You MUST SWIPE LEFT to see why #heyurou got so mad at 'SIRI' !!! Haiz.... This 'SIRI' really one... Never pay attention and remember when Yurou already told it yesterday 🤦
No wonder made her so mad *Shake head* #WaEhSamPatDaughter
#Apple Please improve its memory.

Me and my homies #HeYuxuan #HeYurou 😍😍😍 Thank you eryi @fillet1703 for letting us have so much fun @pearlang ☺️

Thanks @bongqiuqiu for coming down to my centre with #HeYurou! Clever little Yurou managed to write a beautiful descriptive passage in no time at all. It was a pleasure guiding her! 😊💕

💯 All JC students taking GP *ALERT* Imma share a cheat code - With proven effective results transformation + conducive study area with free flow snacks and 24/7 PIN code access!

Of course these are just little thoughtful and sweet gestures Casandra provides at her own expense for her students, the REAL DEAL here is the results, you can see testimonials on her website from students and parents over her 8 years of experience in giving tuition services 👍🏻 A lot of her students went from failing or borderline fail, to STRAIGHT As or distinction for GP 💯💯💯 And when she tells me about her students, she tried to keep it professional but i could see her brimming with thankfulness and passion that she knows the way to help her students by tackling GP with her very own step-by-step methods, in order for her students to take all the points!!! It’s like her proudest achievement when her students improve in GP results 😭 And i haven’t met someone with so much enthusiasm in what they do for a while now, now i’m introducing that person to you guys - Tuition teacher Casandra from @gptuitioncasandra ❤ I almost couldn’t tell if she was telling me about her students or her kids (she doesn’t have any lah) becox the way she shows me their results is how i show people Meredith and Amelia’s milestones 😂 You know those overzealous parents like that 😂

She invited myself and #HeYurou to experience a very very simple crash course of how her teaching style is. She uses a lot of creative material and make reference using pictorial to help Yurou understand and remember better 😍

Super duper salute becox if it’s me i confirm no such patience i don’t know how those parents do it if without tuition teachers! It’s legit 1 hour plus just to coach them how to write a good short story!!! 😱 Not looking forward to my kids reaching that stage. HAHA.

Yurou was very happy with her short story written with help from Cas and she had enjoyed the class entirely cox she kept telling everyone in the family about it after! Cas takes in P6 students for PSLE English and Secondary School students for O Level English as well! So feel free to enquire!

Caption continues on comment!!! ❤️

Went for @disneyonice #DisneyOnIce with the kiddos and @meregoround legit whole time 😱😲😯😃😁😆😂😍 the different faces she had through the show. After every segment she clap so loud okay 😂 It’s really quite awesome that the show feature almost all the Disney favourites so everyone can have their moment ☺️ But nothing beats the cheer and squeals as to when Elsa comes out 😂 My 18 yro nephew for one cheered so loud me and Josh were shooked okay 😂 Thank you @touchprandevents for the invites! We had quite a blast. #M姐 went on a boat ride with #HeYurou and then ditch her parents and say she wanna sit with Yurou 😂 While #HeYuxuan later tell everyone in the car about her favourite princesses. 👧🏻: 我最喜欢那个 Oh-reo no white.

Then Josh reply.. 👨🏻: Yeah yeah, Oreo no white 的. All black. 😂😂😂 #Ariel and #SnowWhite 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

⛸Thank you @disneyonice and @touchprandevents for the money can’t buy experience! 🙏🏻A boat ride on ice in the midst of the ‘Turtle Rock’ segment for #Belle #SunshineChickadee! 🐢She said that she was a little “afraid” when the boat started swirling but good thing she had her friend #HeYuRou to keep her company. 😂 #DisneyOnIce is happening now till 18 March, a magical performance not to be missed! ✨

So, yesterday was @bongqiuqiu 's off day. She, @jawsure and @cyrus_065 brought them to Disney On Ice. My 3 kids sooo happy! Haha ya including my Ah Bong (see screenshot) 😂
#heyurou so happy to meet @ripplesim de Miley aka her 'auntie' partner. Can sampat together 🤣 Btw they two super like adults when they talk 😅 Me and the mother both 🤦🤦 #heyuxuan also happy cos she really love 'Oreof' 🤣😅 (Swipe left see!)😅😂 Actually Yuxuan really love Ah Teng ah yi alot but she usually quietly look at Ah Teng at one corner and wait for a chance/her turn to talk/play with Ah Teng 😂 Cos Teng side surrounded by mostly Meredith and Yurou. Lols
@meregoround happy guess cos she sees Yurou just like her mother see me she happy 😍 But now Meredith seems to love Yuxuan more cos Yuxuan starts to give in to her little sister. Like Ah Teng start to love sanjie more cos I busy most of the time 🙄 #jealous

