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Tate, London

My wonderful father at home in England. He was watching a small robin flying from branch to branch as I took this photograph. He's always been so supportive of all I do and remains a huge inspiration of mine 🕊

Scene of end of the world in the coal mines of Jharia.

It is 6 am.

Arpita is delousing her mother's hair.

They took a break before continuing to illegally collect coal and sell it at the black-market of Dhanbad.

This apocalyptic landscape is their daily life.

They live in the slums filled with toxic smokes emitted by underground coal fires.


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August 17, 2017

A tribute to one of India's greatest photographers Mr S Paul who passed away yesterday at the ripe age of 88. An icon & an inspiration to every photographer in India. "S Paul's demise is a great loss to Indian Photography and to so many of us who grew up watching his photographs and attempting to learn from them. His photographs have been a dictionary for learning the nuances of technique/ composition and how to play with light." says @indrapix, photojournalist from India.
@riteshuttamchandani has an insightful article on the man himself http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/arts-letters/the-sage (Link in bio here) #everydaymumbai #everydayindia

You can take a look at more of S Paul's work on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/spaulphoto/

ببخشید که پیجم شاد نیست،ببخشید که صبح بخیر شب بخیر نمیگم،ببخشید که میرم رستوران یادم میره فیلم و عکس بگیرم براتون،ببخشید هر روز تو پیجم مسابقه های قشنگ قشنگ با کلی جایزه واستون ندارم(راستی یه بار یکی که جایزه میگیره به ما هم نشون بده شاید ما هم گول خوردیم شرکت کردیم😉)ببخشید که من خارجی و وطن فروشم و بعضی وقتا از بیرون گود و از سر شکم سیری میگم لنگش کن،ببخشید کلا که سعی میکنم فیک نباشم.
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During The Rain

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Sperlonga, Italy
Photo by @atnomela
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Photo by: @eauditalie

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@ajbwell teaching ballet.

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