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Yeah baby, witches your spells out and boys dicks up. #hgmag

Tease #hgmag

APOLOGIES WITH EMAIL. The editor- @avalon.hope has been of on a little holiday, but will be responding to all emails within this week. Thank you for your patience x #hgmag

CAKE editorial in bio. 🌹 #hgmag ✨

Some more magic from the @highglossindustries shoot 🔥 @yung.bambi wears our Wide Eyes Crop Top + Solaria Skirt ⚡️Shot by @kerlburgers // Directed by @avalon.hope #hgmag #AsIAm

Wake up and be that bitch that makes other women want to step their game. #hgmag

AsIAm Angels ⚡️⚡️ BTS shot via @bellsnape from the @highglossindustries shoot 🔥 ft. our Drive Me Crazy Skirt, Wide Eyes Crop & Shorts, Solaria Crop & Skirt 〰 #AsIAm #hgmag

Women dont want to be cold. We dont want to be hard. We dont want to swallow the bitterness in relationships and see love as illusion, but sometimes thats eariser to do than give in and savour sweet nectar of others making you happy. Women that want success are forced into abandoning femininity so they are able to dominate and meet the male defined idea of Sucess in a patriarchal world. @avalon.hope for #hgmag by @shannon.carol

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Is is a woman that loves herself and is free to express herself sexually and creatively. Does she shine with self love and acceptance. Is she confident in her skin? For all of the lumps, bumps, jiggles, scars and hairs. If not, keep going. Each day you look in the mirror dont forget to tell yourself that you love yourself. #hgmag 💋 : @avalon.hope 📷@shannon.carol


I cut off three men for interrupting me last night and it felt so good. #hgmag


Bust the windows out your car and slash your tyres. #35mmfilm

You ain't fucking with my clique. Shoot for @yeahjustace published tonight.

Blessing to all the hoes in the new week. May you get some amazing dick, make some money and get over your ex. #hgmag

Yassss, praise the pussy. #hgmag

Swipe for it 👏🏼👏🏼 also turn on post notifications so you don't miss our bitchin updates. #hgmag

BTS from today shoot for @yeahjustace

We have an exclusive interview with @indoorfountains @amypuss_ the founder of @calendargirlsseries - a series of short films exploring the idea of "Calendar Girls" through the female gaze. COMING SOON. #hgmag

Train em' up right #hgmag

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