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This is her first visit. She finally found the strength to go visit him. #ohthelove #herpain

My scarf head wrap trial to support my dear friend who struggles with her health🌺🙏🏼💙#herpain#mypain#friends#sharing#moments#

I would be lost without my sister, I can never repay all that she's done for me thank you for everything you do always in my heart.. my sister ...my friend #sisterlylove #bigsisterandlittlesister #herpain #babysister 👬💗

God you must truly believe in me...
#YourLead 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
#HerStrength 💪🏽
#HerPast 💔🖤
#HerPain 😩

Highlight of my day in Coyoacan #fridakahlo museum #casaazul #herart #herpain


P|52 Seasons of Soul Week 25: Dreaming
A creative suggestion for this piece could be creating a collage (using imagery from magazines or other prints) of a dream from this week, or a recent one. Sky’s the limit.
Thank you, @jbdags, for this week’s prompt down below!
Dreams are goals, aspirations or a vision of what we want in life. When my parents came to the U.S. from another country over 40 years ago, got jobs, a house and were able to provide for our family, they had achieved “the American dream”. As a child, we’re taught to dream big, plant seeds and take steps towards reaching what we’ve been visualizing in our mind. Are you currently striving to reach your dream? Are you living your “dream”? In another sense, the dreams that occur in our consciousness when we are asleep are stories and messages within themselves. We hear a lot about recurring dreams or only visiting a certain place in our dreams. Which type of dream affects you most? Are you focusing on living the dream or do you tend to live in your dream world and take in messages from your unconscious? What are those dreams trying to tell you?

✨You won't find a woman like her. Once you cross paths with Magic it's hard to see life the same ✨ #woman #like #her #rare #herbeauty #magic #love #hervibes #soul #photography #photoshoot #chicago #model #artist #poetry #spiritual #spreadlove #flawless #majesticaf #queen #godess #herpain #herstrength #woman #shesafighter #boss
Photographer 📷📸 @presage_photography
Hair by @katharinaloos

She hurts to the point she wants to cry.
He took her heart and broke it into more pieces.
She doesn't like to wake up in the morning.
He made fun of her and talked about her like he doesn't love her now.
She doesn't know why,
She wants to know why.
He wouldn't talk to her, still won't.
He won't tell her why he is doing this to her.
She cries herself to sleep at night now.
All she wants is to know why,
It makes her want to give up.
He doesn't know the pain he is making her feel.
He lied to her again, he hurt her.
He lied to her face again.
She should have known it was pointless, he doesn't know the damage he has caused.

#depression #latenight #widewake #herpain #hedoesntknow

P|52 Seasons of Soul Week 24: Shadow
Creative requirement for your image: Make it a shadow!
Don’t worry, for you brave souls sticking it through, Winter is around the corner. And of course, Winter is no walk in the park, but its challenges tend to be more seen than unseen. Fall’s often uncomfortable, dark, rich, mysterious season of change, adolescence, and unconscious will be ending soon. I learned to love dwelling here, at least when the season calls for it. May it be that you’ve at least gained some insight into the ocean beneath your surface, and/or appreciation for the gifts and truths of archetypal Fall. But there are still two weeks left! So dig deep and reflect.
**Thank you @kataboombata, for the prompt down below. 😊**
My shadow is my twin, a version of myself that holds both my secrets and my truths. It represents my past, present and future. Do you walk side by side with your shadow or do you run from its cast?

P52 Seasons of Soul Week 23: #Separation
I had to sit with this week’s essence. Originally I had planned for it to be Fertility, but it didn’t feel like the right placement. Yes, the dark is fertile and rich and all things Fall, but something new was emerging and I notice those moments. I began to think about Separation and Pain, which would it be? Then I realized they are one and the same.
What is Separation? I think of Narcissus gazing into his own reflection in the water. Infatuated. Disillusioned. Feeling and believing that he was separate from all the beauty before him. Eventually leading him to death.
What is pain but separation? Separation from love, from life, from harmony, from the tribe, the belonging, the source, the Mystery. But isn’t this kind of severance necessary? Can you know yourself without somehow standing outside yourself? Can there be growth and evolution without separation?
Where in your life is separation happening now, and how are you being with it?

(Pain – poem by Andrea Johnson)
I take a breath inward and there it is. I can feel all the colors that paint my soul.

Kept within a plateau of confusion and darkness, I can see the way the quick sand clutches my flesh.


Shadowy grips of brute strength that lay waste to the beauty. I am stripped bare before its terrible power. Peeling away the little pieces of humanity that made me count the days and hours.


Taking a breath is like punctures of needles that bury deep with each inhale.

Taking a step is like fighting quick sand, and the ground has me impaled.

Ripped apart and torn like a beast that is feasting on its prey. Slicing with no restrictions, leaving a trail of flesh decay.

Pain. It colors my flesh. It designs my construction. It correlates to my darkest premonition.

Twisted and conformed, held down and ignored, cast away and decomposed, my private thoughts it knows.

A picture of complete illumination, but with your eyes you will only see,

the way the colors shape my emotions,

it is the pain that paints the portrait you perceive. (Copyright© AndreaJohnsonBooks.com |  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

#pain #poetry #poetrylovers #beauty #herpain #hercolors #theportrait #strengthinherpain #theillumination #theillustration #andreajohnsonbooks #theauthor #sherisesaboveitall #ajbpublishing

P52 | Seasons of Soul Week 22: Mirror
***This week’s quote and prompt brought to you by @ardorearte. Thank you! 😘***
“All creation, like a book or a picture, is a mirror to us.” ~ Alain de Lille
What we tend to see in a mirror is not always the truth but our perceived truth - our envy, our insecurity, our jealousy, our fear. We see sometimes in mirrors what we want to see but not what is. The true mirrors are those who carry us in their hearts unconditionally. Who speak our truth even when it aches. They tell us what we need to see - parts of us that are destructive and the parts we are frightened to accept. They mirror what we need to hear and remind us who we are at our core. In turn we need to be the mirror of our world. We need to not only view the mirrors others put out but put up our own mirrors - our own eyes - and truly see our community. How do you perceive yourself? Is there a difference in your mirror and in the mirrors others carry of you? Are you a mirror to others? With what mediums do you reflect to the world what it is you see? #seasonsofsoul52 #seasonsofsoul52_fall #mirror

i guess im a royal pain in the ass!! bday bash #herpain #hispain #bday #beach #beachlife #mylove #mypainintheass

P52 | Seasons of Soul Week 21: Mystery
What is our relationship to the unknown - what intrigues us, what repels us? What are the mysteries in our lives? How do we engage or play with them, or do we even? What is our inquiry into Mystery?
#seasonsofsoul52 #seasonsofsoul52_fall #mystery

Should not the giver be thankful that the receiver received? Is not giving a need? Is not receiving, mercy? #HerPain #MyPassion #Blessed #SimpleSatisfaction #I'llTakeIt #MassageWithMiShay #GetTheseHands 💆💜

@kendricklamar It hurts listening to this song. Our society, this ‘system’ we live in can only be described as failing if our women resort to such a lifestyle as Keisha to survive. No intervention, no support just men in her life taking advantage that she was damaged! #kendricklamar #keishassong #herpain #section80 #dontjudgebutlove #realhiphop #fortheculture #thereallyrealshow


She's the kind of dark you want to get lost in. Stardust flows through her veins and time is forgotten in her pain. That's her magic. #wickedgypsy #thatshermagic #benotafraidofthedark #stardustveins #forgotten #herpain #brokengypsy #wildheart #gypsymagic

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