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Location : - Dharamshala, Himachal pradesh, India. (#highhillshimalayan)
F o l l o w
I m a g e - s o u r c e @deus.piyush
धर्मशाला नगर निगम आपका हार्दिक स्वागत करती है।
The Dhauladhars welcoming in all their grandeur.

When your hometown welcomes you like this, you just never wanna leave.

Or do you? Just to be welcomed again, perhaps.
Photo curated by - @dharaik
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Your gonna need a bigger pup tent. . . for that pillow. #pillowpower #puppyproblems

PTB 14u Red captures a first place finish with a 6-5 win in the championship game of the USSSA Hurricane Harvey Super NIT! #COMPETE #PTBNation #HHH #Champions


It’s why I started Heal Her Heart to begin with. Because 1) Me too. 2) I understand, can sympathize and empathize with various forms of abuse. 3) I realized my purpose relatively early which led to me dedicating my entire life and all of my energy to developing tools, platforms, and programs for women who have had similar/the same experiences as myself; and learning all that I can (personally and through school) to not only benefit me in my journey towards healing, but to assist other women in the process of theirs. I’ve survived sexual abuse on more than one occasion starting early in my childhood, complications with pregnancy and abortion, and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I could share a lot on unhealthy relationships. Maybe I can say this now because I’m in a better place within myself, mentally, and physically: but I wouldn’t change anything about my past. Despite it being the main reason why at times I struggle with anxiety/depression, opening up, at times personal relationships (intimate, friendships, and trust), adversity is also my catalyst. It’s my pain that has taught me how to live, survive, and most importantly it laid the foundation for me to start and continue Heal Her Heart. If you take a look at the story sharing platform on Heal Her Heart you’ll see: you’ll see how women who have been at their lowest point found their way right back to their highest. You’ll see women who lost every thing they’ve ever had find happiness in what they have now and what stands out the most is reading and understanding just how resilient women can truly be.
So yes, me too. If you’ve posted “Me Too” recently, thank you for reaffirming I’m not alone in this and reminding me that all of us women are in this together.
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Heal Her Heart believes in the importance of having a forum to process, release and write about trauma as a means of coping. Visit our story sharing platform to read about experiences with sexual, physical, spiritual, mental, and verbal abuse, pregnancy/child loss and other forms of trauma. You are not alone. 💖 #MeToo.

Great experience. Great people. #howardhanna #hannacon2017 #hhh #howardhannaelyria

————ash took this photo


I promise I was having as much fun as @dannyseeleyuk 😂 #rockcity #heyheyhey #HHH

i blame art block
(this is my boy dylan btw with a horse bod) #hugzieocs #oc
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Ya llegó Triple H para cambiar la forma de informarte y enterarte todos lo que tenes que saber del paranorama de HipHop en español⚡

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