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My mentor is never far from me. Always have reminders around...pens, key chains, and even my luggage tag. Thank you @brendonburchard for helping me create a life of joy and fulfillment. Looking forward to business and personal growth this weekend!
#confidentlyme #hcusummit #mentor #bringthejoy #growth #heromom #wevolve

Day 1 in the books. Night skiing niseko hirafu. Fog and snow sweeps onto the slopes for zero vis for one run and then gone the next. Night lights are better here and you can see and feel your skis carve through the soft, semi-wet snow. The trees here are the best I have ever seen for tree sking. Short and wide on top, but branches dont generally start until 6-8 feet up, giving plenty of clearance. Thank you to heromom #clearykitchen for sending me here ... #japanuary #japow #heromom

NingXia Red break! My mom is indeed a NINJA as she’s managed the dismantling of my grandparents 34 years lived in home!
She’s a ninja and a rockstar and a champion and our family’s HERO for all that she has done!!!!!
Between diffusing Thieves and Purification non-stop, applying immune boosting blends from her roller bottles, shots of NingXia Red, and spraying the dirty stuff down with Thieves Household Cleaner it’s been an oil infused feat!!! 💪🏼💪🏼 NingaXia Red cheers to you momma!!

This is Ashley. She’s Rhys’ IV nurse @childrensla. Rhys has had gaggles of nurses in his 15 years here. He started with Cindy, she was so gentle and patient and a true saint trying to find veins on a kicking and screaming 10 month old. Cindy continued to come upstairs to help us wrangle Rhys even after she transferred to outpatient surgery. Then we had Bill. He let Rhys stick duct tape to his overly hairy arms and legs. He made a deal with Preschool Rhys - “you pick the harriest spot on my body and find the stickiest piece of tape and then rip that sucker off. But then I get to put this IV in your arm, deal?” Rhys would giggle in fits as Bill rolled around clutching a hairless patch, eyes tearing as he prepped Rhys for his poke. After Bill, we had a revolving door of IV nurses.....Then ASHLEY. Ashley got the short end of this stick. She got scarred and tired veins. But Rhys never complained. He apologized for making her work so hard when he infiltrated, when there was no return, when she couldn’t find anything viable, when he had to stay late, or come in on holidays because he simply needed his blood. Ashley would always raise her hand to stay or try again or get ice or a warm packs or come in on a day off to help him through it. Ashley is an angel. We will miss her so very much. You kids on the cardiac floor - you are getting one awesome nurse. ❤️ #nurse #healthiswealth #wewillmissher

These pics are heart-melting aren’t they?
In case you didn’t know pets mirror their owners ... (Scientific fact).
Our Stella is so like us!
Who has been around TJ and Stella will tell you that these two are so alike... so lovable, so outgoing, so playful!
They want all the love and attention you have got 💞 #wewantmore 🙈
Just enjoy these photos and smile for us 🤗
———————————————————————— .
Первая фотка так и кричит «лайк нам плиз» 🤗
А вообще, я просто решила поделиться фотками своих троих замечательных детей! Тиджей, Энзо и конечно же Стелла!
Это просто грех иметь такую собаку и не показать ее!
Я всегда верила в то что животные на 100% отражают сущность своих хозяев (это уже научно доказанный факт☝️) Кто был у нас дома, тот знает что Стелла и Тиджей похожи (в поведении) как две капли воды 🙈😂
У них даже цвет волос одинаковый 🤗
Ща подождите ещё Энзо подрастёт ... 🙈😂
Милашные же фотки, правда? .
#семейкаадамс #семейкароутен

H E R O S • N E V E R • D I E
LOVE & Gratitude to My #HEROMom @bjagged { Mom of 5, Attorney & Education Advocate}
Sisters @returnofthegoddess { Mom of 3 +currently traveling #africa 🇪🇹 } @dawnjames_ {super mom of #twosetsoftwins} @watersannest {mother of 4}
As we C E L E B R A T E • THE • L I F E &
#MyDadsBirthday on January 15, 2018 ‼️ Join Us @uofpenn #campus with #phillystudents on Monday! #VirgilLJamesSr. #HERODay————————————————————————

Can’t believe I found my kids FAVORITE Japanese snack in the USA at Costco! #thirdculturekids #heromom

Being sick sucks, but being a mom, sick and caring for her sick kids too that sucks more 😷. .
#teammom #supermom #kidshealth
#getwellsoon #heromom #goingtoseethedoctor #losangeles

Because I never quit. I am committed to myself because I deserve what’s best for me! Yes it is money 💰 but the best thing is I am healthy and feel great about myself. I am seeing the changes happen. I show up daily. I do it for me! No one is going to do it for me. It will pay off in the long run to live the best life I can. I am not getting any younger. Soon to be 43 and I am in the best health and shape of my life.
When are you going to commit to making a change❓
#livethebestlife #doitforyourself #health #fitness #nutrition #mindset #confidentwomen #busymom #fitmom #empowerwomen #inspirewomen #youcandoit #justdoit #NoExcuses #HeroMom #winner #jackpot #challenge #LoveEmpowerInspirethroughFitness

