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What a great opening night in Minneapolis. So blessed to perform with each of these amazing Matildas. Thanks to @hennepintheatretrust for a party that was "off the hook"! #matilda #matildatour #brucebogtrotter #hennepintheatretrust

Thank you so very much Minneapolis for sharing your gorgeous theater with us, we had a Grand time! The best audience ever💙💙💙 #hennepintheatretrust #matilda #matildathemusical #minneapolis

Lucy Horton is our swing and dance captain. We also tag team as the lead when Elizabeth Stanley is out of the show. You're looking at two limited edition Francescas here. #BridgesOnTour #BridgesMpls #LoveisAlwaysBetter #hennepintheatretrust #bridgesofmadisoncountythemusical

You've never had a friend like us ⭐️Inspire Dance Studio has 10 tickets to see Aladdin at the Orpheum theater! Great seats at an amazing price, you don't want to miss out! Email us to get yours! (Visit our website for more details) #aladdinthemusical #hennepintheatretrust

Serious theater going ladies #hennepintheatretrust #thanksdad

Sometimes you just need to take a walk on the yellow brick road. #minneapolis #orpheumtheatre #hennepintheatretrust #wicked #yellowbrickroad

It's been a while since I can remember experiencing a piece so entirely perfect and moving as this gem. So many tears, both in laughter and general feels. I leapt to my feet without hesitation. It helped I had this lady sitting beside me! Thanks for the tix, @devanluth! Merry Christmas, you beautiful soul, you! 😊😂😍😭🎉🏡 #funhome #funhometour #funhomemusical #hennepintheatretrust #orpheumtheatre


Art Installation on the corner of Hennepin Avenue and 10th Street in Down Town Minneapolis on a rainy Saturday morning #madeheremn #hennepintheatretrust #wedo #wedominneapolis #hennepintheatertrust #downtown #urbanoutfitters #urbanart #background #artist #display #window #windowdisplay #visualmerchandising #fall #autumn #work #rain

Minneapolis, it’s been real! Time to jet! Seattle we’re coming for you next! Agrahboys out! 🎤🖐🏾(that’s a mic drop...😎)

Yo, trying to get hype for the last two show day in Minneapolis got me feeling weird! 😜

Throwing it back to the time I was a singer with arms and all of the drama! 😂 ⠀

I was asked by a group of theater students what my favorite roll has been, and I kind of gave them a kung fu master answer “all of them, and none of them.” I’ve been lucky enough get the rolls that fulfilled my artistic desires at that time. After I feel like I’ve accomplished those goals, I look on to the next challenge. ⠀

When I joined Riverdance I needed to sing and tap dance. With Aladdin I wanted to get back to my dance roots, tell a story, and challenge myself as an actor. I’m not sure what’ll follow this, but I look forward to the challenge! 😈

What?! You haven’t seen Aladdin in Minneapolis yet?! What, do you live under a... oh.. right. Well, you still have time! Catch the hottest show in town! ⠀

Yes, I am adorable. Yes, I do have a girlfriend. Yes, I do like cookies! No... I will not share with my cast... you crazy... 😎

Oscar Wilde once said, “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing”. Know your worth, focus on increasing your value.

There's no better way to start the week then dinner and a show. #aladdin #hennepintheatretrust #rockbottembrewery

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