #saxonhat (which is also a sort of, because I never got around to add the pom-pom before starting wearing it). Thought the woods were a appropriate place to take a pic, since most of the hat is dyed with oak bark. This walk made me think, like, good thoughts. It always does, walking the woods. But today I had a brilliant idea. About dyeing and woods and stuff. You'll quite certainly hear more if you stay tuned in!
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Loved our visit over to Glendale today, felt so good to be out in the fresh air 🌾wore my new Hilary grant shawl & my cuillin hoops 💫

I love my new Barley legwarmers 💚
This has been a KAL with my dear friend @chomolhari 💙😘 The original pattern is for fingerless mitts and I'm pretty sure that I'll have to knit them, too 😉
I found the pattern in the beautiful book 'Knitting from the North' from Hilary Grant, a gift from my dear Laura 😘

#knittingfromthenorth #hilarygrant #hilarygrantknitwear #legwarmers #knitting_inspiration #shetlandspindrift #jamiesonsshetlandspindrift

I have decided that its time I up my knitting game by diving into Fair Isle knitting. I can't figure out what took me so long because this is more fun than cables! 😍

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