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running a little late as usual, but happy birthday to this little man! i can't believe he's 3 already! he's growing up so fast, and he's already such a good big brother to layla. i'm so glad i get to watch him grow up 💙

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"im always gonna be you're safe place to land safe place to land" (#heykayli #caseylavere @heykayli @caseylavere)

Happy Birthday to this beautiful woman, I may not know you personally, offline, but I love the online part you play in my life. You're the sweetest. Hope you always feel the love and treasures that are your #grandchildren , children and law and of course husband (and other family and friends) Happy Birthday @gramisami #birthdaygirl #gramisami #heykayli #caseylavere

kayli is so beautiful! 💖
starting my new theme later today! ✨✨
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Every time I get my own photos done I want to smile like little Winston does. He makes this picture just too good. @heykayli @caseylavere #kallieporterphotography

Cuteness level 1000!!! Congrats Casey and kayli she's beautiful💖
@caseylavere @heykayli #laylajane #elliotjay #caseylavere #heykayli

New video is up on #HeyKayli How to do a Fishtail Accent Braid!! Let me know what you think!!😊 Link is in my bio!!💕#braids


Oh I love love love, love ❤️ @heykayli @caseylavere

Every time I get my own photos done I want to smile like little Winston does. He makes this picture just too good. @heykayli @caseylavere #kallieporterphotography

Happy 13th Brai Brai I hope you have such an amazing day!

Omg happy 13th birthday Brailee! I can't even believe the beautiful young lady you've grown into! And when I'm saying beautiful I don't just mean how pretty you are, which you are but I also mean your kind, brave, smart and hard-working soul! You are such a beautiful person inside and out. And I hope you never cease to know that! Whenever I hear you put yourself down in vlogs it breaks me that you don't see the perfect girl in yourself that we all see in you! But I hope you never stop trying and working as hard with your family, school, cheer and more as you do now and I can't wait to continue watching you grow up! I love you Brailee and you are such an inspiration to my life! Have the best birthday ever girl!
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Please tag the butlers this edit took me 3 hours (not even kidding) ♥️

12:00 where I am on 9/24/17 marks Brailee's 13th BIRTHDAY!! | Brailee Butler; holy cow you're 13? Where has time gone? I've been a fan of you for years and I've made this fan page for you. I made it because you showed me to be confident in myself. You taught me to never give up. You are a very inspirational girl and honestly you're such a sweet and humble girl. Watching you on camera has always made me smile. I don't know what I feel in myself or how I would feel if you were not around doing videos with your awesome family. Every time I have hard times with stuff, your videos are always there to cheer me up. You have a bright smile. You care for others. You don't let anyone hurt you or get to you. You are confident in yourself. You never give up. Thank you for being you. And for your birthday, I have decided to make you this edit. This is basically a thank you for being you video/caption and hopefully you will see this on your birthday because that would mean so much. YOU'RE AMAZING BRAILEE AND I LOVE YOU SO!! ❤️
@gramisami @heykayli @caseylavere @grandmatards #braileeis13 #braibraiedit #braileekase #braileebutler #heykayli #gramisami #caseylavere #braileesbirthday

New #heykayli weekly #vlog is live! #youtube #familyvlog

this is upsetting/scary etc. i know i'm late. i was busy yesterday. but this should not have happened. but it did... so many lives lost in this attack. i wasn't born then but i honestly feel that this is the most scariest thing ever. let's pray for those who have lost relatives/loved ones in the attack on this day. let's never forget 9/11. 🇺🇸❤️
#braileekasebutler #braileefp #edits #editstyles #heykayli @gramisami @heykayli @caseylavere

New #heykayli weekly #vlog is live! #youtube #familyvlog

holy tbh quality is good on this Sksksksowlskk enjoy!!!!
#wmmedit #braileekasebutler #braileefp #edits #heykayli #caseylavere @gramisami @heykayli @caseylavere

so i'm starting to practice effect with my new editor to see how it works and it's kinda cool lolol so enjoy new computer edits. song requested by @bxckhamfamily •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
#braileeedit #caseylavere #heykayli #fanpages #edits #wmmedit #editors @gramisami @heykayli @caseylavere

New #heykayli weekly vlog is live! #youtube #familyvlog

Go watch #heykayli weekly vlog! is anyone enjoying watching them as much a Iam? 😊

#heykayli has a weekly #vlog up! go watch! #youtube

can i take a brief moment and let people know how much i actually love this song tho [ #braibrai #caseylavereedit #gramisami #braileefp #heykayli @gramisami @caseylavere @heykayli ]

New #heykayli #vlog is live! #youtube

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