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Obviously I did not know how to pose with my new ring. Probably haven't improved much since. Hopefully I will have gotten the hang of it by next year! #oneyearengagement #heremindedme #oops

When you both wake up forgetting its Valentine's Day. You know you're meant for eachother #HeRemindedMe #myjoon

Halloween with Stuart #heremindedme @niall.little

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life! #MyHubby #MyBoo #MyMan ❤🙏🏾#HeRemindedMe #ShouldntWeBeOnABeach😂

17 years ago on Friday 13th, I went on the best first date 😍. @claytonhcg
#anniversaryoflove #heremindedme

10 years ago today Chris and I went on our first date. We spent everyday together for 3 weeks. Then he moved in. Exactly 6 months after our first date, he proposed. After 11 months and 1 day together, we were married. He is the most supportive, loving, wonderful husband. He goes above and beyond for me in every way. He's also the best dad to our babies. #10yearstogether #iaskedhimout #iforgot #heremindedme

100 days until I get to marry this handsome man. #heremindedme #hegetsthecredit #100daysuntilido #gheringup


We aren't mushy or romantic. Hell, sometimes our way of showing love is an energetic high five and a giggle when passing. I don't post or even speak of my marriage or private life often, if I do I'm usually teasing this poor man more than complimenting him, but I am truly obsessed with my husband. Married just 7 years today but together for 18 years. He's an extension of my body. He's part of my soul. Sometimes I even forget that I haven't known him since birth, that there was ever a part of my life when he wasn't there. I can read his mind and answer his questions before they're asked. He's my anti-anxiety, always finding a way to calm me when I try to lose it. And he's my fun, I tease him often for being too wild and insanely crazy with awful taste in music but I'm 100% confident that I would be miserably bored without him bringing wild and crazy to my life daily. So happy anny to my favorite metal head. 😘 #mylove #nola #burbonstreet #obligatoryanniversarypic #iforgot #heremindedme #notromanticatall #hesmyperson #bffisanunderstatement

17 years ago on Friday 13th, I went on the best first date 😍. @claytonhcg
#anniversaryoflove #heremindedme

Exactly 1 year from today I get to call this handsome devil my husband! 😍💍🥂 #heremindedme #imterrible #godhescute #lucky #futurehusband #365daystogo #hurryupalready #cantwait

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