Är du en person som ständigt oroar dig och vill ha kontroll på din situation ...
Oro skapar negativa energier som du sänder ut i universum och som sedan kommer tillbaka som en bumerang till dig.
Släpp din rädsla och förstå att det enda du skapar är ytterligare problem med dina rädslor.
Släpp, andas och fokusera dina tankar och känslor på det positiva du vill uppleva i ditt liv ❤️ inlightbyamelie.se #inlightbyamelie.se

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Whatever work that you choose or feel called to do on Earth, remember that you are not supposed to struggle or feel that you need to push yourself to the limits. 💖 It’s not what life is about. When it feels right - you know. You feel a sense of contentment and joy. 😊 You enjoy waking up in the morning and face your day. 😇 Don’t get me wrong; it’s not always a bed of roses when you do your soul work. 🌟Sometimes it will feel tough and you might feel tired. That is okay - you work with energy 💫and sometimes you need to recharge your body and press the pause button. 💖 Allow yourself a break. 💖 Life will always bring you hurdles - that is how you learn and grow. 💖 The work that you do on Earth is sacred and unique to you. 💖 No one else can do it the way that you can. With love, Cath B 💖

The Cosmic Laws •
Our consciousness expands when we see ourselves as part of the cosmos regulated by cosmic laws. The creator designed the cosmic laws to support the whole creation and the creation exists to support the cosmic laws and the creator. •••
If you wish to expand your consciousness, you have to strengthen your ability to comprehend the cosmic laws, which are a reflection of the natural laws which exist on earth.
People on Earth have to follow the law. The law consists of man-made instructions leading to punishment. The creators of these instructions try to convince the people of the Earth that the law is designed to bring fairness and stability in society. The cosmic laws are not related to punishment. They are instructions that regulate creation. There is no life without cosmic laws. They cannot be detected or fully understood by human beings because they affect the creation as a whole.
When we start to recognise some of these laws, our consciousness will start to expand.
Wisdom: Teachings of Christian Rosenkreutz: The Cosmic Laws
Look out for future posts on what these Cosmic Laws are.
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The best reason to speak from your heart and be your authentic self.... ....Is because YOU are the person who is either loved or not - not a falsified version of you.
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NOW AGE| Roses and talks met heel mijn hart 💚
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The core is at the heart of all movement not just yoga. Building a strong and stable core is going to help you with any movements, training or strength work that you do, even outside of what you might deem yoga.

Within yoga the core and being able to control it is so important because we are not isolating muscle groups like in bodybuilding, in fact we are doing the opposite, we are trying to link muscle groups together (as the body was designed) whilst moving or holding isometric (stationary) movements. At the centre of all muscle groups you’re trying to link together is always the core. If your core is weak and can’t stabilise the spine and pelvis then even basic movements like walking, running are going to feel difficult.

If you were a house, the foundations would be your core. The supporting structures of the house rely heavily on strong foundations. If the foundations of a house are not deep enough to support the load of those supporting structures, what happens? The house doesn’t fall down immediately, but cracks start to appear. If action is not taken to fix the underlying problem in the foundations then the cracks grow and the integrity and safety of the house becomes compromised.

In an ideal world the foundations are built correctly at the start, but as you probably know in real life the ideal rarely happens. If your starting your yoga journey then make sure you get your core foundations in place at the start. If you’ve already started in yoga or have a background in training and you’ve noticed some ‘cracks’ appearing, weak links, niggles or injuries make sure you go back and address the foundations of your core.

What actually is the core? (Continued in the comments below)
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Healthy boundaries is a must in life to keep your inner peace & to stand your ground! Sometimes people will try to take your kindness for a weakness & try to walk all over you or use you for their own personal gain. This happens more frequently than you know it in the Spiritual/conscious community unfortunately! 🙏🏼🧙🏼‍♂️✨
In Service to All, in the Service to the One
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Always Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind...
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