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@gord.cook says "How to tell a road doesn't see a lot of traffic? When sheep use it as a bed for the night" 😂 Can you spot the sheep? 🐑
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Clifftop Fortress Dunnottar ╳
Possibly the best castle in Scotland? Don't take my word for it though, come see yourself and you decide! At a 6am sunrise as pictured here It has to be right up there!

andrew and the highlands.

@the_kafka | Eilean Donan might be Scotland's most visited castle, nonetheless there's always new perspectives to be found... #highlandcollective

🌈 Photo: @bumblebambi _______________________________________
Good Friday morning from Scotland! Thanks to all for all the comments yesterday - so lovely reading what London means to you. Wonderful to see such love! Was looking for a shot when I saw this beautiful, hopeful photo and just had to feature it. After the dark comes the light...and with that a glorious double rainbow and a lovely story too, "From as young as I can remember I used to travel this road with my parents and sisters back and forth to Shetland and I would always look up at this monument and ask my Dad what it was. It has always fascinated me...So I was delighted when I seen pictures of it on Instagram and could finally put a name to the place. It was amazing to finally get up here a few wks back and finally get to visit somewhere I've wondered about for years. Even better that it had the added bonus of a rainbow!" - Perfect! Kinnoull Hill is a hill located in Perth, Scotland. From the hill's 222m (728 feet) south-facing cliff summit, views are afforded of the River Tay, the Friarton Bridge, and a stretch of the Tay Coast railway line. Further to the south, Moncreiffe Hill can be seen. On an outcrop a few hundred yards to the east of — but visible from — the summit is Kinnoull Tower. Built in 1829 by Lord Grey of Kinfauns as a romantic folly, the tower, along with nearby Binn Tower, originally used as an observatory by Grey, are meant to resemble the castles on the Rhine in Germany as Grey saw a great similarity between the River Tay and parts of the Rhine. I do love a good view AND a good "Folly" - they were built, basically, to show off an extravagant building, which the experts say, often serve no real purpose. But what's more purposeful than a romantic feeling? A view like this is priceless if you ask me. There is nothing daft about a folly, I would happily live there! Have a wonderful weekend! Amazing shot by @bumblebambi 🌈 Want your Photos of Britain to be featured? Follow us and then add the tag #photosofbritain and tag us in the picture too! 🌈

Taken this morning from the inner courtyard. Beautiful day! 😊☀️👍

The locals are pretty friendly in the Highlands...
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Location📍Glencoe, Scotland
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Sales 28th March 2017
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Quieter day today, but just for fun I have begun to explore whether we can do online sales as well. Have had a few requests lately for products people have seen as part of the daily sales and would like to order online. Looking into it.
As always, congratulations to today’s sellers and thank you to all of today’s customers.
C428 Wooden Car $18.00 made by David and Kerry
C419 Pen $20.00 made by Martin
C382 Beanie $20.00 made by Sarah and Jennifer
C450 Wineholder $20.00 made by Mark
C100 Bracelet $6.00 made by Angela
C426 Marshmallow Bunny $5.00 made by Leisa
C447 Black Label Habanero Sauce $12.00 made by Anthony
C388 Eucalyptus Inhaler $2.50 made by Phillip
C370 Facewasher $4.00 made by Jacqui
C370 Peppermint Foot Spray $5.00 made by Jacqui
C368 Greeting Card $2.00 made by Mikayla (age 10)
C368 Greeting Card $2.00 made by Mikayla (age 10)
C391 Jam $6.50 made by David and Ros
C155 Craft Supplies – Stamps x 3 $9.00 made by Evette
C258 Earrings $18.00 made by Leila
C100 Bracelet $6.00 made by Angela
C281 Cardigan Clip $10.00 made by Shona
C251C Craft Supplies $2.00 made by Julia
C391 Jam $6.50 made by David and Ros

Normal people would take 30 minutes flight to go to Bario but no... not me. I took the 12 hours bumpy road ride to the highlands through the dusty logging roads.
Oh well, once in a lifetime (maybe)
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Climbed the Carlton Hill under the sun ☀️ I have sunburns even... In #edinburgh ! Today we head to Iverness to see the #highlands and #lochness
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Sài gòn nóng chết đi được.. 😝😝😝 #highlands #hân #hạnh #tài #trợ

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