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Tease #hgmag

AsIAm Angels ⚡️⚡️ BTS shot via @bellsnape from the @highglossindustries shoot 🔥 ft. our Drive Me Crazy Skirt, Wide Eyes Crop & Shorts, Solaria Crop & Skirt 〰 #AsIAm #hgmag

Tell me you love me, just so I can eat you alive. #hgmag

Cut, delete, block and walk. #hgmag

#hgmag just a quick massive thank you to everyone that has sent in messages asking about writing for us. The magazine would honestly be nothing with out each of you lovely creatures.

Don't call me baby. Don't call me after 10. You know what, just don't call at all. #hgmag
All photography submissions to highglossmag@gmail.com

Gross. Support your sister sexuality and sensuality. #hgmag


EDITORIAL UP NOW - Link in bio for all of the shots and details with out shoot for @homie.com.au // P @ifio_tales @organic.tomato
M @palaisboy @crazydelicious__ @avalon.hope
W @homie.com.au
MUA @makeupbygracemungoven

Something something cake 🎂
Model: @dancingwater_
Styling: @southsaturndelta_

I’m so here for “vain” girls. Girls who dab at their waterline because crying could mess up their make up. Girls who spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. Girls who worry about breaking their nails. Girls who worry if they don’t have exfoliating wash or lotion for a day. Girls who contour and girls who do face masks and girls who worry about missing a spot shaving and girls who get their eyebrows done. You’re capable of caring a lot about your appearance and other things, and caring a lot about your appearance does not make you bad, or shallow, or less deserving of respect." Via Tumblr #hgmag
P: @davidcollier
M: @claudiathompsonx

Be messy, rebel, say what's on your mind, kiss all of the boys at the party, kiss all of the girls at the party, fuck them, fuck your self, love yourself, follow your passions and find what makes you feel alive. #hgmag
P: @dylankeegan
M: @evacue

Anna is #goals #hgmag

Get em sis. #hgmag

Love me or hate me, baby I still run your mind. #hgmag
P: @jolie.price

May my enemies live long so they can see me prosper and succeed. #hgmag

Yessssss. How ace is @florencegivenart our current girl crush. #hgmag

Another shot from "bitch I'm at boney." For @boneymelbourne #hgmag
P: @organic.tomato
M: @avalon.hope

Are you, or one of your friends doing cool shit? Creating things, breaking rules and wanting to get your name out? Shoot us an email at highglossmag@gmail.com or slide into the DMS and lets chat- a Boss Bitch segment is opening up, discovering all the sisters that are doing it for themselves. X #hgmag pic via @nadialeelee

Ain't no crying in the club. #hgmag
M: @avalon.hope @organic.tomato
P: @ifio_tales

Outtake from our #girlgang shoot. #hgmag
P: @ifio_tales
D: @avalon.hope

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