I’m using all of my energy to hold my ear up. Is it bedtime, yet?

I’m what you’d call a “powerful chewer.” That’s why my mom bought me this ChewSafe(TM) toy with Smart-Core technology at @petco. When I chew through the outer layer and get to the red core, it’s time for her to buy me a new toy! Safety first :)

Mommy and I has friends over to watch the #royalwedding! I love friends! And royalty!

I’m ready for the #RoyalWedding! Do you think #PrinceHarry and #MeghanMarkle need a flower pup?

Although @champagnepapi may not have great taste in basketball teams, he can write a mean lyric. Happy Mother’s Day to all the fur moms out there! #WhateverItTakes

Missing that head out the car window weather already ☀️☀️☀️

Who wants to go to #LeBronto?! Take me with you! #WhateverItTakes #SWEEP

What is this bright shiny thing?! I can’t look directly at it but it’s making me all nice and warm and I love it!

Can’t let a silly little cone get in between me and my toys!

TFW your friends walk by. Hi, friends!

Just trying to be as close to Mommy as possible today. No reason. Just cause I loves her.

I’m ready for my closeup.

Could I be any cuter? My mommy says no.

Doing my best pirate impression.

It’s Monday already? I’m not ready :(

Like Willow said, I whip my ear back and forth.

Five years ago today. #nofilter 📷: Aunt @216vegan

Six years ago, I moved in with Mommy! Happy #gotchaday to me :) #tbt

Did someone. Say. Treat?!

Pillow talk.

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