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‼️7 Diets That Help You LOSE FAT‼️ -
👉 All of these diets CAN work. None of them superior to others for fat loss. The Keto diet is being pushed as the “best” fat loss diet, but it’s just another marketing hype - it’s almost like a cult these days. .
✅ The best diet for fat loss is the one that enables you to SUSTAIN a CALORIC DEFICIT for a period of time. That’s it. .
🔑 Nothing beats the law of thermodynamics with regards to energy balance - CALORIES IN vs. CALORIES OUT. It’s science people - the only thing that matters is total calories. Low fat/carbs is irrelevant if you’re not in a caloric deficit. .
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So often I see people losing focus of the bigger picture when looking to lose body fat and improve body composition. Instead, greater emphasis is spent on the minutiae that have minimal impact. For example, creating a ‘must-have’ supplementation list before ever considering calories and energy balance.
Energy Balance and Total Calorie Intake
The single most important nutritional factor for fat-related weight loss is total calorie intake and energy balance over time. Body tissue mass change is determined by energy balance. This can be achieved via calorie restriction through the diet, an increase in energy expenditure, or a combination of both.
As a general rule of thumb, for fat loss, let diet/nutrition take precedence and have training support it; to optimize the quality of weight lost, regularly perform some form of resistance exercise regimen that you enjoy and enables you to progress over time.
There are numerous ways this can be achieved, the best one ultimately being the one that leads to greatest adherence.
Whatever calorie intake you decide to choose to create a negative energy balance, it is important to bear in mind that this may need to be amended based on real-world progress. That is, adjust calories upwards or downwards to find your ‘sweet spot’.
Shooting for a weekly total calorie average can be a great method for some and it enables a greater degree of flexibility to fluctuate intake to suit lifestyle or socialize at weekends.
Sufficient Protein
For those looking to lose weight, specifically body fat, a high(er) protein diet (>1.2g/kg/day) can facilitate retention of lean mass, thus improving the quality of weight lost. More often than not, this can be seen as a positive result when we consider that muscle tissue is an important tissue in terms of whole-body metabolism. A high(er) protein diet can be adopted as a valuable tool in the fat-loss arsenal due to its satiating effects (feelings of fullness following a meal) and its effects on integrated systems in the brain that regulate body fat levels.
Take-home - there’s no one best way to go about dieting. Once you have these nutritional factors in place, do what you enjoy most.

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