I was listening to some tropical music yesterday & the song "sound of sunshine" came on.
there was a line in it that brought me back to so many moments in my journey where I had to search for the sunshine behind the clouds I was currently in.
"here I am, just waiting for this storm to pass me by." how true is that.
based on a lot of the polls on my story that i've been doing recently I know that so many of you reading this are facing some sort of challenge in your life right now.
maybe anxiety.
maybe lacking self love.
maybe depression.
maybe feeling lost in your career.
maybe feeling lost with your health.
lack of creativity.
desiring a relationship.
maybe just ended a relationship.
whatever it may be, just know that the storm you are currently in isn't a storm that will be there forever.
literally think about it as a storm,
or a river,
or the ocean.
just like any of things, life as well will never stop flowing.
what is NOW, won't be forever.
so although it's tough,
look for the sunshine behind the clouds.
it's never NOT there.
sometimes you just can't see it as clearly.
your storm is passing
& it may not be tomorrow or the next day.
but it's flowing right on by
and the sun will be shining super bright again in no time.
just have faith in THAT.
ps. who recognizes this gym? 😏

having so much fun at the new gym!!!
I feel like a kid on a playground 😂
forever a firm believer that constantly mixing up your workouts will keep a constant passion burning for going to the gym & taking care of your body physically.
crushed out 30 minutes of incline walking with an @angieleeshow podcast & followed it with some core!
was supposed to be a rest day, but it turned into a chill workout instead. 💁🏽‍♀️
nothin like a mid-day computer break & a nice little sweat sesh.
THANK YOU for the book recommendations in the last post!!! excited for some new good readsssss 🤓
WELCOME to everyone who joined HAPPYFIT today via custom coaching!! 💙 your life is about to radicalllly change & im so freaking excited for you!
& LASTLY, new workout guide coming out tomorrow.
basically all the fun random workouts i’ve been doing the past few months stuffed into 6 weeks.
ranges from pilates to tabata to lifting to HIIT - functional & challenging!
my challenge babes can tell you how challenging, but fun they actually are 😅🤟🏼
i’ll explain it more in detail tomorrow when I release it!
hope everyone’s having a goooood day!!!

I’ll never forget the first personal development book I read.
the compound effect by @darrenjhardy was a GAME changer for this girl.
it’s so unbelievable to experience the changes in your reality that come from changing the thoughts you think.
but you thoughts you THINK come from your input so it’s super important to be mindful of what’s goinnnnn IN.
magic of thinking big by david schwartz
power of now by eckhart tolle OR
letting go by david hawkins
sugar, salt, fat by michael moss
FOOD by dr mark hyman
bulletproof diet / head strong by dave asprey
4️⃣ GOD || FAITH
crash the chatterbox by steven furtick
science of getting rich wallace d. wattles
these are just a few of my favs!
if you want more recommendations for anything specific just slide on into my dm’s ✌🏼
what are some good books you guys are reading?
not looking for anything super specific but sat on amazon for 20 min yesterday trying to decide on some & figured I would ask you guys first.

quite possibly experiencing the worst upper body sore i’ve ever had in my life.
note to self: take it easy when you haven’t been in a real gym for 3 months.
or just don’t let @dr.benjamintorres push you hard for at least a week or two 😅
keepin’ this short & sweet! hope everyone is having an amazing holiday!!
forever supporting, thanking, & loving any of you who are fighting for our country, have fought for our country, or are fully invested in relationships to support those who are ❤️💙
N O T E :
👉🏼 you can sub the box jumps in the last video with any type of box of bench!

