Driving around Boston is often a constant stream of "WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS HOLY IS THIS TRAFFIC PATTERN" so it's nice to get up to the open roads for a weekend // p.s. new post is up on the blog, linked in bio! 🌟

In case you needed more inspiration to get your butt up to New Hampshire 🔥

Wonder-fall 💛🍂🍁

Remember what they say;
There's no shortcut to a dream.
It's all blood and sweat,
And life is what you manage in between 🎶 - Broken Bells, "October" // also my high school yearbook quote 🙃 new blog post is up! Find it at the link in my bio 🌟

New Hampshire is on the verge of exploding into an array of oranges and yellows and reds and I am READY FOR IT 🙌

It's officially my favorite season and I can't wait for New England to be blanketed in these colors soon 🍁🍂

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart, funny sister @patyj0. Here's to forcing our kids in to situations that they want no part of many more times together in the future.

Moonrise over a storm hiding the presidential range of the white mountains

We spent most of summer 2018 in our state’s backyard, enjoying the hills of New Hampshire and lakes of Vermont. I’m not mad about it. ❤️ #mynewengland

This is a full color image and accurately represents the strange, extreme, atmosphere on the top of Mount Washington the day I was there last month.

A storm, coming down from Mt. Washington along the Cog Railway in the evening. Meanwhile, the Mt. Washington Hotel gets some illumination from crepuscular rays.

Our little explorer doesn't mind some alone time on the lake.

This picture was nearly a photo of me falling off this cliff to my death in front of 5 strangers. 11 & 12 out of 48!! That’s 4 within 5 days! #hikefreeordie #dontdie #clumsyhikerandacliff #whitemountains #wildcats #gocats #skitheeast #wildcatmountain #peakbagging #appalachiantrail

Just a lady, in a lake.

When you get where you’re going don’t forget to turn back around. Earned this view yesterday. Completed 9 & 10/48. #nofilter #undercast #hikefreeordie #earnyourview #whitemountains #peakbagging #soreaf #trophybachelor #gladtobehere

A portrait of my momma taken at the top of Mt. Washington in a cloud moving about 40MPH across the summit last week.

The view towards Whitefield, NH from the Pondicherry Overlook in Jefferson, NH

Felt small this weekend in the #majesty of the #whitemountains #twodaycation #getoutside #hikefreeordie

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