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There was a time when both DD and i were trying for Nicole but then this short fler named Lewis came in a fast car and took her away. #missyouNicole #hernameisNicole #flashbackfriday

Acquired yesterday at a FYE in a Connecticut suburban mall, buried in the "S" section: a decade-old vinyl pressing of "Whatever U Like," the chart-bottoming No. 104 smash hit single from Nicole Scherzinger's highly anticipated debut album. Destiny? A birthday blessing? Pre-order #HerNameIsNicole on Amazon? Yes, yes and yes.

The Queen of all Queens! 👑 #nicolescherzinger #hernameisNicole #beauty

My home away from home ❤️ Happy birthday Nino. Bhibbik #hernameisnicole

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTTY! Hope you have a super day and thanks for being my favorite sister-in-law, here's to another 36 hours of celebration for me! I love you! #hernameisNicole #sheputsupwithme

I love me, I love me enough for the both of us. #hernameisNicole 💋💋💋💋

Wacky wine weekend
Friday 🕯🕯🕯
I even had a Nicole Scherzinger moment 😅
#hernameisNicole #lituation #winies


At the end of this interview, Steve received a couple of punches on the shoulder from Nicole HAHAHAHA #fbf #2007

Throw back to last Friday when Little Chew's Classmate Nicole's mum jio us to expo after work! So blessed to have met a mummy Friend from Little Chew's IFC & now this mummy Friend from his CC! And I am so excited cause we both took halfday later to join the school celebration for National Day! Can't wait to have fun together!
#2yearold #JanBabyNJunBaby #HerNameIsNicole #Classmates

#HerNameIsNicole always a pleasure to glam up this ladyy 😍😍 @nicoleasensio

@nicolescherzy and PCD was my first major love when I started in radio. I got to interview her and meet them at @britneyspears' Utah show and I've been in love with Nicole ever since. #nicole #nicolescherzinger #hernameisnicole #pop #popmusic #music #pcd #pussycatdolls #love #goodvibes

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