typical mirror picture, never a typical caption.
it’s time to
J U M P 🌎
to take a leap of faith for that one thing that you’re scared to do.
to lose weight.
to quit your job.
to move to your dream place.
to trust in what you can’t see.
what you can’t hear.
but what you CAN feel.
if you lost weight & were healthy, how good would that FEEL?
if you wake up looking at the ocean because that’s your dream, how fulfilled would you FEEL?
if you quit your job to follow your passion, how free would you feel?
I started lifting. I was scared.
I stopped partying as much & started saying no to friends more often. I was scared.
I dropped out of school. I was scared.
that lead me to experiencing working for myself, which lead me to owning my own business now.
I public spoke about success. I was scared.
that lead me to speaking in front of 1,000 people and being ever so excited to do that again soon & radically change people’s lives.
I quit my serving job to go full time online.
I was scared.
that lead me to going full time online because I allowed the space for that to happen.
I moved 20+ hours from home. I was scared.
that lead me to being a more confident, independent, honest, strong, & focused female.
it’s unknown.
it’s something you have to feel before you walk through it.
your mind creates it before your body experiences it.
but the leap that you’re scared to take is the leap that will take you to a whole new life.
it’s easy to ignore those deep down desires.
to go to the bar w/ your friends & drink instead of chasing what your heart wants.
to go eat unhealthy because you’re too scared to stick up for yourself even though you don’t want to eat it.
your life is in your hands.
if you don’t take control of it you’ll look up at 70 years old & WISH you lived a life you loved.
idk why it’s taken so lightly that we are here one time.
go live your life on YOUR terms.
feeling amazing.
living your passion.
laughing as much as possible.
heart is pounding, palms are sweaty.
this is REAL.
I believe in you so much because I was that girl that was afraid.
now i’m addicted to leaping :)
podcast coming soon ❤️🤟🏼

when your new gym takes the level of your videos from a 7 to a 100 >>>>>>
I know you won’t be mad about it. 💁🏽‍♀️
alsooooo ordered a new lens for my cam today which means youtube videos & all that fun stuff will be back NEXT WEEEEK yay cheers applause hooray 🙌🏼
you can substitute the first 2 workouts with a TRX band! I actually would have used a TRX band if there was one there, but the rings worked 👌🏻
the third video is a fun little challenge, but also a great core workout & can be done with dumbbells as well. just has to be 2 pieces that are the same height.
the movement engages a LOT of muscles throughout your body, but to actually move through the motion it engages your serratus [under your lats]. SO if you try this and find it impossible, find some workouts that strengthen your serratus & it will help!
I love doing workouts like that because it’s SO EASY to gauge strength progress.
1 year ago I definitely would not have been able to do them [ps. they look easier than they are] but over the past year of focusing on core strength, I got it ✌🏼 next step will be to fully straighten my legs when I kick them through. i’ll keep ya posted 😉
hope everyone is having an awesome sunday!!!
so pumped that ben is off tomorrow because that means BAE DAY ROUND ✌🏼 WOOP WOOOOP

✖️ P O R T I O N C O N T R O L ✖️
I know a lot of you guys struggle with this so I wanted to shed a little light on the subject & make it super simple for you!
of course, like anything, you will become more mindful & aware of your portion sizes over time, but these are a few easy places to start moving in that direction.
I used to always use huge dinner plates & therefore my dinner ended up being way bigger than necessary. that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, but it was leading me to eating wayyy more than my body needed & just feeling way too full/uncomfortable.
I now use the same breakfast/dinner plate everyday & it keeps my portion sizes PERFECT for my body.
I know that if the plate if full I will be perfectly satisfied & if it’s not totally full then I won’t be full.
protein & fats are way more satiating & filling than carbs are so if your plate is filled with majority carbs [especially if it’s a refined carb like quick cook rice or pasta] and less or no protein, veggies, and fats, then you will end up eating more than you desire to almost every time.
protein, fats, and veggies don’t spike your blood sugar like refined carbs do so if you’re eating less of what makes you full & satiated than you are of food that spikes your blood sugar your brain will never send the “you’re full” signal to your body which is why it becomes hard to stop eating.
an even balance of a full source of protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and/or healthy carbs will satiate you, send you the “full” signal when your body has what it needs, and leave you feeling completely satisfied. 🤟🏼
made some PB protein cookies that didn’t turn out the best this morning so I have to revamp them before sending out the recipe 😛
also did a cacao coffee face mask that felt ammmaaaazing!
50% OFF custom plans until the first 5 spots are full!
calls are being scheduled for next tuesday, wednesday, & thursday so there’s plenty of time to apply if you’re ready to radically change your whole life.
✌🏼 link is in my bio! 💙

