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Devastated by the fires raging in the Gorge. If you know me, you know the Gorge is one of my favorite places in the world to hike. So many great sights and views like these ones will never be the same. Hard to believe my last hike there was at Eagle Creek itself #eaglecreekfire #hikesafe #thegorge

We almost couldn't make back home safe. Maggie got dehydrated and Thanks God a guy carried her for over 1 mile on the shoulders. I'll never take her again for a hike in the summer 😞 I was crying so much and so scared for her!!! #sedona #arizona #hikesafe @_estefaniatorres

When people hear we are going backpacking in the Sierra's they all say "oh, lots of bears make sure you take protection." This is what they meant, right?? #hikesafe #huntingonthebrain #picnicbasket #nopeppersprayneeded

Finished a 10+ mile hike to break in the boots. Unfortunately, it ended with us calling the ambulance for an outta towner that joined our group. He was a seasonal hiker, but underestimated Arizona Desert even in fall. Be careful out there my friends! #becareful #hikesafe #keepsafe #arizonadesert #gladhessafe

I just want to give a big thanks to @nhfishgame for their efforts in searching for my uncle Greg Auriemma who is missing for almost 3 weeks now in the Dry River Wilderness. 2 days after he was last seen a huge storm with large hail, heavy rain and tornadoes passed. Dogs, drones, and dozens of people all contributed. Above is my father and my other uncle. We were fortunate enough to be included in the search parties. 🏕🏔 #hikeSafe #PrayersGoOut

Well thats what happens when you ignore warnings, signs do no research and are completely ignorant to safety. Hike smart people. Great start to the hiking season for PA... #cantcurestupid #hikesafe #wearproperfootwear

I've been adventuring since I was a little Girl Scout. Camping with no electricity or bathrooms. Hiking rope trails. I really started getting into it in 2012 after recovering from my accident. Met the right people who brought me to special places. I started getting tired of the crowds and started doing my own research, bushwacking and adventuring. My rule was never to tell people where places were to keep it special, but I was always willing to bring them there. I've brought many people to many places and have thoroughly enjoyed the excitement they have when they share the same joy, especially my other half. To share a passion with your other half is an amazing connection.
Within the past couple years, hiking has really taken off. To me it's an awesome thing to do instead of drinking or partying like in my old life. But what people are not understanding is the basics of hiking. Knowing your limit. Being prepared. I see people without the proper shoes, people going on trails that are for advanced hikers without even a backpack on them, knowing where they are going, the name of trail they are on or even enough liquids. I also see a lot more trash. Instagram is not life. Instagram is just pictures of what people want you to see. Do your research. Be properly prepared. If you're unsure of a hike, go with someone who has gone before.
This is the first time I have returned to this hike after a girl fell and I witnessed her being airlifted away and later dying. Such an easy trail for me and I couldn't understand how one could fall. I had always wanted to bring the bf here but after what I saw it gave me too much anxiety to go back. He was patient and waited until I was ready. I still don't understand how she fell or why it took her friend so long to come down. Questions that will never be answered. My point is, please be careful. Know your limits! Just because you see it on instagram, doesn't mean you can do it or it's safe or easy.
Sorry. Long ramble but this was a big step for me returning here. I was glad I was finally able to do it and share it with the other half and finally get rid of the anxiety.
📷 @honokaibillz
#hikesmart #hikesafe


On national #takeahikeday the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department reminds outdoor enthusiasts to use caution on the trails. "It's a beautiful time of year to get out, but do be prepared with food, water, warm clothing and a light source, to mention just a few of the recommended essential items," said Fish and Game Law Enforcement Chief Col. Kevin Jordan.

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to purchase a voluntary Hike Safe Card online at www.wildnh.com/safe.
#hikesafe #hiking #hikenh #outdoors #mountains #trails #explore

Finished a 10+ mile hike to break in the boots. Unfortunately, it ended with us calling the ambulance for an outta towner that joined our group. He was a seasonal hiker, but underestimated Arizona Desert even in fall. Be careful out there my friends! #becareful #hikesafe #keepsafe #arizonadesert #gladhessafe

Adore my new shoulder holster. What a difference!!! Strongly suggest for anyone currently hiking with one on your hip!
#sig #sig320 #sigsauer #hikesafe #judgeaway #eatdrinkplayoutside #playoutside #getoutside #whitemountainsnh

Break your ankle on a mountain top - get a beautiful and truly expensive helicopter ride! Not something I'd wish on anyone, but it's quite the spectacle. #hikesafe! ⛰️🚁
#shenandoahnationalpark #shenNPS #helicopter #hikkingvibes #hikerdaily #optoutside #parkpolice #stepout #adventure

It felt great to see some snow on trail today! Now that the temperatures are dropping, it's really important to be prepared for your hikes in the Catskills and beyond. Dress appropriately, pack extra warm layers, food and water, check the weather, leave a plan with someone at home, and don't forget that the sun is setting much earlier. When in doubt, contact Catskill Mountain Wild to guide you on your way!
#catskillmountainwild #hikesafe #happytrails #hike #coldweather #snow #trails #visitcatskills #upstateny #exploremore #nature #winteriscoming #november

What tonight’s #hike would have looked like if we didn’t turn around when we did. We got out there late (4:00 pm) to snag #mtjackson, one of the #nh4000footers. We only had one headlamp and the terrain was slippery and wet. We were flying up and rushing. At 5:00 pm with about .8 miles to go to the #summit, the light was fading and we made the call to turn around. Instead of a rushed remainder of the hike, we had a relaxing trek down and enjoyed the last remaining light of the day. Always a reminder, #hikesafe and #hikesmart.

Delicate Arch in the distance. You can actually hike to the base of the arch if you have a couple hours to spare, this shot however was taken from a one mile hike viewpoint. If you look closely you can see tiny images near the base of the arch and on the horizon. #Godscreation #hikesafe #garyandkathieroadtrip2017

I woke up liek dis...with a buncha aspens staring at me. If I could wake up like that every day I'd take it. 👌👌👌 Hiking tip #3: Bring an antihistamine (like benadryl) in case you brush against something bad (like poison ivy) or get stung by a bee and have a reaction.

A few weeks ago I got stung by a bee and developed a few rashes, so it wasn't a big deal. But I didn't know I was even allergic enough to get a rash. I've never gotten a rash because of a sting before. I'm keeping benadryl on me when I hike just in case something stings me and I have a more severe reaction!
Anaphylactic reactions can happen in response to things that you weren't aware you had an allergy to. We can even develop allergies that we didn't have before. If you have an antihistamine it can help slow a severe reaction until you are able to get help.


One of the many arches in Arches NP that you can hike to. I found that Arches had a vastly different feel to it visually compared to Canyonlands NP. They are actually only 40 miles apart so don't skip one thinking they will be pretty much the same. #hikesafe #Godscreation #garyandkathieroadtrip2017

Throwback Thursday at Canyonlands NP. This is known as Whale Rock and is located off a trail with the same name Whale Rock Trail. It's one of several trails that can be reached only by using the Island in the Sky entrance at Canyonlands NP. This pic was taken mid April and the weather was in the low 60's. There are three essential items, backpack, plenty of water and hiking shoes. #hikesafe #Godscreation #garyandkathieroadtrip2017

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