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Thai Mango Salad 🍋

Left me all #nostalgic. I remember those days when I used to wait to go to the beach and have mango peanut salad and this one made me left craving for more. It has all that authentic Thai taste and Mango added lots of flavours to it. #Musttry at Kobe Sizzler, @theforumvijayamallofficial, This one is from their special #mangomadness menu and #highlyrecommended the festival ends on 18th June! #hittheplacenow

Swipe to the Left 👈🏼@burgertrip '

You better have it eaten on spot while its still hot 🔥
#highlyrecommended 😍👌🏼

Let your precious angel sail away on a sea of dreams with this beautiful bunting (nautical theme) as inspiration. Thank you for your creative hands, easy and fast transaction.. @millybdesign #highlyrecommended #bunting #nauticaltheme #customized #millybdesigns 💙⚓️🐳🛳👌🏼😊

As a student of Martial Firearms, there are some texts I consider essential owning and invaluable reference. The "Small Arms of the World" published in volumes from the 40s to 80s are amazing, but were never updated after the original authors death, leaving a huge void. However a few years ago Gary Paul Johnson and his co-author took up this monumental task. "The Worlds Assault Rifles." Is the result. Long out of print copies can easily go for $300, if you can find one. .However you can download electronic copies from you devices book store. less than renting a movie you'll regret 😀 Need to win a bar bet thats mil firearms related or get your learn on at 35,000ft without the six pound text to drag along? Download it today. #knowledge #highlyrecommended

Shout out to @electricinkskin for keeping the ink looking freshhhhh 👌🏻 #highlyrecommended

Love at first sight with The Gin Tower. Loving every single detail about this place. Sucha Beauty! #highlyrecommended #greatgatsbyvibes

Another hot summer is just around the corner, make sure you stay cool with a @yeti ❄️
Available at @valleyfarmmarket 👍
#YETI #yeticoolers #yetitumbler #highlyrecommended


Family&Friends matter!!! Thank you for amazing dinner last night, we had so much food&fun! 😅😝❤️ @strycova @barborastrycova @lucie.safarova @misakrajicek @davidkrausofficial @lusta88 @fieb.a @thomashouska @martinmoravec #best #italian #food in #prague 👌☝️ #highlyrecommended

Y'all hear the new Daniel Romano record? We can't stop listening to it, every single song is terrific! It's produced really well and it's an all around super solid record. #modernpressure #danielromano #highlyrecommended

🔉Nuevo integrante de la familia : @elizabetharden #prevage #antiagingfoundation spf 30 hermanito grande de mi adorado #citysmart que tengo varios meses usando y amo absolutamente. Los dos tienen textura de serum ligero y un complejo de enzimas que protege de la polución y visiblemente mejora la textura de la piel { soy testigo 🙋} aparte de que protegen de los rayos UVA | UVB con una capa protectora invisible. Estos productos son para las chicas que necesitan protegerse y al mismo tiempo tener un poco de cobertura sin peso y sin oxidación, sobretodo para el día 👌🏻•

#highlyrecommended #makeupchick #skincare

Into The Badlands - Season 2 (2017)
Season 2: 10 Episodes
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 5!
'Into The Badlands' does not disappoint! Season Two opens and ends with a bang! Awesome fight choreography, captivating story and bloody as hell. This season did not feel like a Season Two. AMC is known for splitting seasons in half, so for me, it still felt more like Season One.
I needed to get this out. But man!!! The final shot in the season finale where Sunny holds his son gave me chills! Many viewers may not have gotten the reference. I immediately thought 'Lone Wolf and Cub' and I believe that's what the creators were paying tribute to. Such a badass moment right there. I love it!
#IntoTheBadlands #SeasonTwo #DanielWu #AMC #MartialArts #Action
#Adventure #Drama #Dystopian #Thriller #PostApocalyptic #TVShow #TVSeries #HighlyRecommended #2017

Finally tried the #matcha#latte Can't say it was any better than others I've tried. #disappointed #highlyrecommended#kerrisdale#vancitycoffeespot

One of my favourite books. Could relate to almost all the situations described here. Enjoyed reading every bit of it.
#highlyrecommended to all my friends in Finland 😎

"За глотком воздуха и здоровья приезжайте в Боржоми"💦Особенно актуальным это было после винного тура по Кахетии #позднопитьборжоми Знаменитую воду из источника,тёплую, отдающую сероводородом,никто не оценил🙊 а вот купание в серных бассейнах под открытым небом в горах - это прям #highlyrecommended

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