I was challenged by @lindsey.learns to share what my bookshelf says about me! I have always LOVED books and reading. I haven't been reading as much lately as I would like, but I still love collecting books.⁣

My bookshelf has always been a main aspect of my home decor. Most of the books are ones I have found at thrift stores or used book shops.⁣

Here's some highlights from my bookshelf:⁣

1. Jane Eyre is my favorite book. This copy is from THE Notting Hill bookstore when I went to London last Spring Break.⁣

2. I bought In a Dark Garden because it was published in 1943 and has the perfect old-book smell. I have no idea what it's about, but it's on my summer reading list.⁣

3. This Red Ruby series is one of my favorite sets of lesser-known books! They were originally written in German and translated into English. I originally listened to them as audiobooks, which is the main way I get any reading done these days.⁣

4. I was thrilled to find this beautifully illustrated copy of The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. The first time I cried in a movie was during A Little Princess.⁣

5. A couple of winters ago, when the SAD was way too real, I made this beach scene to bring happy, sunny thoughts. The picture in the background is one I took of the Mediterranean Sea when I was in France with my sister two years ago.⁣

Sorry, that ended up being much more than I planned! What do we have in common?? Share your bookshelves with me and all of us!

I am forever grateful for this co-worker turned friend! She has inspired me in so many ways and shared her passion and love of teaching! ❤️ you @theengagingstation

How to deal with QUADRANTS in the new sat math... so many students get confused in these types of questions.

Brown hair, who dis?⁣

IT'S ME. As a brunette! Remember on Saturday when I asked if you wanted to see me as a brunette? Here it is! Swipe through to see my hair journey 👉⁣

I'm naturally blonde, but wanted to try something new. So I went brown. And then I went darker brown. And I kept it up for a little over a year. ⁣

But as a natural blonde, those pesky roots were a lot to maintain and VERY obvious if I didn't. ⁣

So I went to the MIRACLE WORKER, aka @michellesomersbeauty, to work back to blonde. It's been a LONG process, because I was using box dye for the brown, and we had to take it slowly. But I am so glad to be a blonde again!!⁣

So, life lessons learned:⁣
1. Don't use box dye. Just don't. Ever.⁣
2. Find a DANG GOOD stylist and never let her go. Ever.

Such an awesome experience being able to present along side such an amazing group of teachers at the #keepingthewonderworkshop ! @buildingbooklove , @writeonwithmissg , @doccopteaching , and @theengagingstation , thank you so much for having me!

It's in my planner, so now I have to do it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #treatyoself #teachersummerchallenge

Learning the essentials of @tinkercad 😍 thanks for all of the help @mrm_tech2connect_edu !!!!! #neverstoplearning

hi teachers!! so i realized that i never introduced myself, so here are a few facts about me!
➡️ my name is leah and i live in chicago, illinois. i just finished up my fourth year of teaching high school math. i taught in chicago public schools for three years, and now i teach in the south suburbs. 👩🏻‍🏫
➡️ volleyball is my favorite sport and i’ve been around it since i was 10. i got to coach at my school this year and it was one of my favorite parts of the school year! 🏐
➡️ in my free time, i love watching new shows on netflix, spending time with friends, attempting to learn calligraphy, and traveling. i’m trying to get to 30 countries before i’m 30! ✈️
➡️ i’m obsessed with taylor swift. like literally obsessed. i’ve seen her in concert 9 times, and #10 will be this september! 🎶

wahooooo so that’s a little bit about me, and i’d love to get to know you all better! please introduce yourself, and tell me something about yourself (what do you teach, where are you traveling, what do you watch on netflix, do you love taylor swift too 😊, etc.)! 👯‍♀️ #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teachersfollowingteachers #highschoolmathteacher #summer #teachertribe #iteach #adventuresofamathteacher

TEACHER KATHLEEN DAY 1🍎 // Got to teach English to my first thai class today! We played “Stand Up If” as an ice breaker and made name tags that showed off their interests!! Overall, it was a great first day! 🤗

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Getting school supplies is a high that never gets old. The only way it feels better is when they’re FREE school supplies 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

I currently work at a math tutoring center, and one of my students has been working through a PK (Prescriptive Knowledge - basically a specific mathematical topic) for weeks. He knows how to do it, but he gets to the mastery check and loses focus.. and he fails. Even though all his practice pages are perfect!
• • •
So last week, I made him a deal. If he got all but the challenge question correct, I’d give him five extra punches on his punch card (for rewards); if he got everything 100% correct on the first try, I’d give him a full punch card and put his quote on the wall.
• • •
He did it (which I knew he would!), so I lettered a quote of his choice and taped it to the wall. I was proud of the lettering but more proud of him and how excited he was to have so much recognition for mastering order of operations! Seeing the lightbulb go off when someone finally *gets* a math concept they’ve been struggling with NEVER gets old!

So excited for the #KeepingTheWonderWorkshop with @theengagingstation, @doccopteaching, @writeonwithmissg , and @buildingbooklove ! Math and English are a lot more connected than we think, and I can’t wait to take tips and tricks from English teachers and work them into my math classroom!

here we go!
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Loving this natural version of an abacus! Just what every hike needs- a Math break! 😀📐🌿 #countingmysteps #mathhikers #mathteacheronaschooltrip
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H E L L O summer! ☀️ I found this adorable letter board (that matches my classroom colors) at Target recently! This summer I plan to rest and read a lot of books! Any good suggestions? What are your summer plans?

Crazy that this was 5 years ago today! Mashandra since 2009. UCSB wouldn't have been the same without you girls! Thanks for always pushing me when I procrastinated on the daily. Wouldn't be where I'm at without your love and support. Now, I'm going to graduations as a teacher. Time flies!
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✏️✏️Leadership Lab ✏️✏️ Here we go! Been here for just a couple hours and have already met some great educators from across the country! I’m ready to work with each other to make us better leaders, learn to help our students be better leaders, and take what I learn back with me to HGP. On the schedule for the week: finding my strengths, creating teachable moments, a field trip, mindfulness practice, group discussions, and much more!! #leadershiplab2018 #highschoolmathteacher #knowledgeispower #teachergram #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #gcli #coloradosprings #staytuned #iteachtoo #mathteacher

In honor of my most recent follower, @ticalculators, I would like to share the best message I've ever seen typed out and left on a TI calculator. #the8thhorcrux #isacalculator #plottwist

We had a fun sendoff for the students today! 💜💛 Sad to say goodbye, but H E L L O summer! ☀️

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