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Tell me how do you like your morning brew. If you’re like me with a splash! #illustration #HeyTate #coffee

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It's an @untitledeventstoronto ting eh
Btw just cause I'm not in the city doesn't mean I can't get u on list ;) hit a hoe up next time you're trying to roll Toronto clubs ✌🏻✨

Happy Thursday!(I actually thought it was Friday for a fleeting moment!) there is a little sunshine creeping through this morning, which may help persuade me to get out of bed.. maybe..in a minute ☕️🌿☕️ #autumnfeels #harvest #fallhacker #onthetable #pinkladysnapssept17 #foodfluffer @foodphotoaward #tv_retro #tv_stilllife #foodstyling #stilllifegallery #infinity__magazine_vsco #galleryoflightfeature #inspiredbynature_ #heytate #darkphotography #naturemorte #country_features

Finished 🍊This large painting (125x125) is finally ready 🍊I always work on several paintings at the same time and sometimes it takes a couple of weeks before I know how to finish it 🍊#swinginglondon #orangeisthenewblack #heytate #huffpostarts #lovewatts


WIP / birth of a new Tot. I love the wireframe.
Arts and Science.

#richardbecker #sculpture #contemporaryart

One fine day, noodling around at Green Apple Books on Clement Street, I spied a book with a promising Toulouse-Lautrec illustration. Misia: The Life of Misia Sert, it announced insistently. I read the first few lines and was immediately in thrall. The next few days were a blur, where I tried to get my living done in fits and starts while feasting on this fantastical tale.
From the safety of my armchair amphitheatre, I get to read biographies of astonishing people, relishing their monumental successes and painlessly reliving their trials, while speculating about the wild directions their lives often took. That is both the disillusionment and delight of learning about people who belonged to a different era, when freedom and fulfillment weren't commensurate with what some of us enjoy today. Their choices seem frustrating and often bizarre, as some decisions of the remarkably avant-garde and hypnotically alluring Misia Sert appear to me.
The book's authors, Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale, have so much appreciation and empathy for this woman, born out of time. She was known as The Queen of Paris: granddaughter of famed cellist Adrien-François Servais and daughter of sculptor Cyprian Godebski, Misia lost her mother in childbirth and grew up with her maternal grandparents, music, and a convent education as her companions. She was an incredibly gifted pianist but established herself more as a tastemaker and patroness than an artist in her own right.
Mathematical inspiration: The squares of double any odd number must be a multiple of four.
Demarcation, Magenta - Latex and spray paint on canvas - 2017 - 30" x 30" (76.2 x 76.2cm)
#wendyackrell #abstractpainter #algebra #clivejames #cocochanel #contemporaryart #demarcation #geometry #greenapplebooks #heydidi #heytate #josemariasert #iraisedmyselflikeabarn #londonreviewofbooks #mathematics #math #magenta #misiasert #proust #renoir #sflocal #toulouselautrec

This isn't to say she wasn't a powerful force of the zietgeist: everyone who was anyone wanted to paint her and was generally besotted by her (Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Vuillard); Proust used her as the model for both the delightful Princess Yourbeletieff and the social-climbing Madame Verdurin in Remembrance of Things Past; and Misia was the staunch benefactress and champion of Diaghilev, Stravinsky, and other genius creators of their time. Without her support, some ravishing artwork might not even exist - Misia was not only prescient about what was truly great art but had the money and will to back her favored composers, musicians, and painters in accomplishing their work.
She married three times: first, she wed a cousin who began La Revue Blanche, a contemporary arts publication with great influence; a few years later, her extremely wealthy second husband-to-be basically purchased her from her first; finally, she fell for the Spanish artist and muralist Jose Maria Sert, who made her very happy until he fell in love with a much younger Georgian aristocrat, Isabelle Roussadana Mdivani.
To me, her most incomprehensible relationship was her long friendship with the enormously talented and morally repugnant Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, who not only collaborated enthusiastically with the Nazis but was said to have been a actual spy (handle "Westminster") herself. An addiction to morphine united them, and many believe they were lovers. Drugs and sex can make for some strange bedfellows indeed... Mathematical inspiration: The squares of double any odd number must be a multiple of four.
Demarcation, Magenta - Latex and spray paint on canvas - 2017 - 30" x 30" (76.2 x 76.2cm)
#wendyackrell #abstractpainter #algebra #clivejames #cocochanel #contemporaryart #demarcation #geometry #greenapplebooks #heydidi #heytate #josemariasert #iraisedmyselflikeabarn #londonreviewofbooks #mathematics #math #magenta #misiasert #proust #renoir #sflocal #toulouselautrec