I remember when I first started my journey after the picture on the left all I wanted was a dang 6 pack.
I was literally doing everything I possibly could to get one.
endless cardio.
clean food only [aka plain chicken, broccoli, etc..]
ab workouts.
complete restriction of fun food.
yeah, I was losing weight, but my mind wasn’t happy & my body wasn’t healthy.
I was focused on LOOKING good rather than FEELING good.
I was focused on the SHORT TERM rather than the LONG TERM.
shortly after a months of those habits I stumbled upon flexible dieting. [iifym]
that was exactly what I needed at that time because I would binge on unhealthy food, desire to only eat clean, but want a balance of both worlds.
I ended up tracking for 2 years & learned a LOT.
I started lifting.
doing less cardio.
having more freedom.
but I also started traveling more, gaining more of a passion for trying new food, and just spontaneously LIVING.
I started dealing with food anxiety often because I was trying to be as spontaneous as possible with friends & traveling, but also track everything.
not fun.
I knew in my soul that intuitive eating was the next thing I had to tackle & I knew moving away from tracking wouldn’t be the easiest thing.
but I took the leap,
and failed again,
but also learned,
and kept learning from my mistakes or successes with that journey.
I got in tune with my body.
started focusing on quality of food, nutrients, gut health, brain health, organ health.
I started paying more money on food & less money on clothes.
I gave into cravings healthily.
I started feeling freedom WHILE getting even healthier & more fit than I was when tracking.
& NOW I am so grateful to help other busy babes do the same exact thing in their life.
in honor of my new workout guide releasing next week I am doing
50% of CUSTOM PLANS for the first 5 people who commit!
follow the link in my bio to
A P P L Y 💙

slid into my DM’s about a year ago, did a random 4 week challenge, got a custom plan months later, went through a radical lifestyle change, & now lives intuitively [cough, @intuitivelyme] and helps other ladies do the same.
“I came to Lauren because I was severely struggling with binge eating, food anxiety, & endless cravings. I was the girl who would “eat super clean” during the week, only to binge Friday through Sunday. Lauren taught me that it’s OKAY to eat more, how to quit the bingeing restricting cycle, and reduce my cravings. Because of her, I haven’t binged in over 7 months, I know how to eat intuitively, and my body feels AMAZING on the inside and out.”
her plan ended a few months ago & she knew in her soul that it was time for HER to help others.
it’s seriously so unbelievably amazing to watch the trickle effect of what a healthy, free lifestyle can do.
@graham.lichtner is officially holding the trophy for best surprise [the comeback is coming] because it was 2:00 AM, I was EXHAUSTED, half asleep at my kitchen table, 8 people in our kinda small apartment gorging on protein balls, I hear a knock at the door, get scared (i’m a wimp), have ben answer, and it’s GENELLE.
a friend i’ve only known through a phone for MONTHS & is now in my freaking apartment as a complete surprise WITH PB PESCIENCE VEGAN PROTEIN HELL YA.
UGH. ❤️
most client/coaches just workout.
we go to odesza, drink tequila, get free food at organic restaurants, eat ice cream, and have fun for 5 days because THAT’S LIVING and this is friendship. & although we live healthy lifestyles, it’s not always ROMAINE & WATER YA KNOW? [lol to anyone who takes that seriously]
I never was on social media to be someone or something that isn’t real or achievable.
I’m on social media to show you guys what’s possible & what the power of freeing yourself from binging, food anxiety, etc can do for you.
i’m here to be a real person.
someone that cares about the inside before the outside.
the mind before the face.
the friendship before the mentorship.
feels good because we’re just getting started & it feels so good to have this girl apart of something so big.

morning sunrise, mini meditation, & possibly a mini nap with @dr.benjamintorres, @graham.lichtner, @jamesadamsiii, & @alan_jaramillo - success. 🤟🏼
what an unbelievable weekend, for REAL.
not sure how I keep getting blessed with so many amazing people & events in my life, but I do know that if you put out good then it will come back to you every single time.
taking today to recharge, re-focus, & plan out the next few weeks!
being more of an introvert than extrovert I always have to be highly aware of my energy after being around people for awhile.
I used to say bye to people & immmmediately get work, but that just lead to me burning out 2 days later.
what has been working soooo incredibly well for me on days that I do need to “recharge” is to simply use it as a relaxing, creative day to make some content, brainstorm ideas, and do some other things throughout the day that I enjoy. 🖤
for everyone who was here this weekend, super grateful for you.
we’re just getting started. 🌎
hope everyone is having a good wednesday!!!
I have some exciting things to share with you over the next week or so :)
if you’re ready to change your life, STAY TUNED.

