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Everyday we go through moments where fear can dictate our lives.
The fears we don’t face become our limits, but the more we stand up to those fears, the more limitless and beautiful our lives become!
This is a view and experience I’ll honestly remember for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t have been possible if I listened to the trembling fear inside of my head before I stepped out on the line. 🙏🏼
One inch from flying while thousands of feet above the valley floor in Yosemite National Park.
Thanks so much for capturing this moment 📷 @scottborrero.
@beautifuldestinations @hippytree @goalzero

Glory shot 🙃 #nexttimeforsure #manbunpower .
Sweet setup by @handsomerobinson, filmed by @kylormelton

~ This is definitely on of the best urban highlines I have ever done. So much fun to exchange greetings, kisses and smiles with all the office workers behind the windows. What a great feeling to break a daily routine of this building full of serious adult banking things. =D Everything is ready for tonight's show! More coming soon. ~ Jedna z nejlepších urban lajn co jsem kdy chodil. Je strašně zábavný vyměňovat si pozdravy, pusy a úsměvy se všema těma lidma v kancelářích. Dělá mi dobře narušovat každodenní rutinu a téhle budovy plné vážných dospěláckých věcí. =D Všechno je připraveno na večerní show! Čekej víc.

#slacklife #urban #highline #prague #skyscraper #eqbslacklines #lifeood #hanibalcz #slackshow #blackdimondzone

That moment when you just sent a 1 mile highline 😍
Thanks @leopauldarse for the pic!
#slacklife #worldrecord #sendit #slackline #highline #getinvolved #domore #mile

Dream come true.


Cocktails on the #Highline with #StGermain

Sometimes throughout your day you don't see the beautiful things 'cause you are wasting with futile things

Smoker's break. #highline #nyc

Nothing prettier than flowers in spring

NYC High Line palm tree hug! I was excited to see one in the Big Apple! #latergram #bigapple #highline #nyc #newyorkcity #ilovepalmtrees

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