Jawsure leh 🙄 Must be happy suan-ing and laughing over Yuxuan's Ang Moh 😂 Lols Cannot find already this man. Willing to bring a gang of kids to watch this 😍

Ok loh everyone happy lim pek zou gang 🙄😂 My life. Weekend my turn! Hmmm.... Where should i bring them...🤔 #disneyonice thanks for the awesome show ❤️

My beloved family members ❤️ But @casperng123 in camp and @cyrus_065 working at @cerealcitizen so that his boss @bongqiuqiu can celebrate her daughter's @meregoround birthday 😂
This bunch of people 成就了我. I pray I can do better for them.
@fillet1703 @eachlovechip @elephant_foot @pigpigrocks @naoki_ling @jawsure @ame1iaon #heYurou #heyuxuan @bongqiuqiu @casperng123 @cyrus_065 @meregoround #PapaAng #CYC Love you all to the moon and back ❤️ (wanna post that shot with our helpers but i m too fat in that photo. What a pity) 🤦

We are back! Thank God these two muscular ones @cyrus_065 and @casperng123 came last night cos hub strengthless liao 😂 I so happy ask them "aiyo miss mummy so much ah...😍😍" They "Errrrr... We miss meimeis..." 🙄 Ok. Jiat sai lor go and jiat sai ok.🙄 #Boys 😅 #heYurou #heyuxuan

2 years ago same place now they are bigger #heyurou 's 3rd time and #heyuxuan 's 2nd. 😊 #中国 ! 'Hope' 住我们呗! 😂

A silly picture of @eachlovechip @fillet1703 @meregoround and #HeYuxuan @pearlang ❤️ Josh and i were at the cafe while my kids were at Yushun childcare 😂 The childcare damn shiok got bring my kids to arcade, go eat fast food and can watch iPad eat grilled cheese sandwich one. Seriously what am i gonna do without my sisters.. 😧 Without them and their help all the time, maybe i really 没戏唱了. Game over 🤪 So i bought a box of 5 Crododo up to Yishun for them 😂😂😂 Sijie 心领了 🙂😂 But really.. 有姐妹真好 @pigpigrocks ❤️ Too bad i cannot pop a few more, so hopefully the 5 little girls @naoki_ling #HeYurou #HeYuxuan @ame1iaon @meregoround will always stay united as we #AngSisters are 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

My #heyurou can rap 😍😂

They are so happy, I am so happy, everyone WILL BE so happy to receive this luggage full of awesome #taokaenoi GOODIES!!

From now to 20 Feb, spend $10 on Tao Kae Noi products in a receipt then SMS these to 82232947 (Your full name) space (Your NRIC no.) space (Receipt No.). Major supermarkets participating in this! Go check it out! Good luck to you! HUAT ah! 😂 #courteosypost #NotAPaidAd 🙄 #SiaoliaoAbove$100Gottapaytax but never mind. Cos we love #TAOKAENOI ! 😍😍😍 Thank you for sending me a bag too ❤️ #AmIFamousOrWhat 😂🙈
#heyuxuan #heyurou @meregoround

Do you know who is who? #heyuxuan #heyurou and me 😂
Goodness, dont say you I also shock. Why #Sameface 😂

@meregoround asked for a short while to play. #heYurou reluctantly told her "Ok.... later....." But her 'later' is almost forever.... 😂😂😂 Still Meredith look up to her and love to follow her just like @bongqiuqiu and me....❤️ #Not #滚一边去 😂

#heyurou 's StoryTelling. Part Two. 😂 `FOR REAL` IS SCARY. Scare die @bongqiuqiu 😂 with the `4D` effects, 😂😂😂 Yurou ah.... Your ah yi siao kien you one....😂

Goodness, all my phones memory full till cannot.😂 Came to see so many funny videos.
Here's a funny one by @bongqiuqiu & #heyurou 😂
StoryTelling Part One Enjoy!

Baobei, mummy pray for your well being, healthiness and happiness everyday, every hour and every second. #heyurou ❤️

I am exhausted after a day work. But weren't easy for these two either. This is them, after a day of school. 😍😂 Sharing their favorite foodie.. #heyurou & #heyuxan

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