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#eirasyaziraigreview #instareview 👉👉👉Keunikan kosmetik MINARA ini bersifat organik ❤️ Cara guna :
Spray sikit je beelovera ni sbb ianya bukan water spray tp moisturizer spray, ianya pekat&melembabkan kulit wajah. Ianya kaya dgn madu 😍

Kemudian apply sedikit sahaja MEYLIQ DD CREAM dan ratakan.. Sama ada guna span yg disediakan atau brush yg diberikn secara PERCUMA 😍 MEYLIQ DD CREAM ini juga dapat merawat skin kita sbb ianya diperbuat dari PATI ALOEVERA 😍 #highlyrecommended
Last but not least, if u guys suka muka nampak glowing kilat2 gitchu blhla spray lg beelovera kiri&kanan muka.. DONE 💋💋💋 Untuk keterangan lanjut mengenai product ini bolehla follow @minarahq @minarahq @minarahq 💚💚💚

Why have the regular Pani puri when you can have these Thai puchkas at Mamagoto, Bandra?
It's a burst of flavours. The key ingredients include lime, Thai chilli, peanuts, roasted coconut, and betel leaves. Was skeptical to try it at first, but I'm glad that I did. ❤️🍴
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Shots of the flat top I did today swipe to the right 👉🏼

Swipe to see swatches. @maybelline anti age rewinder Concealers. Wear it along or with foundation but HONESTLY, this alone pretty much does the job.👍🏽 #myfav #highlyrecommended

if you're screaming, you're breathing. @startskydivingohio #HighlyRecommended#skydiving

Have you ever come across a book that will punch you in your stomach, shake you up, then pull you down and stir within you a cauldron of emotions (some good and some dark) that you were unaware of?

I present to you The Heart is A Lonely Hunter written by the prodigious Carson McCullers.

Below are my thoughts on the book:

John Singer, a mute, is surrounded by Mick Kelly, Dr Copeland, Jake Blount and Biff Brannon. These characters have their share of social/personal issues which are precipitated by anger and fuelled by bitterness. They are also very lonely and unloved human beings.

The book also addresses myriad issues like poverty, racism, religion and Communism. There is a subtle undertone of homosexuality as well.
What left me dumbfounded was how a young woman of 23 could write so beautifully about the dark chambers of the human heart. She had a short but tragic life - her recurring health issues and her unhappy marriage must have been great burdens to bear. She understood loneliness inside out.
It was Mick Kelly I was drawn too. In an uncanny way, she mirrored the kind of existential loneliness I have experienced - I knew from where her fountain of loneliness had sprung -up from.
Through Mick, McCullers reminds us all that we possess both "an outside and inside chamber" : a side that we present to the world and a place where we retreat to when we feel either sad or isolated.

There are numerous passages of breath - taking beauty in this book. It is definitely not what some people would call a "Happy" book. Despite this, it must be read.

To quote Franz Kafka, "A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us." This book has done that for me. I have read many books and God willing, I will continue reading many books, some of them masterpieces. But I will never, ever come across a book such as this one. It's an immortal book. ************************************ The reading experience was made even more pleasurable and beautiful thanks to Medha @coffeeandmusings, Andrea @from_my_shelves and Claire @clescop for their wonderful and original insights that made the read along so much fun. ************************************ My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Big thanks to my boy marcus @calicoalitioncarclub for doing my wash and full detail inside and outside! For any of my friends looking for a good car wash/Detailer, hit up my buddy marcus. Info is in the photo. He is also mobile so he can come to your work/school/house/stripper bar while your getting a lap dance etc....haha 💦🚗 #goldenstateautowashanddetail #Carwash #Detailer #highlyrecommended

We made it out with thirty one seconds to spare. #phew #closecall #firsttimers #highlyrecommended


I'm in tapas heaven!
These people here love what they do!
#tapas #miami #downtownmiami #spanishkitchen #travelgirl #traveldiary #fusiontapas #slowcooking #highlyrecommended #outstanding

We wound up our London visit with my highlight of this leg, at west end 😄👏 (after getting our Korean fix - total fish and chip fail! 😂) Show was awesome. I can't remember the last time I laughed and smiled so much! All its accolades were well deserved and Matt Henry you have a new fan! 😍😍 #highlyrecommended #kinkyboots #adelphitheatre #motherdaughterdate #bibimbap #kimchijjigae #myfavorites 😋

We made it out with thirty one seconds to spare. #phew #closecall #firsttimers #highlyrecommended

Get ready for a ton of wedding pics! Because #abarkulesphoto is AMAZING! 😍😍 #highlyrecommended #wedding #chicagophotographer

Mood all summer!! Don't be around me without a bottle of rose OR bubbly #highlyrecommended

Just finished this book. What a brilliant read about a truly lovely bloke who regardless of what some people may think, had a heart of gold and the respect & personality that you would struggle to find nowadays. What a man Lenny McLean was!👊🏻 #LennyMcLean #TheGuvnor #WhatAMan #GreatBook #HighlyRecommended #BrilliantRead

Вообщем , мы влюбились в #ялтаинтурист 🌄Есть всё и даже больше👏: аквапарк, бассейны с морской водой 28🌡и панорамным видом, 25 ресторанов и баров, большая детская площадка с очень необычными каруселями и качелями, детская комната, анимация, фитнес-клуб, соляная пещера, большой зоопарк, Массандровский парк, двухуровневый пляж и это далеко не всё🙈😄, что находится на территории отеля и на очень достойном уровне ☝🏻️p.s. Даня фотограф ✌️️#highlyrecommended #ялтаинтурист #крым #summer2017

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