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Quick video of our ride on Portal last weekend with @kramerica5000 @bdepp3 and Joe Spataro. Full video on our YouTube channel. .
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Some people say Norco flies under the radar, but if you're looking for a big wheel Enduro bike don't overlook the Norco Range 29. Read our review to find out why four Highliners chose it for their personal bike. Link in bio.

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We'll take our miles whenever we can get them ❄️🏔️
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Testing out the camera setup that we will be using on the @wemostlyridebikes adventure coming up next month. Check out the full video. Link in bio. .
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Dave's trail in Moab, UT: A short, sweet, ripping good time.
🚵🚵 @bdepp3 @stevensadler01
🚵🎥 @kramerica5000
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That part on Grafton when you turn the corner and light the after burner. Watch until the end to see @stevensadler01's close call, and click the link in our bio to watch the whole video and subscribe. 🚵 @stevensadler01
🎥 @kramerica5000

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🏅Finishing a race; as told in pictures.
📷@natpinholden 1. Head wind finish on a sandy 4x4 road
2. Initial moment of joy.
3. I taste blood. Holy $H!T that hurt. Glad that's over. I am never racing again!
4. That was so fun! I loved that. When is the next one? I need food.
5. Obligatory finish photo with my "you finished!" medal.
I am battling some sort of respiratory illness so my goal of "finish in under 2:10" turned to just finish the damn race. I went 2:20, had a blast coming down Baby Steps and letting my bike do its thing, and the run course was beautiful.
Thanks @raebaeb and @natpinholden for coming to cheer me on! It was so nice to see your smiling faces at the finish.
@womenmtb #womenmtb #utahladyshredders #moaboffroadduathlon #santacruzbicycles #hightowerlt

Race day tomorrow! The bike course is perfect and I am looking forward to putting my 150mm travel bike up against all those hardtail 29ers. 😂
I will probably be back of the pack but I am looking forward to starting the race season with a little something different. #moaboffroadduathlon #dotheyreallytimetheuphill ?
#santacruzbicycles #hightowerlt #runandbike #runandbikeandmaybehike #womenmtb @womenmtb

High five Friday. We're both in the Knation now and I've learned some things about water bottle cages and bike frame sizes. The small frame can't fit even the smallest bottle we had, but the large frame held our biggest with room to spare. Does anyone have any work arounds? Or know of bottle that works on tiny bikes? ➡️➡️➡️ To check it. Also, any feedback on whether @yo_lones should ditch those blue stickers on his Fox ASAP is much appreciated.

We've been enjoying the desert riding a lot lately, but here's a #TBT to warmer, greener rides in the high alpine of BC, and @piper.rocks conquering the massive climb that is Into the Mystic.

#intoTheMystic / #LordOfTheSquirrels / #girlswhoride

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