The last call! Only 1 day left to get Hiby R3, the Ultraportable Touchscreen Hi-Fi Network Music Player! Don't miss it. Check the link in bio!

You won't believe the powerful sound comes from a pocket-size Hifi player until you meet Hiby R3; you won't hear the powerful sound until you get Hiby R3. Time to get it! 2 days left. Hit the link in bio!

Hidizs Ap60, a simple, effective, with expandable media up to 256GB Hi-Fi player.

Hiby R3, which is called the unicorn of the MP3 player world by Cnet as well as a hit on Kickstarter, is 3 days left for you to catch it! Check the link in bio!

As a foodie, a great music is essential when tasting every drop of the Latte.

HiBy R6 got a stupendous performance in dual-channel for low-pass filtering and amplification, offering a high power output and greater stability in capacitive loading.

A carefully optimized circuit with a high-standard PCB immersion gold finish, DH100 can overcome interfering signals between different modules.

Listen to music the way the artist intended for you to -- without distortion or loss of quality. The Hiby R3 is the portable player built for that. Hit the link in bio!

Just thought the Ap200 music is good enough, suddenly find out it is also amazing when watching a video on it.

Could you believe that the perfect music comes from this 3.2-inch Aluminum alloy body?

As a 9 to 5 blue-colloar worker, A amplifier which can connected to the computer is a good choice.

Hiby R6 is more than a music player, it supports Android 6.0. Download your favorite apps while enjoying the best music sound a device can provide.

You can never get used to listening to the music without DH1000 once you have tried it.

Ap60 is not only a high-quality music player, but also a headphone amplifier, which can also be connected with your PC and headphone.

You can hear more with DH1000 when watching ASMR videos.

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