v e g a n
g l u t e n f r e e
d a i r y f r e e -
as always, one of my ultimate secrets that keeps me from desiring to binge or deal with endless cravings is to keep healthy versions of unhealthy food incorporated into my diet.
THE BIGGEST game changer.
as always, I never measure anything so all of this is approximate 🙃 but close enough for SURE.
preheat oven to 360.
coat a 12 slot muffin tin with coconut oil.
begin soaking 1.5 cups of raw cashews in water.
3 large shredded carrots
3 mashed, ripe bananas
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/3-1/2 cup melted coconut oil
1/3 cup drizzly almond butter -
2 cups almond meal
1/3 cup coconut flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon & pumpkin spice
1/2 tsp nutmeg
3 Tbs ground flaxseed **can also add vegan vanilla protein.
if too dry: add a little melted coconut oil or almond milk
if too wet: add a little almond meal or coconut flour •••
evenly divide in muffin pan &
bake for 14 minutes.
drain the cashews & add to a high speed blender with..
1/4 cup coconut creamer
1 tsp maple syrup
cinnamon + pumpkin spice
blend until SMOOTH!
add more liquid if necessary :)
recipe ebook available on my website!
fully plant based with over 70 recipes ranging from breakfast to dessert & everything in between.

✖️ C O N S I S T E N C Y ✖️
your best friend or
your worst enemy.
you either are consistent & loving every minute of it.
or you’re wishing you were more consistent / wondering how TO BE consistent with falling back into old habits.
why do you want to workout?
why are you trying to change your body?
why are you unhappy with your current progress?
WHO are you comparing yourself to?
WHO do you see yourself becoming from the gym?
the hardest it’s ever been for me to be consistent was back at the beginning of everything [top pictaaaa].
my WHY was to have a 6 pack.
that’s literally all I was focused on.
I was counting macros & fitting what I wanted into them.
oreos? i’ll fit them.
pop tart? i’ll fit them.
cinnamon toast crunch? sure.
yeah, flexible dieting is amazing for so many people bc you get that chance to fit in those fun foods, BUT if you’re solely tracking macros to fit in unhealthy food, but still hit your goals then your body & mind will be out of line.
when we focused on external goals [aka having a 6 pack] we much more blind to what we are putting INTO our bodies.
low fat yogurt.
fiber granola bars.
low calorie cheese.
low cal bread.
you get it.
diving into these unhealthy foods,
wanting a ton of physical progress,
but as soon as those 2 things don’t add up and you’re not seeing progress as fast as you desire to, but you think you’re eating healthy, you give into old habits.
I know because i’ve been there & was there for a while. 🤟🏼
it wasn’t until I was focused on taking care of the INSIDE of my body that consistency became second nature.
it’s literally not even a thought in my mind anymore because how I eat, live, take care of my body, etc is simply the lifestyle that I live.
working out because it’s good for you > working out to look good.
eating nutrient dense food because that’s what your bod thrives on > eating low cal low fat foods because you want to lose weight.
being in tune with your body > giving into your mind’s cravings, temptations, etc •••
so what is your WHY?
are you trying to look good on the outside?
or feel good on the inside?
if your inside is happy your outside will show it.

but not just good old anxiety.
i’m talking about anxiety around FOOD.
at social events.
out to dinner with friends.
at your monthly work party.
anxiety around food is such an undesirable feeling.
who can relate?
ever have one of those moments while being social when you get that pang in your stomach and that anxious feeling moving through your body?
you start bouncing your knee sitting at the table.
or randomly scrolling on your phone to escape the temptation.
it’s that feeling that happens when you want to indulge in all the food that’s literally staring at you, but there’s this little voice in your head trying to pull you from even taking one bite [because ultimately you don’t think you’d be able to stop].
it’s like this tug of war between mind & body.
in the past, I would give into that feeling a LOT.
I would take “1 bite” of pizza that lead to 3 pieces that I SHOVED down my throat just so that I could mentally try to pretend it didn’t happen.
the funny part was that I was giving into those temptations but I wasn’t even enjoying the food because I was so dang worried about the effects of the food!! 🙃
how twisted!
ever been there?
what helped me?
“I CANT have that” to..
“I CAN have that, but I choose not to put it into my body.”
this puts YOU in control.
puts the real you in control.
not the voice of your mind.
not your inflamed brain.
not your sugar rush from earlier that’s causing cravings.
just YOU.
you feel empowered.
& beautiful because you are choosing YOU.
you are choosing health.
by taking responsibility of the choices we make for what we put into our bodies is SO powerful when you’re in a situation that gives you all those undesirable feels.
& of COURSE, 3 pieces of pizza is just what ya need sometimes :)
but it shouldn’t be a stressful experience.
hope you guys had an amazing weekend ❤️❤️❤️
grateful as could be for the people that God keeps blessing me with in my life.
what a freaking weekend.
ready for another kickass week

