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Murky stalking shadows 😄 can't believe how big and fat this little guy gotten over the past few weeks.

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Nakano eating a pre-killed pinky, her favourite food item! She gets them rarely as a treat, most her diet is dubia roaches and mealworms 😉
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Clash of the Titans. My last posts were about one amazing underwater close encounter with rays. Probably my most memorable close encounter on land was this explosive encounter between two large monitor lizards scavenging around the research camp where I was staying in the Sabangau Forest in Kalimantan working with the Borneo Nature Foundation @borneo.nature. They were a regular sight cruising around the swamp at the back of the kitchen and dining area, especially when either chicken or fish were being prepared. Usually there was just one at a time but on this occasion I was photographing one at very close quarters as it swam past me by the kitchen deck, and when I looked up there was another one emerging from beneath the boards. Tongues were flickering back and forth like two people in a heated argument as they got closer and closer, and then in a flash they reared up and thumped into each other like a pair of sumo wrestlers. They fell back into the water and continued to thrash around in a vortex of water before superiority was established and one of them retreated. This all happened no more than 3 metres in front of me and it was indeed fortunate that I was kneeling down and well prepared to capture this violent confrontation. The LAHR Research Station, which used to be a logging camp, is a magnet for many different creatures from the surrounding forest, and it was an absolute joy staying there so fully immersed in the life of the Sabangau (tropical peat swamp) Forest. I will be posting a lot more photos from my two months in the Sabangau Forest of everything from ants to orangutans.
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Happy Sunday peeps! Sorry for slacking on posts lately. I've been super busy with school, work, and taking cate of everyone that I haven't had the time. I will try to get back on it though. This little dude sold about a week ago. I love trempers! .
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Throwback Thursday. "Back in the 70's while I was in the Drug Squad in the South African Police I received a call from folks in 45th Cutting to remove a large snake. As is usually the case they said that is was well over 2 m long but was nowhere to be found. We searched the house as well as the lush garden but soon gave up. They called again at 07:00 the next morning as the snake had been spotted. I arrived there with my 13 year old brother Nico and the search was on. Two aging gents folowed a few paces behind me with a double-barrel shotgun and I insisted that the gun was unloaded but to no avail. I was crawling through thich vegetation in the garden when I spotted quite a thick log - it had scales and .out to be a large Black Mamba. We were ill prepared for a Black Mamba with a small hook stick and a little material bank bag. While Nico watched the snake from a relatively safe distance I ran into their workshop and made a noose from a curtain rod and some twin flex electrical cable. It was a battle but I eventually managed to noose the snake and grab it behind the neck. We then drove down to FitzSimons Snake Park on the beachfront with both my hands full of mamba and Nico hanging onto the rest on the back seat. The owner, Ray Parker, was not in and I was told to put the mamba in a sack - a tricky operation as mambas come flying out of sacks a lot quicker than you can get them in. Mr. Parker kindly rewarded me with a snake book on my next visit to the park." ~ Johan Marais

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