@jessegraystyle gave @niki_lamar some killa bangs and her hair is so now 💁🏼‍♀️ #fringe #bangs #highfivejesse

Okay, Benny - you can’t smile. Haircuts aren’t funny. PSYCH. Smile for that new fade 😎🙌🏽 • ✂️by @jessegraystyle #highfivejesse

Rad City, Population: KYLE 🙌🏽• Cut and Color by @jessegraystyle who shows us what it means to take it next level #WHUT #💯 #highfivejesse

Our pleasure to introduce to you: the coolest girl in elementary school 😍😏👩🏼‍🎤 • Cut and magic color by @jessegraystyle #highfivejesse #highfiveminis

@bennylp lookin SO FRESH thanks to @jessegraystyle. BRUUUHHHH 🔥🙌🏽💯 • Loving it even more than it being 75 degrees in February. Which is really saying something. #highfivejesse

E M M A! “Lived in handpainting for the talented @emmastricker Continued success in NYC 🏙 🎭” -@jessegraystyle #highfivejesse
@wellaeducation @wellahairusa @sebastianpro_official @ghd_northamerica

Hair cut or not, Nash wins the award for “Most Scrumptious” 😍 A fresh cut for this little man by @jessegraystyle #highfivejesse #highfiveminis

Stylists don’t let their fellow stylist babes rock anything less than dreamy hair. Case in point: @megbarneshair new color by @sashaannehair and cut by @jessegraystyle #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #highfivesasha #highfivejesse

Gorgeous #livedincolor for Jordyn by @jessegraystyle 😍 #highfivejesse

Have you been following along with @wagz227 as he’s taken over the @sebastianwna IG today? Go check out all of the behind the scenes of @jessegraystyle and @megbarneshair as they prepped their models! #highfivejosh #highfivejesse #highfivemeghan ・・・
@jessegraystyle is here with me, @wagz227, at @highfivesalon! Today we’re taking over the @SebastianWNA account to show you #BTS as we shoot a couple Sebastian #WhatsNextAward entries. Model: @yanaudaltsova 📷: CC: @mkf.photo @hughesc7

Fresh + polished new cut for Heather! Heather is running for the School Board in Wyoming. After giving her a killer new cut, @jessegraystyle helped her practice interaction with her constituents 😉 Best of luck, Heather! You’re a joy to be around 💃🏼 #highfivejesse

Two feet of hair donated! Beautiful mama-to-be Michelle wanted a change that would be easy to manage once her baby came, AND when she's busy saving lives in the ICU. @jessegraystyle was happy to deliver (the haircut, not the baby 🤔) 💃🏻 #highfivejesse

Keep it fresh, keep it dapper, keep it faded // ✂️@jessegraystyle #highfivejesse

Stunning Hiba with a new + perfect beachy look by @jessegraystyle #swipe for more • (see @jessegraystyle's original post for formula in the comments!) #highfivejesse

That fade 〰tho 👌🏾// Cut for @zanethesizzler by @jessegraystyle #highfivejesse

#nailedit 😜 Olivia, you are sunshine personified 💁🏼 //✂️ by @jessegraystyle #highfivejesse #highfiveminis

Samantha has what #blonde #balayage dreams are made of. ✂️+ 🎨 by @jessegraystyle #highfivejesse

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