H I T S A V E + T R Y !
couple little challenge core workouts for you! 👊🏼
heading down to miamiiiii to see @odesza tonight & OMG IM SO EXCITEDDDDDDDD.
had 7 friends staying with us the past 2 nights and it’s been so freaking FUN.
so grateful to have such amazing people in my life ❤️
& the best part......
@graham.lichtner surprised the absolute hell out of me with one of my past clients, but now good friends and I was in literal shock. 😭😭😭 @intuitivelyme WE FINALLY MET. 🙌🏼
honestly so surreal to meet someone in person that you’ve worked with, helped, and also got super close with all through a phone.
& now she’s doing so amazing on her own coaching | social media journey so CHECK HER OUT. ✨
hope everyone is having an amazing friday!!!
my story is for sure not going to be of the norm this weekend.
pps @graham.lichtner. who won?
best 2 out of 3. about to be a SWEEP

maybe that’s you & you don’t even like admitting it to yourself because you don’t want to live that way anymore.
🙋🏽‍♀️ i’ve been there.
eating as healthy as humanly possible all week & then seeing a pizza stare at me for hours on a friday night & wake up saturday wondering where my mind was while I ended up eating 7 pieces from it.
but it didn’t stop there. ✋🏼
because now I was already IN IT.
I already ate half a pizza so it doesn’t really matter if I go get breakfast at a diner and eat an excessive amount of buttermilk pancakes or go out that night and get a burger with reg fries or binge eat junk food on sunday because, well, it’s sunday, duh.
you do so well to throw it off ever so slightly but then end up THROWING YOUR BOD off seriously because you just. can’t. stop.
ugh. how un-fun.
it almost made me dread weekends (lol well not really but ya feel me) just because I didn’t want to have to battle my emotions on wanting unhealthy food but also #GOALS
thankfully, time healed me.
& now i’m a free little bird on the weekends [and weekdays] soaking up all the memories, dealing with no social anxiety with food, and just LIVING.
I remember the first family vacation I went on where I actually took control over my temptations rather than letting them control me.
best part?
I didn’t take control over them by limiting myself in every way possible.
I just fueled my body properly so that I didn’t have extreme temptations & emotional swings about the food around me.
that was such an aaaaamazing vacation.
I just felt so free for the first time in a situation like that.
I was able to genuinely enjoy the moment, genuinely enjoy what I was eating, and genuinely feel amazing.
life has only gotten more cool & free since then and I just want you to know you don’t have to live with that kind of stress on your back.
why are you letting so much of it be spent worrying about what you eat?
[ps. I know it’s bc you don’t know how not to, but that’s why hiring a coach for things like this is so damn helpful. your life is freaking precious!!! why not live it freely? while thriving 😉 see what I did there.

