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hidden dragon, crouching eagle •

#35mm #hiddendragon #crouchingeagle

This is called Hidden Dragon 🐉 and it is delicious #hiddendragon #delicious #cocktails

Happy 21st trip around the sun to #jordontucker #hiddendragon #naughtyboy hope you have a good night legend see ya soon 🍺

Some flying cotchy trouse in their natural habitat #theden #spiedbymotherwoolley #hiddenintheshrubs #crouchingtiger #hiddendragon

When you start missing them... #gods #crouchingtiger #hiddendragon


Crouching Tiger —can you find the Dragon?
#stamford #nyc #vivid

The Storm Breaker Dagger. As gentle as water on strands of hair, but with a power that allows none to escape. Check how powerful this dagger is on #HiddenDragon .

Focus. On. What. You. Want.

Sometimes when I’m working on an essay or doing research the phone rings or I get a WhatsApp mssg and against my better judgment I pick up the call or respond to the mssg. It’s always a bad idea because whether it’s 2 mins or a half hour later the result is always the same - I’ve broken my train of thought and lost my focus. And that momentum is gone. And I’ll never get exactly what I would have if I’d stayed in that zone. I’m getter much better at treating working hours as sacred. But I need to get better at longer stretches of single minded focus until the thing I most want to accomplish has been accomplished. We hear it countless times in some variation because it’s true, “Nothing will get the work done besides doing the work.” And I’ll add “no one can do your work but you.” It’s so easy to get distracted by good and mediocre things that pull you away for just an evening here or an afternoon there and a month goes by. Or even by opportunities to do work that would be interesting and purposeful...for someone else. I’ve been offered jobs in the past that would have been amazing opportunities...for someone who wasn’t me. It’s so important to learn how to say no to the good things that are not the best things for you. It’s hard and it takes faith and trust. But these distractions share exactly one thing in common with whatever it is you really want to accomplish or need to be focusing on - TIME. Wherever you put that is where you’ll find yourself. Regardless of what you want.

#NewWeek #Ready #HeadOn #Focus #WhatDoYouWant #NoCanBeAGoodWord #CrouchingTiger #HiddenDragon #Bradbury #CityOfAngeles

Sharing concept art from #HiddenDragon . #Inktober

"If the sky opened up for me,
And the mountain disappeared,
If the seas ran dry, turned to dust
And the sun refused to rise
I would still find my way,
By the light I see in your eyes
The world I know fades away
But you stay..." #crouchingtiger #hiddendragon

Because every morning should start with flying Kung Fu
#CrouchingTiger #HiddenDragon

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