It has been a while since I was able to get in some good deadlifts but today I was able to hit 425lbs two months after hip surgery
1. They’re Functional AF

We can argue all day about whether the squat or the deadlift is the king of exercises, but look: no caveman squatted under load. He slayed deer, lifted ’em, and dragged them back to his cave. We tend to use “lift” to describe almost any exercise, but a deadlift is straight up lifting something heavy off of the ground. It’s the alpha and the omega of lifting. Barring injury and other medical reasons, no human body should be incapable of a deadlift.

2. Gigantically Strong Glutes

The gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the body and of the three powerlifting movements, nothing targets the butt as hard as the deadlift. Strong glutes transfer to better endurance, power, and pain prevention— your heinie is the engine that drives your machine. Dormant butt syndrome is a real thing that causes back, hip, and knee pain to millions. Don’t be one of them!

3. Traps Like Bane (the Batman Villain)

Nothing says power like cobra-like traps. Deadlifts hit the posterior chain all the way up to the neck, and strong traps don’t just make you look like a badass, they make your shoulder and neck more resistant to injury. Hit ’em with deads!

Knocked out a #chestworkout i did a little #benchpress #dumbbellpress #dumbbellflys i was able to #315lbs on bench and #130lbs dumbbells. #green_beast_recov #gym #elpasofitness #epfitness #gymlife #armystrong

The chest anatomy includes the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor and the serratus anterior. Learn about each of these muscles, their locations, functional anatomy and exercises for them.

Function of the Chest Muscles
The chest is part of a larger group of “pushing muscles” found in the upper body. The chest, as part of this group, enables you to perform pushing actions such as the barbell bench press or a daily activity such as moving a heavy dresser.

To fully develop your chest, you need to hit it with heavy weight using a couple smartly chosen exercises. Read on and learn more about each chest muscle, and how to properly perform exercises that adequately challenge them.

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