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New @justin_peck moves with @jaredanglenyc 💜 Such an inspiring moment at NYCB. Today we had Alexei Ratmansky, Justin Peck, and Jorma Elo all working in different studios at the same time. I was lucky enough to be in the studio with all 3 of them!! This season is going to be epic, get your tickets now!! 📸 @lsweaters #NYCBSpring2017 #epic #strongarina #DancerFit #Here&Now @nycballet

I just meant to get my feet wet. I never want things to end. I have the emotional scars of staying in some problematic romantic/platonic relationships to prove it. I love the idea of forever and sometimes to my detriment. Right now, I am going through a divorce. Lately, I have been in a place of denial. Not wanting to accept that I am sad. Resisting being around/talking to my ex. Avoiding my feelings entirely. I rather just stay in this fallacy that although we didn't work out, I'm good but to hell with actual closure. This might not make sense. It doesn't in my head either. But who really talks to us about relationships ending anyway? 📷 by @erenashimoda #checkyourboobs #underwater #divorce #sad #blackgirlmagic #cancerwarrior #blacklivesmatter #blackfemme #femmesofcolor #california #here #freedom #treadingwater

#i #cant #stay #here #in #past #with #you #q : Der Gegenstand rechts von euch ist eure Waffe in einer Zombie Apokalypse. —Eine Flasche♥️

sending love to @shopkysse for this sleek bag that completes any outfit ❤ #dontjudgeme but ive noticed that the sewing of the little magnetic button to keep the bag closed is actually so cute LOL the detail and quality of their bags are superb!!!! visit their website 4 more & rmb to quote "meowmelz" for 10% off 💯 #shopkysse #yourfavoritebagstore


"#Here #Today " @paulmccartney to @johnlennonofficial 💘

And If I Say I Really Knew You Well
What Would Your Answer Be.
If You Were Here Today.

Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- Here To - Day.

Well Knowing You,
You'd Probably Laugh And Say That We Were Worlds Apart.
If You Were Here Today.
Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- Here To - Day.

But As For Me,
I Still Remember How It Was Before.
And I Am Holding Back The Tears No More.
Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- I Love You, Ooh-

What About The Time We Met,
Well I Suppose That You Could Say That We Were Playing Hard To Get.
Didn't Understand A Thing.
But We Could Always Sing.

What About The Night We Cried,
Because There Wasn't Any Reason Left To Keep It All Inside.
Never Understood A Word.
But You Were Always There With A Smile.

And If I Say I Really Loved You
And Was Glad You Came Along.

If You Were Here Today.
Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- For You Were In My Song.
Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- Here To - Day

#paulmaccarney #johnlennon #thebeatles

Chose#yr #favorite #souvenirs #here
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Just a couple more weeks until we get celebrate @julie_wise's last days as a single woman. Send all your Nashville hot spot recommendations my way #2prochs1rock #started #at #recball #now #we #here

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