✖️ HIT SAVE + TRY ✖️
you asked for core workout so that’s what ya got.
FELT AMAZINGGG in the gym today.
nothing like what a few days off from the gym can do.
just got home to take a shower & while shaving my legs with conditioner in my hair the power went out. TOO FUN. too fun.
keeping this short & sweet because my muscles are HUNGRY & ya girl’s gotta EAT. 😛
I will be announcing the winners for the giveaway in my morning post tomorrow.
PS. my computer is dying a slow death this week (little guy stuck around for over 5 years so it’s all gooood) but that’s why some emails & what not have been a little delayed!!
going to do them from my phone tomorrow if it’s not acting normal, but idk why I dislike phone emails so damn much.
that’s all.
hope you’re having a good MONDAY!!
is now open for enrollment!
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➡️ custom client inquiry: BIO 🤟🏼
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🙋🏽‍♀️ been there.
nothing like those days where you have every intention of being focused & productive, but your brain decides to have the attention span of a squirrel and you would rather sleep on jagged rocks than do anything work related.
so why do you feel like that some days & not other days?
or maybe for you, why every day?
WELP, there a bajillion [yes, bajillion] reasons, so let’s just keep it short & talk about 1 reason here.
🍳 B R E A K F A S T ☕️
what are YOU choosing to fuel your body with?
I remember my ULTIMATE go to breakfast every. single. day. used to be 1/2 cup oats, 1 banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, sprinkle of brown sugar, and 3-4 egg whites. 🥣
you may look at think, hm pretty healthy.
& in the scheme of the food options out there today, it is!
but during my many month obsession with this I also experienced a TON of late morning | mid afternoon low energy. 🤦🏽‍♀️
as much as so many of us loveeee oatmeal, it’s not necessarily one of the best energy yielding breakfasts.
just like anything, some people thrive off of it, which is great.
but myself and almost every one of my clients, friends, and more experience heavy energy drops from eating it in the morning.
they inflame our BRAINZZZZZ.
grains can be SUPER irritating to the gut during digestion & since our guts are directly connected to our brains, our brain feels the effects.
SO, what should you eat? 💁🏽‍♀️
there’s no exact answer bc everyone is different, but this is what I recommend & what my clients also thrive off of.
1️⃣ PROTEIN + vegan protein powder, collagen, organic eggs
2️⃣ FATZZZZZ + avocado, raw coconut oil, hemp seed, chia etc.., egg [the yolk], grass-fed butter [more so for bproof coffee], almond butter
3️⃣ VEGGGGIES [for fiber & nutrients!]
+ veggies scrambled with eggs, sautéed kale, zucchini, etc as a side, spinach/kale/green powder in shake
4️⃣ [optional/occasional] LOW GLYCEMIC / EASILY DIGESTIBLE CARB.
+ white jasmine/basmati rice, berries, sweet potato, ezekiel bread > low glycemic simply means it doesn’t spike your blood sugar.
🤟🏼 custom client inquiry: BIO!

*asking for help*
dealing with an unhealthy obsession of going out to eat on weekends.
thankfully, we aim to always keep it healthy [or at least I do lol cough @dr.benjamintorres]
but of course, cooking your own food always has the majority of perks since you know everything that’s going into it.
my absolute biggest staple rule when we go out to eat is to keep my main entree healthy & then that way if we want to split a fun app or dessert I fully enjoy it since my main meal is healthy!
I used to stress harddd over going out to eat.
how annoying is that?
trying to enjoy yourself but having anxiety over the food the whole time.
no thank YOU.
on the occasion I do go more off the path of eating healthy I just remind myself that life is life.
in the span of the next 80 years [cominnn 4 u 100] an unhealthy meal will literally not make a single dent in my physique, health, etc and it’s okay to enjoy it.
going out is supposed to be FUN.
it’s up to us to allow it to be.
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filmed a ton of tutorial videos for my #freeyourself challenge babes today so of course I wanted to share some with you guys as well!!
used the videos as a warm up & then did a circuit leg workout which burned soooo baddddd omg.
resistance bands take the burn from a 2 to a 200 EASILYYYY & if you don’t have any you should get some asap 😜
hope everyone is having an amazing saturday!!
currently enjoying baeday out for a late brunch [peep the out to eat tips on my story] 👆🏼
is now open for enrollment!
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TOP: @conquer_lifestyle
LEGGINGS: @gymshark, duh

bloating was REAL today.
thank you #cabbage 🙃
BUT i’m feelin’ better from some extra hydration & sticking to a superrrrr simple & light day of eating today.
walked for 20 min to kick off this workout bc walking is amazzzzzin’ for indigestion :)
if you’re wondering WHY, just think about it.
the movement of walking & the pressure on your stomach as you take each step will help anything that is having a hard time digesting to just move through your body and “drop lower.”
my shoulders were on FIYAAAAA.
at this point in my life i’m 111% sure shoulders are my favorite thing to train.
what’s yours?!
would love to show videos for what you guys like best TOO. 👊🏼
computer decided to say FU to me today, but I have a date with apple tomorrow so I foresee all should be good.
howeverrrrr! I didn’t send the subscription email today bc I couldn’t use my computer.
apologies! your patience is appreciated.
anyone else as ready for friday as me?
[I actually think I get more excited for bae day aka saturday but friday just means one day closer to that]
is now open for enrollment!
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