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Kaņepju maize ar skābā krējuma saldējumu, skuju eļļa, auzu pārslu alus čipsis, ābols plūškokā;) izcili @ikstite @rigawinechamp esam gatavi, #hempbread #sourecreamicecream #pineoil

Hemp bread🍁
#hempbread #hemp

Живой дом представляет КОНОПЛЯНЫЙ ХЛЕБ! С Омега-3-6, без сахара и с мёдом.
Теперь попробовать может каждый.
#Конопель #конопляныйхлеб #хлебизконопли #hemp #hempbread

Hemp hemp hooray! 🙌🏼 #pdxbaked #organicbread #hempbread #franzbakery

Celery sticks with liver pate and homemade #hempbread with butter for breakfast.
#lchfbreakfast #lchf #ketobread #lowcarbbread #lchfgermany

😋🍞 #hempbread


Lovin' some #organic Hemp bread! 😋

Celery sticks with liver pate and homemade #hempbread with butter for breakfast.
#lchfbreakfast #lchf #ketobread #lowcarbbread #lchfgermany

This was delicious... I baked another loaf. This time I used a 10" pan but only made enough batter to fill it about half an inch.

Bread -
3 plantains
4 tablespoons of SunWarrior plant based protein powder
Black pepper, garlic powder, turmeric, cayenne pepper, Himalayan salt, cumin, basil, parsley
I baked it for 26mins on 375 and then toasted my slices for 3mins

The yumminess in the middle:
Sauteed tomatoes
And thinly sliced zucchini
Seasoned with parsley, Himalayan salt and black pepper

I felt like I was eating the last bit of pasta and grabbed a piece of bread to sop up the rest of the sauce 😋 totally hit the spot and satisfied my pasta cravings lol

The result of the plantain and hemp bread experiment.
Cute little slices of toast haha.
It worked out rather well, now to move onto a big loaf.
I added extra lemon juice and Himalayan salt for a sweet & salty tang 😋

So I did a little test bake of mini bread loaves 😂
I made two different kinds,
a orange & lemon and a zucchini with garlic.

For the orange I used;
1 sweet plantain
Hemp, Pea & Coconut protein powder
Vanilla extract
Orange juice & zest
Lemon juice & zest

For the Zucchini;
1 sweet plantain
Hemp, Pea & Coconut protein powder
Cooked zucchini
Cooked garlic
Cayenne pepper
Black pepper
Himalayan pink salt

100% vegan and organic 😊

Organic Hemp Bread for lunch today. 🍞 The kids tell me that they don't have enough time to eat at school, so I've been focusing on dense foods that are packed with nutrition. The goal is to make them full, even if they only eat a small amount. .
Hemp is a great source of plant based protein. 25% of calories are from protein. It also contains vitamin E, calcium & potassium and is loaded with healthy fats.This hemp Bread is fluffier than some others we've tried and it actually tastes good! 😋

Because toast is life and now I'm thankful I found a way to make mine with one ingredient .. Hemp seeds!! Low carb, high fat, vegan baby 👌

What's for lunch where you are? ..
#veganfamily #fitafter40 #fitover40 #fitoverforty #saturdayvibes #highfatlowcarb #lowcarbdiet #hflc #ketoweightloss #ketorecipes #trynewthings #hemptoast #hempbread

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