Bomb Barbacoa Brunch. Soon to be on @chefstablenetflix so stay tuned.

Best Queen Anne-style house in Philly? Join us tomorrow at 11AM (link in bio) and judge for yourself when we tour Chestnut Hill with erstwhile Hidden City Daily editor Brad Maule. We'll also be visiting two remarkably long-lived businesses on Germantown Ave. and talking with the owners: Kilian Hardware (since 1913!) and McNally's Tavern (since 1921!). This is the first in Brad's 2018 NW Tour series that we're co-presenting with the Young Friends of the Preservation Alliance. No telling if we'll offer this one again so don't miss it!!! 📸: @mauleofamerica #yfpa #chestnuthill #phillyarchitecture #phillyhistory #northwestphilly #hiddenphilly #hiddenphillytours

Just another day at Wonderland, where Dustin is building a unicorn lair (my words not his). @wonderlandfishtownwizards #wonderland #fishtown #magic #sculpture #philadelphia #art #hiddenphilly

#latergram of another good night in another cool city park. Parks On Tap is the most fun way to explore this city.

Suraya, Steap & Grind, and Root are just a few of my favorites in Fishtown. This neighborhood is home to so many small businesses + creative locals, why ruin it with a Starbucks and chick-fil-a?! The neighborhood residents are not happy! - disappointed neighborhood resident
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Day, Month, Second

326-330 S 3rd St in the late 1950s and today. How'd those buildings--and the neighborhood--get from there to here? Find out this Sunday at 10AM on our Society Hill: The Great Deceiver Part II tour (link in bio). We'll start out around 1900 when the area still had many small stores and factories and was home to African Americans and Jewish immigrants. We'll work our way up to the 1930s and neighborhood's role in the birth of Philadelphia's historic preservation movement and of course go deep on urban renewal in the 1950s and 60s. You'll never look at Society Hill the same way again! #societyhill #phillyhistory #urbanrenewal #hiddenphilly #hiddenphillytours

I’d like a grapefruit and sage espresso tonic.

Made a trip to the Ryerss Mansion which holds a museum and library. I’d never been there before, it’s an interesting collection built by a wealthy 19th century family and willed to the city upon the death of the last heir. They Ryerss family were also instrumental in founding the SPCA and the Morris Animal Foundation, as well as an equine sanctuary in Pottstown. .
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