"Yoga Therapy" by AG and Indra Mohan pp. 216-217. So refreshing to read AG Mohan questioning the idea of using the #chakras and the #koshas as tools for physical medicine. There are a lot of people using the rainbow colored chakra system (invented in the seventies by Christopher Hills) as a system of diagnosis and treatment for physical illness. It's great that people are experimenting with new systems, but passing off these new systems as ancient or ayurvedic is where this becomes borderline appropriation. To take someone else's tradition, strip away its original purpose and symbolism, and repurpose it is problematic. Often we see complete and comprehensive systems superimposed onto the chakras without any larger purpose. In the same way gymnastics devoid of meditation can be marketed as yoga to appear more exotic, new age medicine likes to use the chakras to lend an air of tradition to sometimes very novel ideas. When done for profit it compounds the disservice done to this beautiful ancient system of self transformation through meditation. Pay homage to this tradition and it will be its own reward. I encourage everyone who has an interest in the chakras to read about them in their original context, free of new age interpretations (including the interpretations of modern gurus). You should still interpret it for yourself from there, without being indoctrinated at the beginning of your journey. Read a copy of any of these #Kaulajnananirnaya #SivaSamhita #Kubjikamatantra #Manthanabhairavatantra #Hevajratantra or even #Srimadbhagavatam to understand how the chakras connect directly to the cosmology and philosophy of #tantra. Ayurveda has incredible source texts to explore as well like #susrutasamhita and #charakasamhita. Self study (svadhyaya) and discernment (viveka) are critical tools on this path... Dig into the source! #agmohan #krishnamacharya #ayurveda #chakramedicine #chakrahealing #chakrabalancing #rainbowchakra #yogatherapy #newagemedicine

Un hermoso epígrafe para Blanco, poema emblemático de Octavio Paz.
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