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Swipe! Looking through Henry’s one year photos and daydreaming about what Baby 2 will look like. #henryjh

He's decided a baby brother shall be Chewbacca, and a baby sister shall be Rosie so he can call her Ro-Ro. Solid choices. #henryjh

I wonder where he's seen this before. #henryjh

We just had an EPIC battle because he wouldn't try one bite of his dinner (which is our rule). There were crazy tears, a full meltdown, sobs to the point that he couldn't catch his breath, and a trip to sit in his bed by himself. And then as I held him I whispered "will you be Mommys big boy and take one bite?" And just like that, he grabbed the spoon and tried it, and then immediately ate the rest of what was in his bowl. Mommy- 1, Henry-0. And now we're all hanging out watching Rudolph. I think our night is saved. (And if you're wondering, this is the face he makes when you ask him to do his mean face.) #HenryJH #lovehim

What a perfect Mother's Day. Woke up to flowers, B made breakfast for my mom and I, some time at the park and then we took Henry to his first Mud Hens baseball game. The Hens won, Henry was star struck by Muddy, and he and I got to run the bases at the end of the game. I couldn't have asked for more.

#HenryJH #cameramama #LiveHollAndLane

Because nothing is better than a belly laugh. #pressplay


Oh man. This is the cutest thing he's ever said. (Press play.) In case you don't speak Henry, he's saying his name- Henry Joseph Hartley.

#HenryJH #cameramama

It's been a great weekend.
#henryjh #livehollandlane

We spent today at a local museum. It's so fun watching him explore new things.

#HenryJH #cameramama #LiveHollAndLane #HAndLWeekend


We got the first snow of the winter today and this guy COULD NOT WAIT to play in it. #henryjh

Henry got a new friend. He’s pretty obsessed. #henryjh

We got home and immediately put on our warmest, comfiest jammies. If you need us, we’ll be cuddling on the couch.

I bought Legos. So basically I’m just asking to step on them, right? #henryjh

My favorite part each year is watching these two put the star on top. #henryjh

What a weekend it’s been. #henryjh

Me: Henry, go stand in that beautiful patch of light so I can take your picture.
Henry: Do I look cute Mommy?
Me: 😭❤️😍😭❤️😍

The beautiful leaves are gone already. 😭 #henryjh

Nasty storms call for flameless candlelight. #henryjh

That face when you just scored Skittles. #henryjh

That time Henry and his best friend were just hamsters in a wheel. #henryjh

He slams on the brakes and slides. Lord help us when he gets a real car. 😂 #threeyearsold #firstmustang #hotrodtoddler #grandson #grandma #henryjh

Henry asked to watch Hocus Pocus this year. I think I’ll keep him. #henryjh

Reach high little one. #henryjh

I hope he has memories of these years when it was just the three of us, before he became big brother. I hope he knows how incredibly much he is loved and cherished. I hope he always knows that he is my little boy and I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing human he is becoming. #henryjh

A popular book in our house these days. #henryjh

I think he's got a little growing to do to get as big as the great ape. #henryjh

It's Friday! Take some time to stop and smell the roses today. #henryjh

When life feels hard, I set it all aside and play pinwheels with my son. #henryjh

When the big kids won't let you play with their scooter. #henryjh

Henry loves an aquarium, and especially loves showing the fish to us. From our trip to the Toledo Zoo. #henryjh

Hero worship for @mudhens Muddona. Henry is a big fan. #henryjh

Seeing the world through your eyes is my favorite way to view my life. #henryjh

[SWIPE!] Curtains are hours of fun! #henryjh

Blowing out fake candles on this fine Friday. #henryjh

Not the best of pictures but I just can't believe how much older he's looking these days. Who has a pause button?! #henryjh

Always reading. Even outside. #henryjh

(Press Play) Our kid taught himself to swim. Who needs parents?! #henryjh

Balloon Quest 2017. #henryjh

Going adventuring (in the back yard). #henryjh

Henry's got some news for you... #henryjh

Reliving my childhood through him. #henryjh

"He's heavy in my arms. My back strains to lift him into the air and onto my left hip where he's been perched since he was born. His right arm immediately snakes around to my back where he plays with my hair, rubs my back, or grasps tightly to my shirt. I breathe in deeply to smell the little boy scent on him. It's a mixture of sweat and grass - the perfect scent of a toddler. We walk and after awhile I struggle under the weight of him until it becomes too much and I have to put him down. I catch a glimpse of disappointment as I let go once his feet are solidly on the ground." Read my new post "It Could Be The Last Time" today on my blog. Link in bio. #henryjh

Mini photog in the making. #henryjh

This is Frankie. He was $1 from Dollar General and has become Henry's most loved toy. Frankie goes everywhere with Henry, daycare, traveling, the bathroom... Who knew that out of all the toys, this would be the one he loved most?! #henryjh

Headed to Paw Patrol Live today. One of us is more excited than the rest. #henryjh

I miss being on a beach with this little guy. I love watching his imagination as he digs through the sand to create a road for imaginary cars. I love to watch his bravery as he runs into the ocean. I love to see his resilience as he gets back up and goes back to the water after a wave knocks him down. This kid of mine... #henryjh

Getting his car summer ready. Hellooooo ladies! #henryjh

A visit to Tybee Island to determine if he likes the water. He does. #henryjh

We rarely capture such a natural smile these days. It's always a cheese ball smile so when these things happen, they must be documented. #henryjh

Today on my blog I'm talking about the realities of daycare. And how it differs from what I expected. Link in bio. #henryjh

Hotel pancakes always taste better. Because I don't have to make them. #henryjh

Photo shoots! #henryjh

Working hard. #henryjh

I love his morning looks. #henryjh

Working on our Easter poses. #henryjh

In case there's a fire, this guy is on duty. #henryjh

Ring around the Rosie with his best friend. #henryjh

Trying "big boy" toothpaste for the first time. He was pretty proud of himself. #henryjh

Are there any kids that don't love bubbles? #henryjh

That smile lights up my life. #henryjh

Splashing pictures are my favorite. What is it about kids and splashing and making a slippery mess? #henryjh

Good morning blue eyes. #henryjh #nofilter

There is something about watching a child delight in the mundane that puts everything into perspective. #henryjh

My superhero doesn't wear pants. #henryjh

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