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Cumplimos 10 años y @mantovani_carlos dirige, @guzmammola diseña, Flor Perez edita, @goarce se ocupa de las RRPP, @cugliarimarcelo hace fotos, y @alejandromaglione @maltagliattivaleria y Carlos María Pinasco escriben junto a varios colaboradores màs para hacer la mejor #revista #highendlifestyle que se edita en sudamérica.

Can't get rich off sleep #highEndlifestyle

🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀💨💨💨 How You Spending Your Weekend? @highendedibles
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No way in no way out, this shit do or die! #hls #lifestyle #highendlifestyle

Never enough high end stuff. Oh well, what a time. Apartment, check. Car, check. Business, check. Let's see what else is coming. #vape #vapehighend #highendlifestyle #notreally

Ain't too much chit chat they know what's poppin!! #ItsTru™ #HIGHENDLIFESTYLE

Sent this piece off to its new home yesterday. Gonna miss this one! "Effloresce," features a killer Colombian Emerald crystal, and trapiche slice, as well as an amazing Liddicoatite from Madagascar and a bixbite (red beryl) from Utah, USA. These juicy crystals are accented by rhodolite garnet facets and is wrapped in platinum weave wire over silver structure with a few titanium weave accents. I love platinum. #cddavis #highendgem #highendjewelry #highendlifestyle #highendwirewrap #orginalstonesetting #uniquejewelry #futurejewelry #contemporaryart #contemporaryjewelry #creativestonesetting #creativejewelry #exposedsetting #flow #flows #flowsauce #platinumjewelry #platinum #menspendant #mensjewelry #mensfashion #mensnecklace #stylejewelry #fashionjewelry #spacejewelry #extraterrestrial #alienjewelry


The Sonic Chair combines quality furniture craftsmanship with audio technology, allowing users to literally sit at the center of a sound system.

The chair’s integrated satellite speakers are precisely adapted to your ears. The speakers are encased in a body that creates sufficient volume and powerful bass tones. A specially developed body-focused sound membrane serves as a backrest and enhances lower frequencies. The chair also comes with a stainless steel folding arm for mounting iPods, laptops, and monitors. #design #audiotecnology #moderndesign #craftmanship #tecnology #soundsistem #speakers #interiordesign #iphone #ipad #laptop #monitor #minimalisticdesign #homedesign #highendlifestyle #highendliving #luxuryhomes #luxurylifestyle #luxuryliving #luxuryhome #contemporarydesign #minimalism
#highendaudiostore #highendhifishop #lasvegas#lasvegasnevada #audiovisualsolutionsgroup #highendspeakers #highendaudioequipment #mediafurniture @audio_visual_solutions_group

Cumplimos 10 años y @mantovani_carlos dirige, @guzmammola diseña, Flor Perez edita, @goarce se ocupa de las RRPP, @cugliarimarcelo hace fotos, y @alejandromaglione @maltagliattivaleria y Carlos María Pinasco escriben junto a varios colaboradores màs para hacer la mejor #revista #highendlifestyle que se edita en sudamérica.

Sick shot of our @WheelsPerformance client's Dodge Challenger SP on @rotiform wheels 🔥🔥🔥

While on the paths you take on your journey, out of all people have you convinced yourself? You want people to see you a certain way, but do you believe yourself when you speak about said path? The law of attraction is a beautiful thing, believe in yourself and the universe will bring this fortune. Notice right before the moment you fail, you prevail? It's because you put forth so much action you don't allow yourself to fail? You believe that you need something so bad that you go all in? Well why don't you use that same intensity each and every day? If you did results would come much easier, I mean if you're tired of starting over, why do you let yourself to have to keep starting over? So stop feeling sorry for yourself, let go of the things that let you make excuses or find blame for, and do what needs to be done. Confidence is key to the law of attraction, before you can see results or persuade others you need to convince yourself it can happen. And once you believe in yourself, you need to go all in, you need to put everything you have into each venture, and the right doors will open. People will see how much passion and energy you speak of and the same energy will radiate off them too, you'll begin to see the universe working the way it is supposed to! Don't get hung up on people leaving but, hang on to what purpose they help in the moment, and realize you might of been there to help them get through a certain battle. Stop looking at what went wrong, but look at the beautiful side of how perfect the timing was when you guys met. Focus on building value to others and in their relationships, and not so much what they can do for you. Some will leave, some will phase away. But stay so fucking true to yourself that people see so much more than what they could ever imagine possible. Be kind, be gentle, but be so intense and passionate that there is nobody like you. Uniqueness is rare, be valuable. Some doors will close, but if you're always chasing the things you want most in life, the intensity of each relationship will also grow. I've spent so much time being stagnant trying to save relationships, let the universe work the way it should.

Every failure is a progression, fail forward. There is no perfect opportunity, until you see it that way. When you start to overlook the negatives and see how it creates a perfect picture. Often we start to feel drained, emotionally, physically, just so beat down. That's when you take a step back, and let your body (the amazing most complex machine it is, do the work it needs to in order to repair itself) then we go back and attack our ventures, and see an endless amount of progression. The times I felt the most beat down the more I push the more I realize that there an obscene amount of progression waiting for me behind a door. We never know which door will present itself. That's why it's important to keep your heart pumping with passions that make your heart beat when most feel like shutting down. Keep your head down and your eyes forward, and love your life or change it!

Blue Amber Purple/Experimental 19 Dub Piece. This is a custom order for @buz420, NFS

Don't let failure scare you away. Gotta keep it going, gotta keep your head up.

Ultimate Summer Wishlist is now on the blog. From makeup, through skincare and perfume, there was also a place for couple of homeware + candle faves. My birthday's coming up so I'm hinting a little too 😉😂😍What products are you wishing for? Have you tried any on my wishlist? Let me know 😍❤️😘

This week at @cannes_lions 2017 has been an absolute blessing for O Events - as individuals and as a team. Especially the Wednesday's spotlight talk with @halleberry and @wearetfq's CEO @shelleyzalis 👌🙌❤

A few announcements!! First and foremost.. THANK YOU to everyone who has ordered in the last couple weeks. You all are what keep me going! I love my collectors and my stores!
Second.. I'll be closing all new custom orders at the time, two weeks at the very most.
Lastly is a two parter... anyone who has ordered a piece, you will be taken care of in the next two weeks but in that time I'll be throwing up a few auctions for some throwback pieces. Oh! And I almost forgot, watch for that giveaway! I should be releasing rules soon, and then throwing up the contest shortly after!

#CRESCENDO3 mais a fundo:
A 30 anos atrás, a empresa #straightwire lançou um desafio a sí mesma, "lançar um cabo emblemático". Pós meses de estudo, nasceu na década de 90 o Rhapsody, projeto extremamente bem sucedido, tanto que as maiores empresas do segmento no mundo lhes usam até hoje. Porém, o desafio agora se tornara fazer o melhor cabo já desenvolvido no mundo, desafio ambicioso, que, os levou de volta para as placas de desenho com designers, fabricantes, revendedores e centenas de ouvidos. Após todo o estudo e processo, nasce a lenda CRESCENDO3.
O material técnico sobre este ícone do áudio já está disponível para todos os parceiros! Existem também, muitos reviews ao mundo sobre todos os itens da linha! Vale a pena conferir!
#hiendsound #hometheater #audio #totalqualidadesonora #highendlifestyle #originacoustics #wharfedalespeakers #straightwire #luxury #qualidadepremium #collegarebrasil

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