Although this piece is based in mathematics, the effect is of a golden cage or purdah window of some kind. When I stood back and inspected the finished work, a thought went through me: "This was Misia; this was her life." All brilliant fuchsia and whispery gold, the lines read like metallic bars or even talons wrapping around something feminine, strong, yet not thoroughly realized.
While Sert let her own extraordinary talent for piano lie fallow, she championed - and in some cases, kept afloat - the careers of others whom she deemed exceptional. Her own work might have been "writ in water", but her influence was both enduring and profound.
Clive James had this to say in a magnificently comprehensive article for The London Review of Books: “Without directly creating anything, she was some kind of artist herself….She gave the artists the gift of her sublime ephemerality and they made it last.” Mathematical inspiration: The squares of double any odd number must be a multiple of four.
Demarcation, Magenta - Latex and spray paint on canvas - 2017 - 30" x 30" (76.2 x 76.2cm)
#wendyackrell #abstractpainter #algebra #clivejames #cocochanel #contemporaryart #demarcation #geometry #greenapplebooks #heydidi #heytate #josemariasert #iraisedmyselflikeabarn #londonreviewofbooks #mathematics #math #magenta #misiasert #proust #renoir #sflocal #toulouselautrec

Painting based on an animation still from my video art piece "The Riddle of Samson" currently in post production. Acrylic on linen, 12x12", 2017

Sharing via @fountart “In many of my works, especially in the “Motion” series, I love to study the different emotional stages of the subconscious human mind. Here we can see three stages of a higher realm of thinking: the initial discomfort, the introspection and the actual movement. I used my own photography as a basis for the drawings, and chose poses relative to meditation to capture a reflective and philosophical action.”

Florencia Magallanes, “Translating”. May 2017. Digital Drawing. 23.6 x 15.7 in. (60 x 40 cm.)

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Still one of my favorite pieces. I submitted this to exhibit @globalartawards

I normally work with warm colors, so it's been fun playing on the cool side of things. Still a while before it's finished, but I'm liking the progress.

"В этот четверг в российский прокат выходит "Роден" Жака Дуайона. С первого титра, когда нам сообщают, что картина снята при поддержке Музея Родена, четко обозначая, что перед нами не вольная интерпретация, а фактически официальная версия биографии, пожалуй, главного французского скульптора. В фильме сделан акцент на взаимоотношения Огюста Родена с окружающим миром. Все знают о том, что он открыто жил с Камиллой Клодель, при этом не разводился с женой. Все знают, что это бесило обеих, но почему он поступил именно так, ни Брюно Нюйтен, ни Брюно Дюмон не давали в своих фильмах ответа, используя женский взгляд на эту проблему. А вот Дуайон, как кажется, нашел ключик к психологии художника. И вообще мы видим вполне цельный образ в исполнении Венсана "глыбы" Линдона, который ведет борьбу на три фронта: женщины (для него они лишь материал, источник вдохновения), политика авангарда (тайные встречи с Мирбо, Моне, Сезанном и другими лидерами художественной мысли) и общественное мнение (отвергнутый бюст Бальзака). Помимо этого отмечу еще две не столь заметные, но важные составляющие фильма - это оператор Кристоф Бокарн и художник по костюмам Паскалин Шаванн. Обратите особое внимание на картинку и костюмы персонажей, они того стоят. А после просмотра обязательно сходите в Галерею Азии и Африки: там прямо на первом этаже сразу контролем билетов вы увидите скульптуры того самого Родена, который был авангардистом, бунтарем, а теперь стал классиком и одним из самых известных мировых скульпторов. Следующая остановка - парижский музей Родена." Спасибо неизвестному автору за красивое ревью💓---
. #illustration #art #sketch #sketchbook #picame #artoftheday #instaart #contemporaryart #minimalism #contemporary #almaty #ink #kiss #instakiss #lovewatts #inspiration #creativity #love #line #instagood #cute #beautiful #happy #topcreator #linedrawing #艺术 #アート #HeyTate #creativitykillsoldness #todaysartreport

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