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When you look in the mirror what do you see? Is is a woman that loves herself and is free to express herself sexually and creatively. Does she shine with self love and acceptance. Is she confident in her skin? For all of the lumps, bumps, jiggles, scars and hairs. If not, keep going. Each day you look in the mirror dont forget to tell yourself that you love yourself. #hgmag 💋 : @avalon.hope 📷@shannon.carol

As I wake up each morning. #hgmag

Clearly. #hgmag

Tease #hgmag

Not looking for heart break thanks #hgmag

Gross. Support your sister sexuality and sensuality. #hgmag

Represent #hgmag


When he kisses me, I feel him eating my love. When he kisses me, I spit poison down his throat. #hgmag art by @shogh_ian

throw back to our #girlgang shoot published on @highglossmag and @girlisherself
Photographed by @ifio_tales
Directed by @avalon.hope

CONSTTANT x HG INDUSTRIES 💋 More with link in bio

Let's talk about sex- rethinking the orgasm with @tam_mo on the August edition. #hgmag
Model - @tam_mo

LADIES #hgmag

Consttant x @highglossindustries Collaboration is live❣️ Check it out with the link in bio 🔆🔆🔆

There ain't no thang like a girl gang!
Just one in a series of snaps from our pals over at @highglossmag & @highglossindustries
We highly recommend checking out all of the creative projects that the amazing @avalon.hope & her equally talented gals get up to! Bringing writers, illustratiors, photographers, models, makeup artists, groovers & shakers together through @highglossindustries to create INCREDIBLE pieces of every variety for @highglossmag, these ladies are providing yet another platform to showcase the amazing talents of young Aussie creatives ♥
If you live in either the Newcastle or Sydney areas, get in touch!! They want to hear from YOU!
Photographer: Mitchell Liam - @ifio_tales
Director: Avalon Hope - @avalon.hope
Tara Chandra - @tarachandra_
Avalon Hope - @avalon.hope
Joely Malcolm - @joelymalcolm
Tonia Stapleton - @tonialives
Evke - @evkeisnothome
#girlpearlcollective #hgmag #highglossindustries #highglossmagazine #art #femaleartists #sydneyartists #melbourneartists #australianartists #photography #girlgang #womensupportingwomen #sisterssupportingsisters

Babes for @consttantmade directed by @avalon.hope and photographed by @paige.packwood #hgmag

Girls. Via Tumblr #hgmag

Consttant crew @consttantmade #hgmag

FULL EDITORIAL LIVE NOW. LINK IN BIO. @consttantmade #hgmag

👏🏻🙌🏻💅🏻praise the pussy via @whitestrokegame #hgmag

is it because she finds gore repulsive , or because it matches her emerald earrings? )”
P O I S O N // demi ev. (published in my chapbook SWEET DECADENCE) via Tumblr. #hgmag
Photographer @davidcollier
Model @claudiathompsonx

“I am not sorry
for who I had to become
in order to survive.”
Schuyler Peck #hgmag

"I like my coffee how I like myself, dark, bitter and too hot for you." 🔪 #hgmag
Photographer: Amber Maree @embermareephotography
Model: Teresa Ortega - @father.teresa
Stylist: Matilda Brown - @matildas.aesthetic
Clothing: Katherine Barter - @ktbarter

Another #inspo set for another shoot, coming soon. #hgmag

Stay hydrated, stay focused, stay bitchy. #hgmag

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