That moment when you get to be the #HeroMom for rechecking the school calendar yesterday and discovering that winter break doesn't end until TOMORROW. P.S. I'm never taking off this tiara. #bestdayever #shedigsme #giftcardretailtherapy

The day you start taking responsibility for you, the day you stop making excuses, that's the day you set yourself free. 🙌🏻 It's easy to blame others, sometimes I would blame myself. 😞But, one day, I realized I had to change. If I didn't, I couldn't empower my son or those that I loved. 💜

I made changes. I read books 📚 to improve my self esteem and learn to love 💕myself. I took care of me with good nutrition 🥑 and exercise 🏋️‍♀️. But most important, I took responsibility for me, where I was at in my life, and took control of ME!
Then, I found my "home" 🏡, my community of support. I became a HEROMOM. 💫 I enhanced my nutrition, my understanding of my body, and mastered both. 🌟

Now, I coach other HEROMOM's on their self love 💕and care journey's. When you know you are the one in control, your life changes!

If you are looking for a change, a supportive environment, a sisterhood👯, don't wait. Your chance to empower you and others is now!

Schedule a strategy session with me today! http://bit.ly/FREE20MinStrategyCall
I believe in you!
#confidentlyme #selflove #responsibility #control #makeachange #heromom

The only way to make it up the mountain: frequent stops to play pretend.

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Today was workout before porkout.
The Challenge was on this morning in my group to earn my points for the Jackpot 💰 Challenge I am in with other HeroMoms. I could have easily only did 1 workout and earned 50 points. These workouts were intense 💦💪🏼. But #NoExcuses HeroMom stepped it up a notch and earned 150💪🏼. 90 minutes of pure pushing cardio along with arms, legs, abs, and glutes. This momma worked out so hard I had to immediately refuel after that. Shakeo to the rescue with the HO HO socks.
I didn’t porkout today I enjoyed some special food yesterday on Christmas Eve. So this workout today is going to continue me on the right path till the end of the year.
Remember only 6 Days left until the New Year how are you finishing your year end????
#workforit #goals #finishstrong #yearendresolution #workout #porkout #morningworkout #heromom #justdoit #christmasworkout #challenge #fightforwhatyouwant #nevermissamonday #mondaymotivation #ladies #inspire #militaryladies #militarymoms #momlife #LoveEmpowerInspirethroughFitness

5tahun sudah.
Love you my mom.
Semua tentangmu akan menjadi kenangan indah n bearti bagiku.
Kaulah sosok wanita terhebat yg membesarkanku dan membimbingku.
Hanya kaulah wanita terindah di dalam hatiku smpai saat ini.
Walupun kita sekarang berpisah alam tetapi dirimu selalu menjadi motivasi n penyemangatku.krna dsetiap saat wajahmu selalu ada di bayanganku.
Semoga engkau tenang di alam sana mama.aku ikhlas krna ku tau engkau disurga-NYA.
Doa yg menghubungkan kita sekarang.
(jauh di mata dekat di hati):=>kata2 terindahmu.
Nasihatmu akan selalu q ingat.
Love you my mom.
Hadirlah dalam mimpiku malam ini.dan hadirlah setiap malam di mimpi selanjutnya.karna aku sangat merindukanmu mama.

#mymother #mylove #love #mother #mymom #ibu #heromom #myhero

Good Morning #Ladies
Merry Christmas Eve 🎄

How are you finishing #2017 ❓❓ What a great morning workout with some booty Motivation. This is the last week of my Butts and Guts Challenge 💪🏼 Finishing this week 💪🏼! Never Miss A Day ❤️
#morningmotivation #merrychristmas #homeworkout #goodmorning #christmassocks #busymom #lilfitmom #momswholift #yearendresolution #buttsandguts #momlife #mom #HeroMom #finishstrong #NoExcuses #LoveEmpowerInspirethroughFitness

Be the best example your children will follow!!! My daughter wanted to workout with me this morning and how can I say No! I love when she asks. We also worked out Live with other ladies in the group I am in. We moved the furniture to make room for the both of us because the 🎄 was in the way. My daughter didn’t make it through the whole workout but I give her credit for trying. This mornings buns workout was not easy. The ladies in this group are some great HeroMoms.
I have to be ready for what the Holiday parties are going to throw at me. So many temptations! Of course I will cheat a little but not to the point of continuing and throwing myself completely off.
Ladies what are you going to do when the Holiday parties 🎉 are all over??? Making progress even if it is little steps😊💪🏼💖 #NoExcuses
#holidayseason #motheranddaughter #proudmom #betheexample #momlife #saturday #morningworkout #motivation #busymom #lilfitmom #heromom #finish2017strong #LoveEmpowerInspirethroughFitness

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