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The mountains were calling ....📞 #eastcoast #highpeakswilderness #getoutside

Had an incredibly peaceful journey up to the Adirondacks to spend time with my love @oddblondevagabond and my parents and also got to hike some hike peaks solo. I'm gonna bring some of this feeling back home with me. #cascademountain #highpeakswilderness

This beautiful shot was shared by #GirlsWhoHikeNY member @_enort from #HighPeaksWilderness!😍 #HighPeaks has a variety of 14 amazing trails to adventure on that range from moderate to hard difficulty. 💪Which trails in the New York area did you find to have stunning views?🏃‍♀️

Thanks to the people in generations past that had the courage to make wilderness. #highpeakswilderness #bewildny #foreverwildADK #wildaboutthepark


This past weekend I had the privilege of spending three days #backpacking in the 300 square-mile #HighPeaksWilderness (with zero cell service, hence the #latergram!). There are 46 (ish) peaks in NYS above 4000' and I summited my first four: Marcy (5.3K), Haystack (4.9), Skylight (4.9) and Gray (4.8). I also visited Lake Tear of the Clouds, the highest source of the Hudson River. The lake was where Vice President Teddy Roosevelt learned that President William McKinley would not survive his assassination attempt, and that Roosevelt was soon to be president. Roosevelt would go on to create the first national parks across America. Overall an excellent time in the forever wild #Adirondacks !

Heart Lake ❤️

Ascending Marcy

My favorite kind of memories are the ones I make with you.

'Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough

The Summit of Marcy


A path less traveled (than the streets of the City). #adirondacks #peace #woods #intheclouds #recharge #misty #lakeplacid #highpeakswilderness #mtmarcy

Early morning mist.

Sunbathing on the rocks below Rocky Falls after swimming.

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