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We have to give a shout out to our one and only Al Courtney and wish him the happiest 60th birthday! He has touched so many lives over the years and is loved by so many people near and far. Al is a crucial part to our operations and really just our well being. We couldn’t do this without you Al, here is to an amazing year. 🎉🍻. #silverfox #alrules #alforpresident #weloveal #heyal #alisthebest

Celebrating all women today with this curvy chick in pink 💋Happy international women’s day!

Nem parece livro para crianças. #HeyAl #quotes #day316

This guy is going to his forever home today 😊 #dontworryhisbrotherisgoingtoo #heyal #hallwaylightsdonthavetobeboring

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