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Also, what you think about my new photo setup? Any suggestions to make it better? (Pictured: Grace) #ihatephotography

This little beauty is back in the hook! Thinking about teaching it as a class so I need to get 'er done. Also, the world is ending and beautiful @malabrigoyarn hexies just make it a little less painful. #meredithmakes2017 #hexieloveactually

My beauty is finished! 188 hexies later πŸ˜₯πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’œ #hexieloveactually pattern by @greenletterday

No nap toddler is terrible for daddy during the day but means said toddler conks out early and momma gets to crochet. #hexieloveactually

Hoping that everyone is enjoying some downtime with family and friends post Christmas.
I have been making progress on this #hexieloveactually blanket but in truth, as it is due to be gifted tomorrow - reaching this deadline is going to be the first one I haven't made. I am hoping its very special owner will forgive me as I just love how it is coming together with the colours.
What sewing/crafting have you been enjoying over the holidays?
#tiedwitharibbon #hexieloveactually #crochetblanket #yarn #hexagonblanket

Crochet was my first crafty love! My mum taught me to crochet as a child, and as a left hander I have fond memories of sitting opposite her to follow her instructions and mirror her actions.
The pattern is Hexie Love Actually by @greenletterday. The yarn is Primo Fingering by @pluckyknitter.

#hexieloveactually #hexielove #crochet #crochetblanket #pluckyknitter

1. I cleaned the cabin the kids like to play in instead of the root cellar. There have been at least a couple of cases of Hanta Virus around here, and all of the outbuildings are full of mice. I have invested in face masks and bleach. 2. In other mouse news, we are 100% certain there is a mouse or chipmunk in our laundry room. The hardware store won't have live traps in stock until tomorrow. 😬 3. I have washed all of my cleaning clothes, taken a hot shower, poured a drink, and am planning the next row of my #hexieloveactually blanket. Maybe I'll get to that root cellar tomorrow. 😷 #pieceoutcalkal

Because I *needed* another traveling project right?? #paintboxyarns #crochet #hexieloveactually #crochetersofinstagram


No nap toddler is terrible for daddy during the day but means said toddler conks out early and momma gets to crochet. #hexieloveactually

Using taylorism to make that blanket in the most efficient way possible. It's already at 115 hexies. I may work on it a bit tonight if I manage to study enough first. I only have three finals left, two of which are on Friday. #hexielovenaturally #hexieloveactually #crochet #crochetafghan

I'm going to be an aunt! (Which makes me very very excited) And this is going to be the softest baby blanket ever!
@owool #hexieloveactually

It's done! Let's not talk about how long it took to finish... #hexieloveactually

Progress shot for the wonderful Jackie @intambo_yarn | still can't quite believe she managed to teach complete beginners crochet in just four weeks... anything's possible @thehappenstore !
#crochet #moyayarn #moya #hexielove #hexieloveactually #thehappenstore #crochetblanket

Saturday morning weaving in ends on my favorite WIP, the Hexie Love Actually blanket. I miss working on this and seeing all the beautiful yarns.

#knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram #crochet #hexieloveactuallycal #hexieloveactually #crochetblanket #yarnporn

A gnomelandia hexagon center πŸ˜βœ‚οΈπŸ„ #gnomeacres #hexieloveactually @gnomeacres


We have another 'in-progress' shot of a #hexieloveactually blanket! Rose is using a mix of beautiful stash and @cascadeyarns #220superwash for the border! We love how she's added a pop of contrast with her occasional different border color. So fun, Rose!! @greenletterday #ptbprojects #personalthreadsboutique #yarnshop

How gorgeous is this blanket?! Kathy's been busy working on her #hexieloveactually blanket after taking Meredith's class. The colors are fantastic! We can't wait to see it when it's done!! @greenletterday @madelinetosh @malabrigoyarn #malabrigorios #madelintoshvintage
#personalthreadsboutique #ptbclasses #ptbprojects

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