before i started dating my ex, i saw her wearing a dress for a dance and i complimented her but then i roasted her because i didn’t want her to know i liked her skaldjdjlsla

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oof, this hurt

clearing some stuff out

E is for egg.
credit to: @textscat

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i just woke up from a two hour nap and i feel Weak, my teeth feel like they’re about to fall out my mouth, and i can’t stand for too long or else i feel like i’ll Faint

seeing people have whole conversations under my posts kinda remind me of listening to podcasts or something

i was looking at this old pic of me with my mom and i said “look at how clear my skin used to be :(“ and my mom said “that’s because you used to listen to me”

i keep getting asked why i look so angry in this pic but it’s really just my face :/

i rewatched john mulaney this weekend and i was on the floor crying

in the odyssey when aeolus gave odyseus that bag of wind it reminded me of that scene in the spongebob movie where patrick and spongebob opened up that bag of wind

i went to sephora for some makeup and the woman there roasted me saying my skin was too dry and kept trying to sell me moisturizers and cleansers

i’m sorry y’all, i only hear yanny :\

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