*ADVICE WANTED* ✨ Life has been really great and a little crazy lately. The last month and a half has consisted of new jobs, new projects, and new relationships. I couldn’t be anymore excited than I have been. I have felt for the most part, that every day has been filled with so much happiness (I know, this sounds so cheesy). However, as I’m settling into all of this I’m finding out how important a work/life balance is (go adulting!). A few of my projects and a new job I have allows me to work from home, which is still a bit new to me, but also great since it gives me flexibility with my life. What I have to ask you all (especially those of you who work from home) is how do you maintain a positive work/life balance? What are some useful tips for those adjusting to working from home more consistently? ✨

i finally made it to the @heritagebicycle location at @flats lawrence house last weekend 🙌🏼 this is the coffee shop space, and then you can take your coffee and sit in the absolutely beautiful apartment lobby - super comfy couches, beautiful lighting, enviable decor.. 😍 so jealous of all the students who live there because life definitely wasn’t that nice when i was a student 😂 exploring city spaces is a favorite pastime of mine - what’s your city?? 🏙

Coffee break (for mama at least). #littleaugust #toddlerlife #recaffeinate #heritageoutpost

Grab a juice with your morning coffee! ☕️🌱 @heritagebicycle now serving HJ! #HJservedhere

Mi instagram parece que poco a poco se está convirtiendo en una guía de cafeterías en Chicago 😅🤷🏻‍♀️si a alguien le interesa, los lattes más ricos están en @heritagebicycle & @sawadacoffee 😋

Discovered this gem of a place today 😍

"Hoy es uno de esos días en que mi café necesita de café" 😫 📷:@viridianardzz #HeritageOutpost

Hoy es uno de esos días en que mi café necesita de café 😫

Talked too much and my espresso got cold. How's your Tuesday morning?

The house legacy expresso is a seasonal blend, currently from Peru and Ethiopia. Peru coffee tends to be chocolate-ie, has caramel tones, and is bright. I also noticed that the brightness from this espresso is a bit different from the coffee from Columbia.

In honor of the cubs great comeback, here's a coffee shop that proud and loud cubby fans. And take a look at my post about heritage outpost and how this bike shop incorporate coffee (free coffee with any service) into the conversation as they tuned up bikes or helped you build your own.

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Want to get your bike tuned up and enjoy some food? Then you're at the right place!
Pictured: Pistachio donut from Do-rite and a medium Vanilla Latte ($4)
The spiced vanilla latte was originally for the holidays and now is added to the menu since it became such a big hit. One of the perks of having a kitchen here is the ability to have new spices right at your fingertips to make special coffee creations.

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