We scribbled stories 
about love and passion.
We kept secrets 
darker than those 
cold endless nights. 
The way 
our bodies talked 
to each other 
beneath those old worn sheets 
was magical.
I felt the world 
rush through my veins.
I got lost 
more and more 
in the heat 
of those forbidden kisses 
and I knew 
even if I break you 
into a million pieces 
you would still choose to love me 
passionately and unconditionally.
I could see it 
in those dark mesmerizing eyes.
Eyes that were pleading 
and begging me 
to kiss those lips 
one more time.
Your hands were tightening around my waist 
and pulling me closer.
Your fingers gently brushing 
my hair from my face 
and your thumb 
slowly and gently 
wandering over my lips 
teasing me in every possible way.
Your eyes resting on mine 
undressing my insecurities 
and embracing my flows.
You left goosebumps everywhere.
I was emotionally naked 
in front of you 
but you held me 
with such a love and care 
that I was willing to 
give in.
I was willing to pull you closer 
until even the tiniest bit of gap 
between us vanished.
How could I resist those longing eyes 
How could I resist myself 
from kissing those lips 
How could I resist 
something so beautiful and pure
something that made my senses run wild 
something that made my heart feel 
dizzy and drunk. 
You were beating inside me 
owning every inch of me 
and leaving me breathless 
in the most beautiful way 
one could ever imagine.
I knew that this was 
a once in a lifetime love 
and maybe it’s true 
that our story was not meant to be
written down 
and even if we never make it 
into those dreamy storybooks
I will still love you 
until love turns into passion 
and passion turns into madness...✨
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I know it was me who insisted you to go away. I forced you to break all the contacts. It was me who was messed up, immature and stupid but then you had to go through all of my tantrums and pay for my stupidity. I could not withstand the fact of you getting hurt everytime I did something stupid. You protected me everytime I was scared, stood up for me and were there encouraging me every time I felt defeated. But what did you get in return of all the care and love you showered upon me? Nothing. You suffered more than me when I was hurt, yet you stood strong, just for me. I didn't want you to get hurt. I was tired of all the complications. Emotions burst out like a volcano that day when I last texted you. I couldn't hold anymore. I just yelled at you, blamed you for everything I was going through and then asked you to go away from me. You resisted but I was stubborn enough and tried every way possible to make you stay away from me. At last, you gave up trying, you were hurt as much as I was, probably more than I could ever know. But, I had to do it, for you, for your happiness. Now, we no longer talk but I pray for your happiness everyday. To cut the contacts with you was perhaps the most stupid decision I have ever taken. I regret asking you to go away from me. I still love you and always will. I lost a part of me with you. But for your happiness I went crazy enough to drive you out of my life.
©the perfect imperfection
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