When it was all said & done...👰🏼🤵🏾#HeRangeledHer

"After all this time?"

No words for a moment like this. The best I can do is my favorite Harry Potter quote.

Went to a beautiful wedding with @theweeeeeze today ❤️ #herangeledher #loveissweet

Mr. & Mrs. Rangel 💝#HeRangeledHer

So much love ♡


Rockin the tux. Stealin' the show. #herangeledher

She's a married woman ya'll! You've never looked more beautiful girl. Congratulations my friend ♡


I'm all dressed up all because two people fell in love ♡

#WeddingFun #PurpleHairDontCare #HeRangeledHer

Looking fly, wedding time 😎


on my way to the rehearsal.

one more sleep until their big day.

Get to talk wedding with these guys tonight.
Just tying up some loose ends before they tie the knot on Saturday! #HeRangeledHer

10 more days...

The official count down begins!!! 10days until I get to call this amazing, kind, loving man my husband!!! #herangeledher. 📸 cred @samarahsolorio

Tonight we celebrated this beautiful bride💕👰🏻
Two weeks from today my best friend becomes a wife. I'm so excited for you @kellikoo54 + honored to stand by your side! .
You're beautiful inside + out! Cheers to all God has done so far + ALL that He has in store!
#kellisbridetribe #heRangeledher

Bachelor Party Escape Room was a success!! Got out with 0 seconds left 😂😂 #herangeledher @jonrangel4 @jaygrubz @wyatt_buckle @zachigginsart @lastcocopuff

Bachelor party success!! Completed the hardest escape room in LA!! With zero seconds left!! The most clutch finish!! #herangeledher

Solved with literally no time left on the clock 😂😎 #kobe #heRangeledher #itsnothingtoaboss

When you know the bachelor party bout to be lit 😏😏 we solved the hardest escape room in LA! #heRangeledher

My feed is starting to become photos of cute couples looking at each other, very much in love.
And I'm very much okay with that.



30 days away till this is my forever #HeRangeledHer 📸 cred @samarahsolorio

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