@bosox07 “Just be natural .” Me: *stares at tree*
I am the photographer, not the model. 😂

Chasin’ waterfalls.

Happy day before Friday!

Little Rock, AR.

Sunset 🌅


Crocodile Dundee Style.

On the river.

Lava sun.


A beautiful day in Lost Valley , Ar hiking to Eden Falls .#staycation #hikinginarkansas #joelscominghome #joelstotesbery #nature #waterfalls

Since this is the first #4thofjuly that I don't have anyone to celebrate with I wanted to make sure to get out and do something to enjoy myself instead of curling up in the fetal position at home.
6 o'clock wake-up, 6:30 departure, and the pups and I drove 2.5 hours to #mtnebostatepark to hike the bench trail. A good 4-mile loop (from one parking lot to another - then you walked on the road a little bit to close the loop), and we made it! Belle walked more than half the way then was happy to chill in her backpack for the rest of it.
I saw one other person on the trail who started just a bit before I did. We talked a little then, and then again when we crossed paths on the trail. When I got to the end of the trail I saw a car in the parking lot. I stopped to look at the map and the lady I had seen on the trail called out to me from the car. When she got back to the parking lot she noticed the Utah license plate and decided to wait for me to make sure I finished okay. She said, "I thought, if she's from Utah, she might have a hard time with the heat and humidity, so I should make sure they finish okay." How sweet was that?! There are some great people in the world, and I'm blessed to know some and meet others.
Happy 4th of July everyone!
#hiking #hikinginarkansas #hikingwithdogs #mymax #goldendoodle #littlebelle #maltipoo

Went hiking today! Sad that my vacation is almost over but I ended it on a good note! #arkansashikes #hikinginarkansas #hikingadventures 😍❤️☀️🌳🍃🍀☘️🌿🌻🌺🌸🌥😍

Went on a hike today! Welcome July!! #happy #smile #love #newbodyunderconstruction #workingonmyfitness #hikinginarkansas #hikingadventures #fitbit #flexitpink #hogwartsrunningclub #fippackitup #hrc18gryffindor 🌿☘️🍀🍃🌳🌺🌸🌼🌻☀️🌤⛅️🌥

Explore Arkansas this summer with the help of these guides to this beautiful state!

#explore #explorearkansas #timernst #hiking #hikingguides #waterfalls #hikinginarkansas #arkansasnature #shoplocal #arkansas #rmbg #cals

Beautiful hike to #fallsbranchtrail in #lakecatherinestatepark today! I did a genius thing and decided to turn around before getting to the falls (though judging by the water in the creek it was probably just a trickle) because it was getting late and I was getting tired.
I realized on the way back... the trail was a loop. And I had definitely gone more than halfway.
So, Eden for the win!
Still beautiful, and even though the way back up was pretty brutal for a while, I loved getting outside!
Belle hitched a ride in her bag on the way back, but walked the whole way out. Max was, of course, a total rockstar and did amazing the whole time. The only times I could tell he was feeling tired were when he'd step into the creek just to get his feet wet, and then at the end when we ran into another dog and he had no interest in playing. But for a nine and a half year old pup, he did so well.
#hiking #hikinginarkansas #hikingwithdogs #goldendoodle #maltipoo

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