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What happens when I try to shoot a bokeh with our dog hiccups 😂 #dog #puppy #cockerspaniel #bokeh #scared #hiccupsthedog #photographybyea

Think Mom's getting ready to leave. So I'm sad. I crawls under the bed when I'm sad. She always comes back, though!

The face after his hiccups stopped #sohappy #pompomloui #hiccupsthedog #socute

Pillows are pillows. Pillows are blankets.

Deer antlers are my fave!

Holding Mom's hand. Taking a nap. Nice little Thursday. #mommasgirl #cutestdogcle

In the spotlight! Or the light of a flashlight because our power is out.

Throwback Tuesday: When I attacked @straightupcoachie on a patio. ATTACK!


Pillows are pillows. Pillows are blankets.

Deer antlers are my fave!

Sunday drives, Sunday vibes.

Mom made me a salad with my @bluebuffalo food, spinach and carrots. ➡️ to see which part was my least favorite. #salad #dogsalad

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Hey boy, hey.

Mommy bought me treats which made me happy! AND they're from @biljacdogfood in support of America's VetDogs which trains and provides assistance dogs to #veterans and active-duty personnel with disabilities at no charge which made me happier! But then she made me wait to try them which made me sad.

Ear's up! Even when I sleeps 💤

The world is my playground! #allthetoys

Not all #dogs hate the #mailman. I really wanted to say hi to him! But my mom wouldn't let me. #nickthemailman

Saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Aunt Carrie with this picture that my mom STOLE from her Snapchat. Is there any better way to say HBD? Love you :)

This weather makes me want to #DANCE! ☀️☀️☀️

Hanging out at Grandma's :)

Geez, Mom. Do I have to do everything around here? Including walk myself? Sheesh.

#CleveLAND that I love ❤️ #CLE #thisisCLE

Resting up for the week.

Happy #FathersDay to my grandpap in Heaven and my Uncle Johnny on Earth, and all the other human and animal dads too!

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