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Got a kid 14-17 years of age that would benefit from Reformer Pilates? We’re running a 4 week block starting next Thursday, 4pm, at the Mount Maunganui studio. These classes will build strength, educate on correct technique (transferable into the gym and other sports arenas ), promote healthy body awareness and generate some fun! I’m considering taking music requests (I may regret this). Only $10 per session (I’d pay that to get rid of my kids for an hour).

Meet Jess. She’s the latest addition to the Mount Maunganui Studio and she’s all things nutrition. A proper, real life, legitimately trained nutritionist (I’ve seen the paper work). Jess is ‘normal’ when it comes to nutrition, like us, she cuts through the confusing info (bullshit) and returns to basic sustainable nutritional foundations. She specialises in gut health, weight management, sports and woman’s nutrition.
She’s available for appointments on Tuesdays and to brighten your day, we’ve rustled up a few packaged deals for both Jess and Reform to get you summer ready. You’re welcome. @eatwisenutrition

Terms like 'clean eating' and 'cheat meal' attach stigma to foods. These labels create anxiety and an exaggerated sense of achievement (when eating 'clean') and an equally exaggerated sense of dismay (when eating 'cheat' foods). Labels like this are (in our opinion) lamentable and misleading.

We offer full nutritional programming and advice, if you feel like you may need a little guidance then get in touch, we may be able to help.

Got your training organised for the week ahead?; go online and book into two classes and commit to attending them both.

The law of diminishing returns; research generally concludes that the minimum effective dose of resistance based training (springs, dumbbells, bodyweight etc) is twice per week.
Now, as always, there are some caveats to this; for example, if you have many years experience with resistance training you are likely to be able to tolerate more volume than twice weekly. Equally, if you are brand new to resistance training then as little as one session a week can stimulate a positive strength response.

GENERALLY speaking twice a week will provide most people with enough stress to trigger a change in strength with enough recovery time to ensure that the stress doesn't become detrimental to results.

Book now and commit; do two next week.

You've still got time....

Come and see us this weekend for a properly programmed, professionally executed Dynamic Reformer session.....classes on all weekend across 3 studios.

Yep, that's right; tomorrow and every Friday, every single class in our Auckland studios is just $15.

Get in quick, spaces are filling fast, follow the link in our bio to book.

Quite the journey so far... From humble beginnings in Mt Maunganui in 2011 (Top left of picture, 5 Reformers) to a 9 Reformer studio in Mt Maunganui (2014, top right) and then onto Auckland in 2015 with 10 Reformers in Mt Eden (bottom left) and now 11 Reformers in Newmarket (bottom right). We're excited about always moving forward and bringing our unique Dynamic Reformer Pilates to as many people as possible; we'd love for you to come and try a class at any of our locations for an exercise experience which is like no other.

Take advantage of our intro offers and book a class at one of our by following the link in our bio.

$15 Fridays.....Follow the link in our bio to book!

It's not just Reformer Pilates..... We offer cardiolates/HIIT classes at Mt Maunganui and Mt Eden Studios and they'll soon be on the timetable at our Newmarket studio...... they're the perfect way to complement your Reformer Pilates. While our unique Dynamic Reformer classes are high-intensity yet low impact our cardiolates/HIIT are high-intensity and higher impact. Utilising a range of methods and equipment our cardiolates/HIIT classes incorporate kettlebells, TRX, spin bikes and calisthenics to give you a training challenge not for the faint of heart.

Try one, you might like it....

A picture paints a thousand words......a physical demonstration of what we want to see from you in any given movement or exercise is often the best way to clean up technique; Here, Reform Master Trainer David demonstrates correct head positioning at the start of a scapular retraction sequence.

Could you?

Reform Trainer Julea performing an extended arm sliding plank with elevated feet.....REMEMBER!!!....take advantage of one of our new intro offers; just $20 for your first class or $30 for your first 3 classes!

Click the link in our bio to book...

Do you worry about doing another class when you're still sore from your previous one?

A lot of you are busier than ever and doing classes on consecutive days may be the only option you have to get you exercise done in a week. Rest assured, it won't compromise the positive effects of your training or make you more 'sore'. A recent study found that 'total-body resistance training performed 3 times a week on consecutive days elicits similar effects on strength and body composition to the same workouts on non-consecutive days.' So, our low impact yet high intensity Dynamic Reformer sessions can be completed on consecutive days without compromising results.

Just $20 for your first class or $30 for your first three class at all our studios.

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Tamara is part of the special guest line up for Pilates On Tour next month! Showing support to continued education & self mastery will improve your sessions as a Pilates instructor. Learn more at https://www.pilatesontour.com.au/ #pilatesontour #syndey #pilates #hfindustries #pilatesinstructor

Spaces available in our FREE taster classes at tomorrow's Newmarket open day; book via our website of the Mindbody app.

We've had the NZ 7's team in our Mt Maunganui studio this morning as part of their training camp; Here are the boys, still smiling after finishing another tough session of our Dynamic Reformer Pilates with Reform co-founder Lane.

It's not just a one off; the boys are in our Mt Maunagnui studio on a weekly basis as part of their training between tournaments, every year.

Men do Pilates.

This Saturday at our Newmarket studio; we'd love to see you there so get in touch and register your interest....more details to follow!

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